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Fremo X700 Solar Power Station: Handy LifePO4 Power Station in 600W and 1000W Variants

If you are looking at buying a compact solar power station, the Fremo X700 series is a great choice. The Fremo X700 Solar Power Station is available in two inverter options; Fremo X700 and Fremo X700 Pro. Both pack up the long-life 662Wh lithium-ion phosphate (LifePO4) battery packs.

Clearly, Fremo X700 is a 600W power station with a surge of 1200 watts. It costs just $400 as an early bird price. Meanwhile, its pro variant has a 1000W inverter with a peak of 1600W and it costs just $500 on Kickstarter.

The Fremo X700 series features a cutting-edge design and a highly compact profile. Carrying ultra-safe LifoPO4 battery packs, they will be competing with Bluetti EB70 and EB55 in the portable power market. Obviously, its maker has introduced Fremo X700 as the “smallest 1000W LiFePO4 power station” out there.

Fremo X700 Solar Power Station

Other than the inverter power, both variants of the Fremo solar power stations are the same. You get two user-friendly power stations with a smarter interface and a modern control panel unit on the top. A handy, foldable carrying handle is another attraction, which makes them rather portable.

The sleek and stylish design with a strong outer shell gives the Fremo X700 solar power station a solid profile. Hence, you can smoothly handle the models out in the wild, making them ideal LifePO4 compact power stations for campers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts to rely on for emergency power.



The power stations feature an AC input of 180W max, which can charge them fully from 0 to 80% in three hours. The solar charging input with an advanced MPPT controller is 100W maximum. So, once paired with 100W solar panels, they can be much reliable backup systems for off-grid power, for sure.

By the way, the power stations highlight all the important charging options. They come up with dual AC outlets, a 12V carport, a 12V barrel DC port, and multiple USB outlets, including four USB-A ports and one each of USB-C 20W Power Delivery and USB-C 100W Power Delivery ports.

The X700 sports a handy removable magnetic flashlight and the device has an overall weight of 14.8 lbs.

Notable Features 

  • Two Compact LifePO4 Solar Power Stations.
  • 662Wh Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery Pack.
  • 600W, 1000W Variants with 1000W, 1600W Peak Power. 
  • 10 Charging Outlets, Including Two AC Sockets.
  • Highly Portable, Solid, and Handy Profiles. 
  • 120W AC and 100W Solar Charging Inputs.
  • Perfect Choice for Campers, Tailgaters, and More.

Compatible Solar Charger

The brand itself offers a 100W folding solar charger for the power station on Kickstarter. Called Hyper 100, it is a four-fold suitcase solar charger with a highly durable and waterproof profile. You can pre-order X700s with and without the solar charger. If you already have a 100W solar charger, that will also work with the power stations.

Like all similar folding solar chargers, Hyper 100 sports a USB port. So, you can use it to independently recharge your phones and other handsets on the go. Thanks to its highly foldable design, you can easily fold it down and pack it in your backpack for hassle-free outdoor life.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Fremo X700 Solar Power Station. Of course, there are not many compact power stations with ultra-safe LifePO4 battery packs on the market today. Therefore, it can be an awesome choice for outdoor enthusiasts to get two cool machines in handy and ultra-portable profiles. If you are excited about the device, get it on Kickstarter before the early bird rewards run out.

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