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Go Power RV Solar Kit: Go Power’s Exclusive Portable Solar and Inverter Charging Kits For RV, Camper, and Trailer Backups

Go Power is a major vendor of portable and other solar panels and kits. If you are looking for a large solar panel kit for your RV or trailer, Go Power has some wonderful solutions for you. It offers three large solar and inverter charging kits with an output ranging from 1500W to 3000W. We would like to have a detailed look into the each Go Power RV solar kit below. Stay with us after the break.

As you know, a typical solar panel kit packs a solar panel, inverter, and some accessories. And you will need to add some more accessories to make them full-fledged solutions. But all the Go Power RV solar kit variants are complete solutions that will let you set up off-grid solar systems anywhere with a battery. That is, other than the battery, you have everything in each Go Power RV solar kit.

Go Power RV Solar Kit: The Variants Overview

As put it above, we have three variants of the Go Power solar kits. The central part of each kit is Go Power’s much-touted 160W single module solar panel called Overlander. This is the largest single module solar panel from the brand and is one of the rarest of its kind on the market.

This way, you can save some space in storing and mounting it. Apart from the panel, you get several other components in each Go Power RV solar kit. Let us explore all the variants below. Stay with us.

1. Go Power Weekender Solar Kit

This is the base model of the line-up. The Go Power Weekender solar kit is a 1500W system with a unit of the Overlander solar panel. Well, you can use the kit to set up a brilliant solar power system to charge the 12V batteries in your RVs, campers, and trailers. You get a number of incredible Go Power accessories in this solar bundle. We have all the details after the image break below.

First, the solar kit features Go Power’s popular 1500W pure sine wave inverter that could offer you a good flow of the AC current to run your AC appliances. Plus, it packs a unit of 30Amp PWM charge regulator to ensure the stable and safe charging of your backups. Moreover, it includes a 30A pre-wired Transfer Switch, an inverter on/off remote, MC4 output cable, and the mounting accessories.

Overall, what you get is an outstanding solar kit with the capacity to charge your 12V batteries. You just need to set up the components to realize a perfect solar power solution for your RVs, trailers, campers, boats, and cabins.

The assembly of the system is very simple and even a layman can do it neatly. So, if you are looking to power up your RV batteries from the sun, it looks to be one of the best solar panel kits out there.

Notable Features

  • A 1500-watt all-in-one solar panel kit.
  • Easy-to-assemble solar panel solution. 
  • Perfect for set-up in RVs, campers, and trailers.
  • The base model of the line-up so is affordable for all.

2. Go Power Solar Elite Kit

It is the mid-size variant of Go Power RV solar kit. The Go Power Solar Elite kit comes with a 2000 watt inverter to make it an ideal solar charging kit for full-time RVers and campers. With two times more power, you can use this to produce more power to charge your batteries.

So, apart from your vehicles, you can also use this solar power solution for your home, apartment, remote cabins, and etc. You get a brilliant source of solar energy. Follow the link below to see the latest price of the Go Power solar panel kit and buy a unit. 

Coming to the specs, the Go Power Solar Elite kit also packs nearly the same components like its younger sibling. The main difference is that you get two Outlander solar panels in the kit. So, the overall solar output goes to 320 watts. Apart from that, you get a unit of the 30Amp digital charge controller, a 45Amp smart battery charger, a 30Amp pre-wired Transfer Switch, and etc.

Moreover, the Go Power Elite kit has an inverter remote, a DC inverter install kit, MC4 output cable, and all the required mounting accessories. Overall, it is a two times more powerful variant of the Go Power Weekender kit. So you can make your outings rather exciting with more power. Also, in case of an emergency, you can survive for a long period with unlimited solar energy.

Notable Features

  • A 2000-watt all-in-one solar panel kit. 
  • Easy-to-use solar backup solution. 
  • The best choice for RVs, campers, and trailers. 
  • The best emergency power backup solution. 

3. Go Power Solar Extreme Kit

As you know, this is the top-end model of the Go Power solar panel kit line-up. Also, it is one of the largest solar and inverter systems on the market. It could provide a huge amount of solar energy to run up to 3000W of your electronics, depending on the intensity of the sunlight.

The solar charging kit could top up your battery packs at a rate of 27Amp per hour. Exactly like the above solar panel kits, it also highlights all the important components required for a typical solar power solution. Use the button below to check out its latest price on Amazon. 

Well, the flagship Go Power RV solar kit mainly features three units of the Go Power Overlander solar panels. Thus, the total capacity of the solar charging kit is 480 watts. Along with it comes Go Power’s 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter to provide quite enough power to run nearly all your household AC appliances.

So in case of an emergency or survival situation, you can certainly run your basic appliances like mini fridge, oven, lights, and medical equipment with no worry.

Other notable accessories in the Go Power RV solar kit include a 30A digital solar charge controller, a 75Amp battery charger, and 30Amp pre-wired automatic AC switching kit. Moreover, you get an inverter remote and the mounting hardware.

Well, all these components realize a highly reliable RV solar solution that you can use to power up all your backup batteries from the sunlight. Indeed, with its higher output, it is a cool choice for someone who needs off-grid power on a large scale.

Notable Features

  • A 3000-watt all-in-one large solar panel kit.
  • An easy-to-use solar backup solution for off-grid power.
  • The best pick for your RVs, campers, and trailers.
  • The top-end model of Go Power’s large solar panel kit series. 

go-power-rv-solar-kit-for-off-grid-powerCustomer Rating and Reviews

The Go Power RV solar kit series is certainly very popular in the portable solar power industry. All the models in the line have received good customer reviews and rating on all the major retail sites. That is why we highly recommend you try out any of the Go Power RV solar kit variants to ensure endless off-grid solar power on your trips and travels. Also, you can use the wonderful solar panel kits to set up powerful solar power systems to meet an emergency situation.

Final Thoughts

Amazingly, all the Go Power RV solar kit variants are easy-to-use plug-and-play solar systems. You don’t need the help of an electrician to set up these highly reliable solar panels kits. Just out of the box, you can put together the components and build a powerful off-grid power solution anywhere.

Well, you can fix the solar power systems as either permanent or temporary solar solutions in your living spaces. In the end, the great thing about the Go Power RV solar kit line is that they come in three output variants. Therefore, depending on your power needs, you can pick a kit and set up a solar power system in a matter of time in your RV, trailer, boat, or home.

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