Goal Zero is clearly the key player when it comes to portable solar power. Indeed, many things give clear edge for Goal Zero. Well, they mainly include variety of products in all price segments, unparalleled quality and style, and wide marketing, of course. But is there anything that you don’t like with Goal Zero devices? The price, isn’t it? Absolutely, Goal Zero is expensive than Goal Zero competitors. Let us have a detailed look below.

Goal Zero Competitors

7 Smart Goal Zero Competitors

In fact, we don’t have many more Goal Zero competitors and alternatives on market. Not a single maker does have its full focus on portable power solutions as Goal Zero. That is a reality, of course. Yet, we try our best to find 7 alternatives to give you some options other than Goal Zero. Again we excuse that those alternatives are not as stylish, full-fledged, and popular as Goal Zero’s award-winning portable solar power solutions.

However, mind that we don’t stand for any brand. We just bring you the list of items that are available out of Goal Zero’s popular portfolio. You could take your own decision on choosing and buying the best model. But we would like to compare common features of particular Goal Zero model to its rivaling product. Therefore, you would obviously get a good picture on all models. Stay with us for our list of Goal Zero competitors below.

1. Suaoki 400Wh Portable Solar Generator

What about trying this Suaoki’s top-seller portable solar power bank? You could pick it as an alternative to Goal Zero’s new Yeti 400 Lithium. Specs wise, it is a 400Wh power house with 120mAh lithium battery.

Furthermore, you have it with a pure sine inverter that could deliver 300W continuously and 600W at peak. You could run variety of your electronics through its AC, DC, USB, cigarette lighter, and jump starter ports. Well, let us see what great things make the Suaoki machine unique from Yeti 400 after the affiliate ad break.

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    1. It is cheaper: Yes, it costs around $100 cheaper than its Yeti rival, though its falls in the same power segment.
    2. Lightweight and small: Sure, you should love a portable device to be lightweight and handy. In both weight and size, this Suaoki machine outplays Yeti 400. It weighs just 12.35 lbs and it size goes 5.51 x 9.06 x 9.06 inches.
    3. Car jump-starter: What if you car is stuck somewhere due to battery discharge?. You could use this Suaoki power station to jump-start the vehicle. That you can’t do with any Yeti.
    4. Aluminum body: Won’t you love to have your portable power station with a strong metal body? Yes, it one of unique selling-points of Suaoki power house.

Compatible Solar Panel

Suaoki has a variety of solar panels compatible with this machine. You could try flexible or folding solar panels. A 60W Suaoki folding panel is perfect for you if you have short of room for storage. Or you could buy its 100W flexible solar panel that you could curve up to 30 degrees, thus making ideal for mounting on uneven surfaces. Are you buying the Suaoki power machine for RV, boat, or caravan? Then, this flexible solar panel will be a nice go, because you could easily place it over the rooftops to attract more sunlight.

You may wonder to see same product from different brands. AcoPower and PowerOak also sell OEM copies of the device in USA. Find the best one after a research on price and customer reviews. However, they are really the same thing as these makers look to have partnership with same OEM in China or somewhere. Whatever, we have picked the Suaoki model simply because it is the most popular one on Amazon as of now. Hope you love this first machine in our list of Goal Zero competitors. We have more models below. Stay tuned.

2. Jackery Explorer PowerPro Solar Generator

Here comes one more superb alternative to Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium. It is a KickStarter-funded project back in 2016. Its 500 watt hour capacity ensures that all your camping gear gets enough juice in the wild.

You could run a small TV for around 3 hours, a lap for 3 to 6 recharges, and your handsets and small gizmos for more times. Moreover, as you see in the picture, it is very stylish in orange and black colors. Its design is also very handy for portable use so that you could take it a perfect lifesaver for emergencies.

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  1. Handy and lightweight: It design shows how handy this device is. Though a bit lengthier and taller than Yeti 400, you get it with a thin design along with an easy-to-carry handle. Also, it weighs just 12.5 lbs so you won’t feel the trouble in moving it anywhere.
  2. Ideal emergency power pack: Like all similar products, it is basically an emergency power pack. But it stands out with a built-in flashlight. That is indeed going to be a lifesaver for you in the wild. Along with portable power, you get instant light to fight unexpected outages after a hurricane or thunderstorm.
  3. Very stylish: No doubt, Goal Zero products are known for their design style. Here Jackery has scored mark with the cool design of this machine. Its orange and black tone certainly gives it a grand look.

Compatible Solar Panel

Very sad to see that Jackery doesn’t currently sell the KickStarter-featured 85W solar panel. I also scoured their website as well to check if that 8-layered folding solar panel was there, but not. It is not a big deal, though. You could try any other solar panel to charge the machine from sun. What I suggest here is AllPowers’ 60W folding SunPower solar panel, because that gives you much comfort in carrying and is a best seller also. Obviously, with a solar charger Jackery Power Pro is one of incredible Goal Zero competitors.

Jackery Power Pro is surely a unique product. Though not a huge seller, it has a good number of takers so far. On KickStarter, it was highly successful. It attracted good funds from backers. Clearly, it collected an amount of $94,825 from around 200 backers. Of course, that shows the popularity the machine received. Currently, Jackery sells it on all leading retail sites including Amazon. You could check its price and other details above.

3. Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator

It is another crowd-funded project. Inergy Solar realized this project with successful campaign on Indiegogo to attract a massive sum of $797,637, which was around 900% of its preset goal. Compared to Goal Zero series, it looks a rival to its new Yeti 1000 Lithium.

Though there was no lithium model in Goal Zero series when Kodiak first hit market, this product couldn’t attract more takers. One main reason for that seems to be the overprice. Still, with its price, you could buy a more powerful flagship Yeti 1400 Lithium.

However, we should check what are unique with Kodiak solar generator compared to Yeti 1000 Lithium. And how it turns out to be one of leading Goal Zero competitors on market. Stay with us after the affiliate ad break. You could check its price and availability details from the banner, however.

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  1. Lightweight and handy: This is indeed a wow factor. Inergy has been advertising this machine since its release for its lightweight design. That is a fact. It is one of the world’s most compact and lightweight portable power solution. It weighs just 20 lbs, which is the half of Yeti 1000 Lithium.
  2. Seven AC ports: It is a unique thing with Kodiak solar generator. You have it with six 110V AC ports and one 30Amp RV plug. Thus, you could run multiple AC appliances at the same time. Per outlet, it delivers 1,100 watts at 10Amps and 3000 watts surge. For combined AC output, it has 1500 watts total limit.
  3. Small enough: Apart from its low weight, Kodiak is also very small. You could store it on a bookshelf with the size of just 14 x 8 x 7 inches. With the included shoulder strap and carrying handle, you could take it anywhere hassle-free.

Compatible Solar Panel

Inergy Solar recommends its 135 Solar Storm GL solar panel for Kodiak solar generator. As its name suggests, it is a 135W solar panel that you should buy separately. One unit of Storm GL can power up Kodiak fully in ten hours. But you could try two units for faster charging. It is, of course, a portable panel, but you could mount it over your home, RV, or tent for permanent use. Certainly, you could use other panels also with Kodiak.

Obviously, Kodiak is one of top Goal Zero competitors on the shelve. Specs wise, it is really a beast with 1500W capacity and a host of output ports. Moreover, it is a modular system also. You could expand its battery and solar capacities. You could add extra deep cycle lead acid batteries to enhance its storage. Though it hasn’t been a huge seller, all its customers are extremely happy with the product. That is what the full star rating of this machine in Amazon customer feedback clearly shows.

4. Renogy Phoenix Portable Solar Generator

It is a unique all-in-one portable solar generator. Hence, this one doesn’t have a direct rival in Goal Zero Yeti series. It is known for its legendary portability.

That said, you get both the power station and solar panel in a suitcase-style case. Wow! That makes you carry the machine anywhere hassle-free and charge your handsets and other appliances from sun. Output wise, Phoenix looks to be a competitor to Goal Zero’s basic Yeti 150, but it stands out with a host of exciting features.

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  1. All-in-one solar generator: As put it above, this is what the first thing that makes Phoenix different from all Goal Zero machines. You don’t need to buy separate panels. It integrates a pair of 10W panels, but if you need more power you could add up to 120W panels in addition.
  2. Legendarily portable: For a Yeti 150, you should carry a 12 lbs power station, plus a 20W 3 lbs Nomad 20 solar panel separately. Here for Phoenix, you could feel free by hanging a simple suitcase-like case. That has both solar panel and power station integrated. It weighs around 20 lbs, though.
  3. Li-ion battery: If you go for Yeti 150 instead of Phoenix you should rethink because the former packs a lead acid battery. Phoenix has the advanced lithium battery inside. Though Goal Zero upgraded all its Yeti series with lithium battery, it missed to include lithium in the entry-level Yeti 150, unfortunately.

Compatible Solar Panel

As said above, you don’t need a separate solar panel for Phoenix. However, you could add external panels if you want to increase charging time. This machine supports solar panels up to 120W capacity. Indeed, it gives you a cool opportunity to expand solar capacity, which would come a great help for you during a camping or emergency situation. You could better buy a folding solar panel so that you could carry it easily in your trips.

Phoenix is actually one of top-seller Goal Zero competitors. Though Renogy designed a bigger solar generator called Renogy Lycan, they couldn’t create waves with that in portable solar power market. This machine is, in fact, a basic generator with 150W capacity. But it features all advanced things sincluding MPPT charging, 3W LED flashlight, pure sine wave inverter, and LCD screen and etc. No doubt, if you want a basic solar generator, this could be a nice pick to go for camping, hiking, and emergency needs.

5. Kalisaya KaliPAK Solar Generator KP601

It is the flagship model of Kalisaya’s KaliPAK solar generators. Well, we would like to put it up against Yeti 400 Lithium though it is a bit more powerful. Yes, it comes up with a 38Ah battery that could churn out 558 watt hours. It is more lightweight too.

KaliPAK may not be as popular as Yeti 400 as it comes from a small-time maker. And to your knowledge, this product was also an outcome of a successful crowdfunding project back in 2015. On KickStarter, around 600 people backed this project to offer its make an amount of $221,336.

| Check Price and Buy @ Kalisaya KaliPAK Solar Generator KP601 |

  1. More power and lightweight: Absolutely, it is more powerful than a Yeti 400 and is lightweight too. That makes it the best on market for its power-weight ratio. Moreover, you could buy it for almost the same price of Yeti 400, as of writing this. Check its price and availability above.
  2. Waterproof coat: Originally it is not a waterproof device. But Kalisaya avails a rainproof coat that works with all models of KaliPAK solar generators. You should buy it separately, however. Interestingly, it touts a transparent window with  velcro flap over its ports so that it could well run under the coat.
  3. Mobile app: It is a rare solar generator that works with a mobile app, KaliAPP. You could run it on your phone – both iOS and Android – and access its functioning data via to its built-in Bluetooth transmitter.

Compatible Solar Panel

Kalisaya offers a 40-watt 4X Flexbow solar panel with daisy chain connector to work with all its KaliPAK series. Surely, you can try this unit with your KaliPAK. But it doesn’t come with the bundle, however. Well, this folding panel comes with a fixture rod that lets you position it upright for better exposure to sunlight. As you see, the included daisy connector lets you connect multiple panels to charge the machine faster. Of course, this solar charger works with all variants of KaliPAK solar generator.

In short, KaliPAK 601 is a brilliant item in overall Goal Zero competitors we have on market. It is superior to its Yeti rival when it comes to several advanced features. You get a reliable power generator with a lithium battery and a reliable solar panel. With its lightweight and handy design, you could carry it anywhere with no hassle. And coming to its application, a fully charged KaliPAK 601 can charge an iPhone around 100 times. Thus you could run a wide range of your electronics out in the wild with this powerhouse.

6. Humless Go Mini Portable Solar Generator

With 1500W output, it is a high-capacity generator that competes with new Yeti 1400 Lithium. Though Humless has featured old Yeti 1250 as its main competition on its website, what I feel is it can also take on the new Yeti.

It is mainly because old Yeti 1400 has only a lead acid battery inside. But we have advanced lithium batteries in both Humless and new Yeti 1400 as of now. What’s more, this Humless powerhouse has still many advantages over new Yeti, especially when it comes to handy design, and weight. Let us check out them in detail below.

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  1. Sleek design: First, it highlights a very sleek and athletic design. Indeed, that makes it a superb pint-sized solution for all your mobile power needs. Its size goes just 9 x 9 x 14 in, which surely makes it outdo Yeti 1400. And it continues domination with its weight also. Well, it cloaks at just 34 lbs.
  2. Durable body: No doubt, Humless solar generator is designed for real outdoor uses. Made of strong and reliable metal body, it could serve you for a longer time. The solid body safeguards the innards well.

Compatible Solar Panel

Without solar charger, it is just a power station like a Yeti. Humless itself offers a solar charger for the device. It is a 130-watt folding mono-crystalline panel that you could place upright on its stand. For fast charging of the device from sunlight, you could better chain a pair of solar panels. Of course, you could try other solar panels. By the way, there is a bundle of a Go Mini available with two solar panels, which also packs an MC4 cable.

Overall, Humless Go Mini looks a brilliant alternative to Yeti 1400. I personally feel it is more awesome than the new Yeti. Though launched as a rival to old Yeti 1250, it is a good fighter against the new Yeti too. You could handle this machine more conveniently out in the wild. With the included solar panels, you could charge it up fully in some hours and enjoy unlimited access to green energy anywhere. You could power up a variety of your electronics in your remote cabin, camping tent, RV, caravan, trailer, and etc.

7. Be Prepared Solar Portable 2500W Solar Generator

Here goes the final pick in our list of Goal Zero competitors. As you see, it is kind of traditional solar generator. Yet, as far as the power and price are taken into the account, it comes out to be a rival to Goal Zero Yeti 1400.

This machine has a good number of takers so far. Be Prepared Solar also sells different variants of it. Let us have a look at the 2500-watt solar generator. And how it stands out of the crowd of Goal Zero competitors.

| Check Price and Buy @ Be Prepared Solar 2500W Solar Generator |

  1. Good power: For an affordable price, you get a high power machine. See, it offers 2500W of continuous power and 5000 surge power. That certainly makes it a brilliant machine for tailgating, back-up power, caravans, trailers, and emergencies.
  2. A good bundle: It is an amazing bundle with a range of high capacity components. Clearly, it comes with a pair of 150W solar panels, as many 100Ah AGM deep cycle batteries, 2500W pure sine wave inverter, voltmeter, a 30A charge controller, and all essential output sockets.

Compatible Solar Panels

As you see, this large solar generator comes up with a pair of 150-watt poly-crystalline solar panels. You could connect the panels to the machine and quickly start to collect sun energy. With 300-watt capacity overall, it is indeed an outstanding solution for all your portable power needs. Of course, this set-up is a bit hefty so its handling will be somehow tough in the wild. But as a stationery off-grid power solution, it could do great job.

Taken as one of Goal Zero competitors, I admit it is not much friendly for portable needs. Absolutely, it does magic when it comes to power. Therefore, you could place it as a nice solution for off-grid power in different applications. When it comes to portable needs, you could better try any of the above models as your Goal Zero alternative power solution. However, this model has attracted a lot of customers already.

Final Thoughts

Whatever, our list of Goal Zero competitors is in front you. It is time for you to take a decision on choosing the best model. We have tried our best to find the best Goal Zero competitors. However, be mindful that we have more superb products outside this list, which we could define as cool Goal Zero competitions. Anyway, if you have some suggestions make that in our comments below, by the way.

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