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Frost Summits Series: Box Synergy’s IoT Solar Charger and Power Bank for Extreme Life

It is very important to have a reliable green power source to juice up your gadgets as you explore nature.

Certainly, there is a variety of systems in the form of solar chargers as well as solar power stations. Here is a rather smart solar charger solution. It is Box Synergy Frost Summits Series, which is actually a combo of a highly efficient and rugged folding solar charger and an ultra-portable power bank.

In addition, you have a professional mobile app to let you track real-time performances. Well, the app helps connect the Frost Summits hardware to your phone to ensure an ultimate outdoor and camping experience. So, it goes an easy job to collect solar energy and use it for emergeny needs in extreme conditions.

Of course, the Box Synergy is ideal for preparing yourself for all adventures. Out in the wild, you will have to climb a snowy mountain, camp in extreme climates, and trek through bad terrains. Everywhere you need to be all set to meet an emergency. The Frost Summits solar charger is going to be your ideal partner here.

IoT Solar Charger from Box Synergy

Box Synergy Frost Summits Series

Frost Summits is touted as the world’s first IoT smart solar charger by its maker. It is basically a combo of a solar charger, power bank, and a mobile app. Designed with the utmost durability and ruggedness; this is a cool choice for rough outdoors. The rugged profile is surely the unique selling point of the product.

Well, the Frost Summits series can work well in places where the other products of the kind won’t work. For example, it can endure a very much low temperature of -58°F. Also, its compact profile makes it easily go in your backpack. Thus, you get an ultra-portable solution for unlimited off-grid power out in the wild.

Frost Summits Series Folding Solar Charger with Solar Powre Bank

Box Synergy Frost Summits – Components

As said above, the Frost Summits package comprises of three revolutionary products. They are Summits 7 solar charger, Frost 5000 power bank, and the Box Connect app. The Summits 7 is a high-efficiency 7.2W mono solar charger. It is resistant to water and dust, and so is a great choice for extreme conditions.

The solar charger can juice your phone, camera, and other devices, and provide you with real-time tracking on your smartphone, thanks to the IoT connectivity. It can recharge your phone in around three hours and a GoPro in ninety minutes. Summits 7 weighs 8.5 oz, and its folded size goes 6.7 x 4.2 x 1 inch.

Next, we have Frost 5000. As you see, it is an ultra-portable power bank that is capable of charging even at -58°F. It is also a waterproof and shockproof device and is fine for anything you can throw at it. Specs-wise, it is a 5000mAh power bank with a quality LiPo battery.

Frost 5000 integrates a 5V/3A (15.3W Max) USB socket and a 5V/11A inlet. The power bank weighs at 5.3 oz and it has a size of 5.2 x 2.6 x 0.6 in. Fine, the next attraction in the bundle is the mobile app. Called Box Connect, it is meant to help you track the real-time performance of both the charger and power bank.

Notable Features

  • Rugged Folding Solar Charger and Power Bank Combo.
  • 7.2-Watt Highly Efficient, Durable Mono Solar Charger.
  • 5000mAh Ultra-Portable and Stronger Power Bank.
  • Dedicated Mobile App for IoT-Based Performance Tracking.
  • Perfect for Emergencies and Extreme Conditions.
  • Perfect for Campers, Hikers, and Other Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Frost Summits Series Solar Charger

The Project and Availablity

Box Synergy Frost Summits Series was launched on Indiegogo for crowdfunding support. Box Synergy is a USA start-up that aims at developing innovative renewable energy products for those who are interested in caring for nature. The project managed to get a decent response on the crowdfunding platform.

It could grab around $43,000 USD from over 300 supporters. The brand would like to start shipping Frost Summits Series by November 2020. It carried an early bird price of $129, which is 48% off of its proposed price of $250. We will update its buying link below if it is available on retail sites in the future.

Box Synergy Solar Panel and Solar Power Bank


Box Synergy Frost Summits Series is indeed an awesome product. Coming up in a bundle of a reliable solar charger and power bank, you are lucky enough to get it for your outdoor trips and living. Of course, you can use it to power up your essential gadgets, lights, and GPS units in an easy way.

The most lovely thing with Frost Summits solar charger is certainly its durable and rugged design. As it is made for outdoor applications, the brand has managed to bring in the durability as the unique selling point. If you are excited about the product, share your thoughts about in the comments below.

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