More cool portable solar power solutions are hitting stores. Well, here comes up a Canadian start-up called Growing Greener Innovations with a serious Goal Zero Yeti 1250 alternative. Branded as GRENGINE 1000 – probably a Green Engine – the portable power solution looks a big competitor to the top-tier Goal Zero Yeti mainly for two reasons; lithium-ion battery and the resultant lesser weight.

Fine, like the Yeti series, GRENGINE 1000 is basically a powerful portable storage system with solar option. Simply, it means you can take it anywhere you go and grab sun energy to charge it. Or you can recharge it from wall or car sockets. The project is actually seeking crowd support on Indiegogo. As of now, it has collected around $4,000 from 12 backers out of its $40,000 goal with one month left.

Well, being a Goal Zero Yeti 1250 alternative, as you know it mainly stands out with a lithium-ion battery that is cleverly expandable too. Fine, you can stack up additional battery to the bottom of the machine as easily as you refill gas tank. Moreover, it weighs just half of the industry leader’s, thanks to lithium-ion.

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Alternative: GRENGINE 1000 Generator


Coming to specs, GRENGINE 1000, as its name suggests, is a 1000Wh portable power generator. Of course, this output is sufficient to use the machine to run wide range of your gadgets, toys, tools and appliances. A unit of the stackable lithium-ion battery produces up to 1200 Watt hours of energy and you can add up an extra unit to make it simply two times powerful than its Yeti counterpart. It gives you 1000 charging cycles, by the way.

You can power up the generator with solar panels at 120 watts or a car socket at 48 watts. Moreover, on top of the generator, you have got a pretty large LED emergency bar that is removable as well. That means in case of emergency you can detach it from the main body and light up your way.


Coming to ports, you have GRENGINE 1000 with 4 AC power outlets, a 12V DC charging outlet, a pair of 3 Amps DC outlets and 4 USB ports. In addition, it has got a car jump starter and an LED display to show battery and power indications. That also lets you quickly switch between input and output functions.

Design wise, GRENGINE 1000, as a Goal Zero Yeti 1250 alternative, certainly does well. It keeps very handy and stylish look in multi tones – grey, silver and green. At a glance, it absolutely  feels stronger and durable too. You have got a solid foldable carrying handle for easy moving. Meanwhile, its size and weight as compared to Yeti 1250 is really outstanding. It weighs just 24 lbs while its size goes at 11” taller X 13” longer.


What Makes it Special

Smart Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Alternative

Goal Zero’s flagship Yeti 1250 has been one of the best sellers of portable power industry. It is a fact we don’t have many rivaling products to Yeti on shelves. The team behind GRENGINE 1000 has certainly come out with their machine as a direct rival to the market leader. As you know, a set of features absolutely make their claim true. We are going to get 1000Wh portable power pack with a light and long-lasting lithium-ion battery.


Stackable Battery Packs

It is indeed yet another revolutionary feature with GRENGINE 1000 as a Goal Zero Yeti 1250 alternative. As of now, we are only familiar with portable power solutions with limited battery units. This one stands out the current market leaders with a cool option to expand up the battery unit with stackable battery packs. As per your need, you can increase total storage volume and enjoy unlimited source of portable power anywhere.


Highly Portable and User-friendly

Compared to many leading portable power systems including Yeti 1250, GRENGINE 1000 is quite lightweight and portable. With just around 25lbs, carrying it will never go to hunt you during outings. Added with solar panel, you can take it anywhere with no worry about run-out of your gadgets while camping or taking an outdoor party. The carrying handle on top of the machine makes you grab it smoothly.


Price and Availability

As you know, GRENGINE 1000 portable generator is currently seeking crowd funding on Indiegogo. It is available for pre-order there with variety of offers and deals. Starting at $1,450, you can book a unit of the Goal Zero Yeti 1250 alternative. The company expects to start shipping the device by January next year. Go here to make your contribution to bring into life this dream project and ensure your unit.


Final Thoughts

GRENGINE 1000 portable generator shows us how portable power industry tends to change over in coming years. So far we have many models of portable power solutions in form of chargers and generators. But added with state-of-the-art features, they are going to do well and turn out to be great alternatives to the gasoline-devouring generators and as a result to drastically cut down CO2 emissions.

Most leading portable power solutions are equipped with lead acid batteries that are hefty and not friendly for portable use. Here come these types of innovative products that merge all new features and facilities to realize wonderful portable power solutions. The GRENGINE that we don’t know when to hit public market could be contributing much to the raising popularity of campers and businesses towards portable solar solutions. Power GeneratorsPortable Power InitiativesPortable Power NewsPortable Solar PowerMore cool portable solar power solutions are hitting stores. Well, here comes up a Canadian start-up called Growing Greener Innovations with a serious Goal Zero Yeti 1250 alternative. Branded as GRENGINE 1000 - probably a Green Engine - the portable power solution looks a big competitor to the top-tier Goal...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |