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Generark Vs Jackery Vs EcoFlow: The Best Solar Backup Battery Power Stations for Home and Off-Grid Power

A solar backup battery power station is an incredible way for emergency power. If you are on an outing, in an outdoor event, or at home, it can keep you powered. We have several great brands with impressive solar power stations. Here, we would like to have a look at the products of three popular brands, Generark, Jackery, and EcoFlow.

Our take on Generark Vs Jackery Vs EcoFlow will certainly give an insight on buying a model. All the brands offer highly powerful, and at the same time, portable solar-based power stations with various power options. If you are looking at buying a solar power station, this article will help you spot the best of the three brands.

All the brands have multiple models on sale. We would like to have a detailed look at all the models, their specs, and features in our comparison. Before that, you can have a glimpse of one top-seller model of each brand below.


Generark HomePower 2 Plus Solar Generator

Generark HomePower 2 Solar Generator


  • 2060Wh High-Capacity Solar Backup System.
  • 2200W/4400W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Four 110V AC Outlets.
  • Dual USB, and Car Sockets.
  • 800W Solar and 1000W AC Charging Speeds.
  • Highly Portable, Compact, and Elegant Design.


  • No LifePO4 Battery Pack. 
  • Heavy Power Station. 
  • Slow Solar Charging.

Jackery Explorer 1500 Power Station



  • 1534Wh Lithium Portable Power Station.
  • Highly Portable Mid-Range Power Station.
  • 1800W/3600W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Three AC Outlets, Multiple USB and DC Ports.


  • No LifePO4 Battery Pack. 
  • Low Solar Charging Input.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Power Station

EcoFlow Delta Pro Solar Power Station


  • Huge 3.6-25kWh Home Battery Ecosystem.
  • Massive 3600-7200W Inverter.
  • Five AC Outlets.
  • Expandable and Modular Power Station.
  • 1800W AC and 1200W Solar Charging Options.


  • Heavy Power Station. 
  • Low Charging Efficiency with Extra Battery.

Generark Vs Jackery Vs EcoFlow Solar Generators

Generark offers power stations in two brandings; HomePower 1 and HomePower 2. The first is a mid-range 1,002Wh device, which resembles the Jackery Explorer series, and this model, in particular, raises a threat to Explorer 1000 when it comes to specs.

Generark HomePower 2, which comes up in two variants – Starter and Plus, is, in fact, a high-capacity model. It takes on the rivals like EcoFlow’s Delta Pro as it is more of a home battery backup system than a portable solution.

Of course, the HomePower 2 is a rather handy and lightweight machine that you can take anywhere on your trips and travels. Anyway, we would like to have a detailed look at each model of the brands below.

Generark Solar Generators

Generark HomePower One Power Station

Generark’s HomePower One is a versatile and ultra-portable power station. It is an ideal choice for keeping you and your family protected with full-time power in an off-grid situation like an outing or camping trip.

Specs-wise, the HomePower One is a 1002Wh power station, as said above. It sports a 1000-watt pure sine wave inverter with a surge capacity of 2000 watts, and it equips three 110V AC outlets to run your appliances.

Coming to other charging options, the machine incorporates two USB-C ports of 18W Power Delivery, and single units of USB-A of 5V/2.4A and USB-A 3.0 Quick Charge ports, besides a 12V/10A carport.


Well, the solar charging input is a 150W (max), 8mm port of 12-30V, 7.5A (max), and it also features a 150W 12-30V DC Anderson charging port. You can also recharge it quite faster from an AC socket.

The power station has a size of 13.07 X 9.15 X 9.57 in, and it weighs 23.37 lbs. Design-wise, it looks like a Jackery Explorer in a blue shade in place of the former’s orange-shaded alternative.

The build quality of the product is much good and you can carry it quite comfortably on its solid folding handle.

Compatible Solar Panel

For its compact power station, Generark has on sale an impressive 100-watt folding solar panel that looks exactly like Jackery’s SolarSaga 100 panel. Branded as SolarPower One, it is a highly efficient mono solar charger that can offer a 50% higher energy conversion rate, as per the brand.


It is a highly portable solar panel with solid plastic edges on both ends for easy handling and better durability. You can place it on its strong, adjustable kickstands to make it perfect for harvesting solar power out in the wild.

The panel has a size of 24 x 21 x 1.38 in once folded, and it expands up to 48 x 21 x 0.2 in once unfolded, and it weighs just 9.7 lbs. You can pair two units of the SolarPower One panel to charge the power station at full capacity.

Generark HomePower 2 Solar Generator

It is a higher-capacity, rather home-oriented solar backup station from Generark with a portable profile and it comes out to be an alternative to the large-capacity models from Bluetti and EcoFlow. HomePower 2 appears in two storage capacities; 2060Wh and 1566Wh, respectively HomePower 2 Starter and HomePower 2 Plus.

The models feature 1800W-2200W continuous pure sine wave inverters with a surge of  3600W-4400W at 110V/60Hz.

Thanks to the portable profiles, you can carry both variants of HomePower 2 in your RVs, boats, and more. The Starter variant of the machine looks to be a tough competitor to the models like Jackery’s Explorer 1500, EcoFlow Delta, and Bluetti AC200P.

Meanwhile, HomePower 2 Plus is an alternative to the models like Jackery Explorer 2000, Bluetti AC200 Max, and more. However, different from all its competitors,  the HomePower 2 models enjoy a lengthier and tubular design, making them rather handy for moving as well as portable applications.


Along with having the same designs, both the machines have the same charging outlets.

In total, they feature nine outputs, which include four AC sockets at 110V/60Hz, a pair of 100W USB-C Power Delivery Ports, dual USB-A 3.0 Quick Charge ports, and one 12V/10A car socket.

By the way, when it comes to solar charging, the Starter has a 400W input, while the Plus has double the capacity with an 800W input. Both have the same 1000W AC charging inputs.

Likewise, they also have the same size of 10.16 x 10.16 x 23.19 in, but the weight has a slighter difference because of the change in battery packs. The Starter weighs 45.2 lbs, while the Plus weighs 47.4 lbs.

Generark Vs Jackery Vs EcoFlow

With its two impressive variants of solar power stations, Generark challenges some of the top-seller models of other leading brands like Jackery, EcoFlow, and Bluetti.

As stated above, the HomePower One can be an ideal replacement for Jackery’s Explorer 1000 and EcoFlow Delta original. The Generark device has a cute design and a better build quality with decent storage capacity.

Meanwhile, the brand’s top-end HomePower 2 is a good performer in the mid-range segment of the power stations. It takes on the models like EcoFlow Delta Pro, Bluetti AC200 Max, and more.

Overall, Generark has attained good popularity with its models of solar-based power stations. As its models are available at affordable prices, you can surely go for them if you are looking at alternatives to Jackery, ExoFlwo, and Bluetti.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Generark Vs Jackery Vs EcoFlow solar battery backup systems.

We have had a look at the key specs and features of both the HomePower One and HomePower 2 models of the brand and made small comparisons of them against their rivals from Jackery and EcoFlow. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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