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Goal Zero Yeti Alternative: Bluetti, EcoFlow, Jackery, and AllPowers Alternatives to Goal Zero Yeti

Goal Zero has been a prominent player in the portable solar power market for a longer time. The American manufacturer has been offering a collection of award-winning Yeti solar power stations that are known for quality, style, and performance.

There was a time we only had a limited number of product makers in the portable solar power market. Goal Zero was indeed one of the first vendors to emerge with attractive solar power stations. Today, things have changed a lot with the arrival of many new players such as Bluetti, Jackery, EcoFlow, and more.

Definitely, these brands offer a number of very competitive alternatives to Goal Zero’s popular Yeti solar power stations. So, we would like to have a go-through of some of the coolest Goal Zero Yeti alternatives. This list will certainly help you find a perfect model that can be a better replacement for a Yeti.


Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator



  • 2000Wh/2000W High-Capacity Solar Power Station.
  • LFP Battery with 3500 Plus Charging Cycles. 
  • 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 4000W Surge.
  • 700W Solar and 500W AC Charging Inputs.

EcoFlow DELTA Power Station

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator


  • 1260Wh Portable Solar Power Station. 
  • 1800-Watt Inverter with Six AC Sockets.
  • X-Stream Technology for Fast Recharging.
  • 13 Outlets for Multiple Electrical Devices.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Power Station

Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar Power Station


  • 1002Wh Mid-Range Portable Power Station.
  • 1000W/2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
  • Three AC Sockets and Multiple USB, and DC Ports.

Goal Zero Yeti Power Stations

We have almost a dozen Goal Zero solar power stations on the market today. They are in three generations, starting with a collection of three lead-acid-battery-based power stations; Yeti 150, Yeti 400, and Yeti 1250, which hit the shelves more than 10 years back.

Meanwhile, the second-generation Yeti Lithium line-up comprises Yeti 400 Lithium, Yeti 1000 Lithium, Yeti 1400 Lithium, and Yeti 3000 Lithium. That said, the second-gen notably gets lightweight and trendy lithium batteries inside and there is a large-capacity 3075Wh variant to the series.

It is when Goal Zero has its third and the latest generation of power stations with six nice models. Starting with a low-end 187Wh variant to a colossal 6071Wh variant, you get some brilliant products. To name, they are Yeti 200X, Yeti 500X, Yeti 1000X, Yeti 1500X, Yeti 3000X, and Yeti 6000X.

On the other hand, the company offers a few more small solar power stations under its Sherpa and Venture branding. As you know, not any Goal Zero is a full solar generator. They are all portable power stations with solar charging facilities. You can attach them to apt solar panels to convert to cool solar power systems.

1. Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator

We would like to start the list with a hot-seller Goal Zero Yeti alternative. It is Bluetti AC200P. Well, it is a high-capacity 2000Wh solar power station and is a superb alternative to Yeti 3000X. With a 2000W inverter, it can power up most of your essential household and emergency appliances.

AC200P is actually an upgraded version of the brand’s famous AC200, a successfully crowdfunded product on Indigogogo. AC200 is equipped with LG’s top-quality auto-grade battery cells of 17250Wh. It is when the new model has a more powerful 2000Wh LifePo4 battery that can even power a Tesla and electric scooter.

Other than the battery pack, AC200P has everything the same as AC200. Bluetti has it on sale for a price of around $2000. Check out the link to order a unit of the top-seller power station on its website.



The other charging outlets include four 5V USB-A ports and one USB-C PD port at 60W.

The included DC outlets are a pair of 12-volt barrel ports of 3A and 10A each. There are also a 25A RV port and a 12V regular cigarette lighter charger, by the way. Overall, you have all the important charging options with the Bluetti power station.

Yet another great thing with the Bluetti is that it is capable of supporting solar panels up to 700W, thanks to its 150V solar input. Well, the MPPT charge controller inside helps it recharge quite faster under the sun.


  1. Versatile Solar Power Station: With a 2000W inverter, the Bluetti is indeed one of the most versatile solar power stations on the market today. Supported by a 2000Wh lithium battery, it makes the device one of the best and more reliable Goal Zero Yeti alternative power stations.
  2. Six AC Outlets: Yet another exciting thing with the Bluetti power station is its multiple AC outlets. It looks to be the one and only solar generator with as many full-size AC outlets. So, you can use it to run multiple AC appliances under 2000 watts at the same time.
  3. Dual Wireless Chargers: Moreover, the power station incorporates dual Qi wireless chargers that can output 15 watts each.
  4. Faster Solar Charging: As said above, the Bluetti power station sports a powerful MPPT charge controller that can support solar panels up to 700 watts. Evidently, it can be charged quite faster under the sun if you have a powerful solar array.
  5. Touchable LCD Display: Above all, the device integrates a pretty larger touchable LCD display, which is capable of showing a large variety of important data and system information.  

2. EcoFlow DELTA Power Station

Here is another highly recommended alternative to Goal Zero Yeti. It is Delta, a high-capacity 1260Wh solar power station that can be a super replacement for Goal Zero’s Yeti 1300X. Delta is famous for its integration of six 1800W AC outlets and a number of other charging outlets.

With a surge of 3300 watts, the pure sine wave inverter enables it to run most of your essential appliances and power tools. The EcoFlow is also known for its patented X-Stream charging technology, which makes it recharge fully 10 times faster from an AC socket than most of its competitors.

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator


Delta has also got faster solar charging capability, thanks to an advanced built-in MPPT charge controller. Hence, with four units of the brand’s 110W solar panels, it can be charged to the full in four hours under bright conditions. You can use any solar panel as it also comes with universal solar input.

When it comes to the charging points, EcoFlow Delta features as many as 13 options, including the six AC sockets. They are two USB-A ports, two USB-A Fast Charge outlets, two USB-C sockets, and one carport.

The device has a net weight of 30.9lbs and it has a size of 15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 in. With its stronger dual built-in handles, you can easily handle the device anywhere in the wild or in an emergency. Its grey and silver shade, in the meantime, makes it one of the largely attractive power stations.


  1. 1800W Solar Power Station: EcoFlow Delta is indeed one of the prominent mid-capacity solar power stations with its 1800W inverter and a surge power of 3300 watts. It is thus a great solution for you to run most of your essential AC appliances with a pretty longer runtime. 
  2. Versatile Charging Options: It has been one of the first power stations to come out with more than 10 charging points. Also, its six AC outlets are still a unique thing as there are not many power stations with the feature. Altogether, the machine has 13 different charging points, anyway. 
  3. Fast Charging from Solar and Wall: Well, its capability for fast charging is another attraction. You can charge it 10 times faster from a wall socket compared to many other products, thanks to its X-Stream technology. Meanwhile, solar charging is also faster as it touts an advanced MPPT controller. 
  4. Stylish, Handy, and Compact: Obviously, Delta looks quite stylish, and it is handy and compact for all outdoor applications. You can take it on its sturdy, built-in handles on your trips and travels. 

3. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

When it comes to the Goal Zero alternative, Jackery has a great line of power stations under the branding Explorer. Of course, the Explorer has multiple variants. Here, we have Explorer 500, the mid-variant of the line with Explorer 240 and Explorer 160 as low-end ones and Explorer 2000 as the top-end one.

Interestingly, like the Goal Zero Yeti line-up, the Jackery power stations feature a unique design and color theme. Also, they highlight an excellent quality build with a sturdy, durable built-in handle. You can easily take it anywhere on your trips and camping adventures with not much hassle.

Anyway, Explorer 500, with an output of 518Wh and a 500W pure sine wave inverter, is a severe threat to Goal Zero’s Yeti 400 Lithium. Though having a single AC socket, you can comfortably carry it along on your travels and enjoy access to unlimited power once attached to a solar charger.

Jackery Explorer 500 Solar Power Station Generator


Fine, the 500W inverter of the Jackery Explorer can output peak power of 1000 watts through its single AC socket. Meanwhile, apart from the AC outlet, it sports multiple standard 12V DC and USB ports to back up a range of your electronics, including laptops, phones, coolers, air pumps, and more.

Meanwhile, as said above, design-wise, Explorer 500 is certainly a wonder. It has a very lightweight design and an amazingly handy profile as well. With a weight of 13.32 lbs and a size of 11.84 x 7.59 x 9.2 inches, you can carry it anywhere quite easily.


  1. Stylish and Handy for Portable Use: You might love the Jackery power station for two significant reasons; elegant design and a lightweight, portable profile. With a highly durable built-in handle, you can easily carry it anywhere quite hassle-free.
  2. Multiple Variants Available: Apart from the top-end Explorer 500, you get numerous more low-end models, Explorer 240 and Explorer 160, for example. That is a way you can find your favorite solar power station on your budget and specific requirements. 
  3. Versatile Outdoor Power Supply: Though lightweight and handy, it can offer you a versatile output. As you have seen above, the inverter inside is a 500W pure sine waver unit that can peak at 1000 watts.
  4. Perfect for Campers and RVers: Simply, the whole line of Jackery Explorer is fine for RV and camper users. You can use this 500W variant to neatly run your RV ceiling fans, lighting, and several other electronics just out of the box.  

4. Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station

Here is Jackery Explorer’s high-end model called, Explorer 1000. It is a 1002Wh high-capacity power station that uprightly competes with Goal Zero’s famous mid-variant power station, Yeti 1000 Lithium. Jackery put this device on display at CES 2020 and launched it to the public immediately.

The Explorer 1000 solar generator is certainly a great Goal Zero Yeti alternative as it is powerful enough to support a range of your household appliances. It highlights three standard pure sine wave AC outlets, of which each outputs 1000W with a surge of 2000W. Check out its latest price on the link below.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar Power Station


Apart from the AC sockets, the machine integrates a pair of USB-C ports and a single unit of USB 3.0 Quick Charge and USB 2.0A ports each. A 10A 12V DC socket is another attraction. Overall, it can support all your small digital gadgets, including laptops, phones, tablets, lighting, and more.

With high output, the Jackery is a perfect pick for RVers, outdoor parties and events, and home backup power. Once coupled with a reliable solar charger, you can rely on it for unlimited off-grid power in case of an emergency. Or just take it anywhere on your trips in an RV, camper, trailer, boat, or yacht.

Thanks to the advanced MPPT charging technology, Explorer 1000 charges quite faster under the sun. The brand recommends two pieces of its much-touted SolarSaga 100W panels paired together for charging it in just 7 hours under optimal lighting. Or you can recharge it from an AC outlet or a carport as well.


  1. High-Capacity Power Station: As we have mentioned above, the Explorer 1000 power station is a high-capacity one. It equips a 1002Wh 46.4Ah @ 21.6V lithium battery to store enough backup power. It can run most of your AC appliances as they would do from regular wall sockets.
  2. Three Standard AC Sockets: There are indeed not many portable solar power stations with as many as three standard AC sockets. Each of the outlets is capable of delivering an output of 1000 watts with a peak of 3000 watts.
  3. Perfect Van-Life Solution: Of course, the Explorer is a fresh pick for backup power in your RV, camper, and trailer. Along with a reliable solar charger, it can turn out to be an excellent solution for you to rely on for unlimited off-grid power in the wild. Thanks to its multiple charging points, it can run all your basic and essential electronics.
  4. Handy and Compact Design: Though a huge powerhouse, it has a compact and convenient design. Also, it keeps the typical design and color theme of the entire Jackery Explorer line. Specifically, it is just a power station with a size of 13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 in and a weight of only 22.04 lbs. 

5. Bluetti 2400Wh Portable Solar Power Station

This midrange Bluetti power station is another must-have on a list of Goal Zero alternative devices. As you see in the title, it is a massive 2400Wh power station with a 1000W pure sine wave inverter. However, it is a handy and portable solution that you can conveniently carry in your RV, trailer, boat, or caravan.

Regarding specs, it bundles a mega-capacity 648648mAh @ 3.7V or 162162mAh @ 14.8V lithium battery. That is a top-quality lithium polymer LG battery with a longer lifespan and shelf life. It offers a life cycle of 2500 + times. Check out the button below for its latest price.

Maxoak 2400Wh Portable Solar Power Station


Though a powerhouse beast, it has got only two AC sockets. Besides, it has four regular 5V USB outlets, one 45W USB Type-C Power Delivery port, and one 12V cigarette lighter charger. That is, you can use it to power up a range of your electronics ranging from AC appliances under 1000W to handhelds.

The package accompanies an MC4 solar charger cable. You can use any solar panel of 16V~68V to back it up from the sunlight. The brand doesn’t offer a solar panel, and you need to buy it separately. Other than the solar option, you can also power it up from a wall socket or carport.

Of course, being a massive power station, it is a bit larger and heavier. It has a weight of around 50 lbs and a size of 19.4 x 6.5 x 14.4 inches. But its portable design with a durable and robust carrying handle makes it a new outdoor and emergency power backup system.


  1. Long-Lasting and High-Capacity Battery: Fine, having a 2400Wh battery pack inside, the Bluetti Bluetti can store lots of power. That would be enough to save your life in an emergency or survival situation. Or will let you enjoy your adventure or pleasure trips into the wild.
  2. Built-In MPPT Technology: Being a solar-based power station, this features the built-in MPPT technology. As you see, that would make sure you can recharge the machine in a few hours under a bright sun. For that, you require buying a reliable solar charger from a third-party vendor. 
  3. Auto-Level LG To-Quality Battery Cell: Most notably, the Bluetti device packs up a top-quality LG lithium-ion battery cell. As said above, it can guarantee you a longer life and better shelf life. With a long shelf life, the device certainly comes out to be a fantastic emergency backup solution.
  4. Handy and Portable Profile: Though a massive power station, it has got a convenient design that makes it portable. But you can only move it in your RV, camper, trailer, or other vehicles to ensure unlimited off-grid power anywhere in the wilderness. 

6. Titan Solar Generator

It is unthinkable to make a list of the Goal Zero Yeti alternatives without the Titan solar generator. Titan is an incredible modular solar generator that sure is a tough competitor to Goal Zero Yeti 3000X. The most lovely thing with Titan is its capability of piling up extra battery packs integrated into the main body.

It is where Titan solar generator beats Yeti 3000 perfectly. For Yeti’s expansion, you can only link the device to additional battery packs with a cable. Meanwhile, with Titan, you can easily attach the supplementary battery packs to the bottom of the power station to take its capacity to an indefinite level, for sure.



Basically, Titan solar generator is a 3000W power station and it incorporates a battery of 2000Wh capacity. Fine, you can expand the battery capacity by adding multiple units of the brand’s 2000Wh pack to the bottom of the existing one, by the way. That said, you get an increased storage capacity, while its inverter can surge up to 6000 watts to support nearly all your essential AC appliances.

Different from the traditional solar power systems, Titan has only AC and 12V DC sockets. There are no USB or DC barrel sockets integrated. But you have two sets of three full-size AC sockets that can pull out 15 amps each to total 30 amps. Meanwhile, the 12V DC sockets are regulated to deliver 13.8 volts.

But the impressive thing is that you get the machine with four 30W USB adapters. You can simply plug them into the 12V sockets to convert them into USB ones.

Overall, the four adapters feature six regular USB ports and two USB-C outlets. The machine, by the way, also comes in a range of solar kits coupled with the brand’s famous Rigid and Flexx PV panels.


  1. Highly Modular Solar Generator: The key trait of the Titan solar generator is that it is a modular or scalable solar generator. You can add up multiple battery packs to it and boost its storage capacity. It is a simple process to add a new battery as you can snap it on underneath. 
  2. Brilliant 3000W Inverter: Titan has a powerful inverter inside. That is what makes it highly impressive and competitive to Yeti 3000, the biggest of the Yeti series with a 1500W inverter only. Titan can peak at 6000 watts of power, letting you run larger AC appliances for a longer time.
  3. Increased Solar Input: Yet another attraction of the Titan solar generator is its higher solar input. The device equips dual MPPT charge controllers with a 1000-watt capacity each. So, you can connect two arrays of 1000W PV panels to its dual solar input connectors and ensure faster charging under optimal sunlight.
  4. Faster AC Charging: Apart from solar options, Titan also features faster AC charging. With the brand’s 600W AC solar charger, it is easy to juice up the massive power station in a few hours. If you have two or more battery packs attached, it is ideal to use dual AC chargers for fast charging.
  5. Multiple Solar Generator Kits: It is really awesome that you get Titan solar generator in a wide range of solar generator kits. The brand currently offers solar generator bundles, ranging from 500W to 2000W solar panels. They include the kits that pack up both its flexible and rigid options.  

7. Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator

The next on our list is Renogy Phoenix. As you see, it is a compact standalone all-in-one solar generator. With the built-in solar cells, it is a perfect example of an ideal solar generator. You can just open up its solar panel-layered lids and place them in the sunlight to recharge the internal battery.

Of course, you don’t need to buy extra solar panels with Phoenix. But if you want to lift its solar charging speed, you can add a third-party solar panel up to 120W. So, just out of the box, you can use it to grab and store as much solar energy. Meanwhile, its 150W output can run most of your electronics.


Specs-wise, the briefcase-style solar generator comes up with a pair of built-in 10-watt highly efficient Renogy solar cells. Moreover, you have a 10Amp solar charge controller and a 16Ah lithium battery inside. Thus, you simply have everything in a single case that is very compact and durable.

Absolutely, the key difference it makes from its Goal Zero alternative, Yeti 150, is its integrated solar cells. That said, you can handle the Renogy machine easily on your trips and during an emergency. As it works just out of the box, you don’t need to carry separate solar panels.


  1. Standalone Solar Generator: Though priced a bit higher than Yeti 150 kit with Nomad 20, what you get is a durable and rugged independent solar generator. You can take it anywhere with no hassle.
  2. Lithium-Ion Battery: Most notably, you get this Goal Zero alternative with an advanced and lightweight lithium battery. That is replaceable too.
  3. Expandable Solar Support: Though it integrates only 20W solar cells, you can expand it with an extra panel up to 120W. Indeed, that would give you a cool way to charge the generator from the sun faster.
  4. Compact and Lightweight: Last but not least, it is minimal and handy. With the PV panels, battery, charge controller, and other components built in a single case, it is easy to carry hassle-free.

8. Bluetti AC50S Portable Power Station

Here is another impressive power station from Bluetti. As you see, it is a lite, smaller, and compact power station with a storage capacity of 500 watt-hours and a pure sine wave inverter of 300 watts. Of course, it competes with Yeti 500X in the Goal Zero line-up.

This model was earlier known as Bluetti AC50, and the company upgraded it with a regulated 12V car socket before rebranding it as Bluetti AC50S. In its segment, it is now one of the much-sought-after models with a lot of takers. Check out the product on the Bluetti website below.

Maxoak Bluetti AC50S Portable Power Station for Outdoor Life


There are a lot of exciting things with the Bluetti power station. First of all, it features premium-quality LG lithium battery cells. Along with the Battery Management System and other safety measures, the system offers you high-end consistency in ensuring unlimited portable power.

Coming to the charging options, it notably integrates a 45W USB-C Power Delivery port to charge your big USB devices. Plus, it has got a 12V carport at 13.5V, dual AC sockets, and multiple regular USB ports.

The built-in MPPT controller is so efficient that it can charge the device from solar panels 40% faster. It helps you achieve a full charge in around three hours if you have it connected with a 200W solar array.

As a camper solution, it also features an LED Lantern with an SOS emergency function. The compact and handy design with a weight of 13.6 lbs and a size of 11.6 x 7.5 x 7.7 inches makes it a brilliant product.


  1. Ultra-Safe Lithium Battery: What is inside the Bluetti is indeed an ultra-safe lithium battery. Made of LG’s premium lithium battery cells, it can ensure an efficient user experience and safety.
  2. Highly Compact and Handy Device: With a decent output, you really get a handy and compact power station. You can take it anywhere easily on its dual foldable carrying handle.
  3. Wireless Charger: Along with advanced USB and DC charging points, it features a 15W wireless charger. That is how you can charge your wireless-enabled phones without a cable.
  4. LED Lantern with SOS Function: The compact power station is perfect for campers with its integration of an LED lantern along with an SOS emergency warning function. 
  5. 12V Regulated Carport: Finally, one of the key selling points of the product is its 12V constant carport at 13.5V. So, you can charge it with both a 12V and 12V/24V system. 

9. Lion Energy Safari LT 500 Solar Generator

Here is yet another stylish and compact Goal Zero Yeti alternative power station. It is from Lion Energy and is branded as Safari LT 500. As its name speaks, it is a 500W power station with a 450Wh lithium battery inside. That is how it comes out to be an interesting competitor to Yeti 400 Lithium.

It has a very trendy and rugged look, indeed. Its squarish design with rubber bumpers on all the edges and a strong handle makes it ideal for use in rough conditions, for sure. A fully recharged Safari LT can charge your smartphone around 70 times and run a laptop for nine hours, and a 50-inch LED TV for 7 hours.

Lion Energy Safari LT 500 Portable Solar Generator


When it comes to the charging options, the machine has got two full-size AC sockets, four USB ports with one Quick Charge 3.0 outlet, and two 12V DC sockets of 15A each. And it sports a pretty large display to let you track its performance. Overall, it is a compact solar power station with all basic features.

The appealing thing is that Lion offers Safari LT in various lovely bundles. Its famous 100W folding solar panel is the companion of the Safari LT power station. The brand has this power station and solar panel in a variety of solar power kits for the purposes of camping, tailgating, emergency, disaster, and more.


  1. Compact and Rugged Profile: The Lion Energy solar power station has a small and durable design. Hence, you can use it as an ideal portable power solution for off-grid and emergency needs. You have nothing to worry about it getting damaged in moderate outdoor conditions.
  2. Decently Powerful Machine: Yes, Lion Energy is a decently good power station in terms of output and capacity. It integrates a 500W inverter with a 450Wh lithium battery inside. With dual AC sockets, you can use them to run your essential AC appliances up to 500 watts comfortably. 
  3. Available in Convenient Bundles: Lion Energy offers the Safari power station in a variety of solar kits, as said above. The company has arranged its kits as per the purposes they can be ideal for. Thus, you get cool solar kits for off-grid camping, tailgating, emergency, disaster, preparedness, and more.  

10. EcoFlow River Pro Portable Power Station

River Pro is the top variant of EcoFlow’s River solar power stations.

With a battery pack of 720Wh and a modular feature, it is an incredible Goal Zero Yeti alternative. You can expand the power station’s original storage to a mid-range 1440Wh capacity using the brand’s much-touted Extra Battery module, which you need to buy separately.

The River Pro comes with a 600W pure sine wave inverter that can surge at 1200 watts. However, it can support an appliance of 1800W power in an emergency when its X-Boost technology is turned on.

Overall, you get a cool power station to power up a host of the electronics like laptops, phones, tablets, lights, game consoles, drones, CPAPs, and more.

EcoFlow River Pro Power Station


When it comes to charging options, River Pro has got 10 outlets in total. They include three AC sockets, a pair of USB-A 2.4A ports, one each of a USB-C 100W PD port, and a USB-A 28W Fast Charge socket other than multiple DC outlets. They are one 13.6V, 136W carport, and a pair of 13.6V, 3A Max outlets.

For recharging, the device supports a solar output of 200W 12A Max. The brand offers compatible solar chargers for its power stations. Meanwhile, you can charge it quite faster from a regular AC socket, thanks to its X-Stream charging technology at a speed of 660W Max.

EcoFlow River Pro features a handy size of 11.4 x 7.3 x 9.3 in and it weighs only 16.8 lbs. Its strong and durable handle makes you carry it anywhere easily on your trips, by the way.


  1. Sturdy and Lightweight: It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and lightweight solar power stations of its kind. With a durable and stylish case, it is a brilliant product for both campers and preppers.
  2. Ten Output Outlets: As said above, you get the River Pro power station with as many as ten charging ports, including three AC sockets, a Type C PD power, a fast-charge USB port, and more. 
  3. Modular Power Station: River Pro is one of the first power stations to hit the market with a modular feature. You get a 720Wh additional battery in option to double its storage capacity.
  4. Perfect Power Station Bundles: Yes, you can buy the River Pro power station in a number of bundles offered by the brand with suitable solar chargers, extra battery modules, and other accessories. 
  5. Lightweight and Friendly for Carrying: The lightweight device is quite friendly for carrying and outdoor uses. Its solid and durable carrying handle further helps its portability. 

11. AllPowers 372Wh Solar Generator

Next, on our list of the Goal Zero Yeti alternative solutions, we have a brilliant product from AllPowers. It is a 372Wh lithium portable power station with a smaller and lighter profile. The included 105000mAh high-density battery makes it a reliable and compact build. Therefore, you get an incredible power station as yet another Goal Zero Yeti competitor.

The stylish solar generator features a 300W pure sine wave inverter that can peak at 500 watts. Hence, you could rely on it for running all your appliances up to 500 watts. Well, the device has dual AC sockets to run two appliances at the same time. Check out the latest price of the power station on the link below.


Apart from the AC sockets, the AllPowers carries multiple other charging options. They are one 12V cigarette lighter socket, a pair of 12V/15A DC outlets, three fast-charging USB ports, and finally one Type-C USB port. So, it is a cool backup solution to support a number of your electronics with no worry.

More amazingly, like a Goal Zero Yeti 1400 and Yeti 3000, this AllPowers device integrates Bluetooth connectivity. That makes you access the complete info on charging status and other things in real-time on your mobile. Fine, you get it on an included AllPowers’s AiPower App that is available for both Android and iOS.


  1. Powerful and Lightweight: The AllPowers is a powerful machine with a lightweight profile. It packs up 372Wh 105000mAh lithium battery and a 300W pure sine wave inverter. These specs really make it a reliable power station worth its price, for sure.
  2. Six-In-One Charging Options: Yet another appealing thing with the AllPowers power station is the number of charging options it has. It features six different charging outlets to back up a variety of your electronics out in the wild or in an emergency. 
  3. Stylish and Compact Design: As a Goal Zero alternative, the AllPowers features a sleek and compact design to make it quite attractive to customers who are in search of a Yeti alternative. 
  4. Bluetooth Connectivity: The next major attraction is the included Bluetooth connectivity. As said above, it will make you access different data of the power station on your phone from anywhere, and anytime. 

12. Nature’s Generator 1800W Solar Generator

The next Goal Zero alternative on our list is from a brand called, Nature’s Generator. It is a 720Wh power station with a built-in 1800W pure sine wave inverter that can peak at 3600 watts. Inside, it packs up an AGM battery of 60Ah, and so you get a decently powerful solar generator.

The Nature’s Generator device is a great alternative to the standard fuel-based power generators. Instead of gas or fuel, you can charge it with a solar panel and use the stored power to run your AC appliances and gadgets. Check out its price and other updates on the link below and stay tuned for more details.


With its high storage capacity and output, you can use it to power up your phones, tablets, laptops, mini-fridges, CPAPs, LED lights, and more. Its portable-friendly design makes you carry it along anywhere with not much hassle. The device, as you see, has got a pair of heavy-duty wheels and a collapsible handle.

By the way, when it comes to the charging options, the power generator sports three full-size standard AC sockets and multiple USB and DC ports. So, it would come out to be yet another ideal companion for your outdoor living and survival situations once added with a reliable solar charger.


  1. Perfect Outdoor Companion: The Nature’s Generator, along with a solar charger, is no doubt an ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are on a camping, hiking, or tailgating trip, this machine can meet all your off-grid power needs. 
  2. Highly Portable Design: Though a large and hefty machine, it is made in a way you can transport it at ease. It has got a cart-style design with a collapsible handle and two durable wheels. 
  3. Multiple Charging Options: Another appealing thing is that the power station has three AC sockets apart from multiple USB and DC ports to support a range of your electronics in the wild.
  4. Stylish Design: Above all, it features an elegant design with a green and white tone. The green indeed refers to its potential as a green power source. 

13. ExpertPower Alpha 400 444Wh Power Station

We have another compact solar power station on our list. ExpertPower Alpha 400 is a stylish and compact power station that you can easily handle in the wild. Its handy and lightweight profile makes it a perfect travel-friendly solar power station for campers, hikers, and tailgaters.

Specs-wise, it is a 444Wh power station with a mid-capacity lithium battery. Further, it has got a powerful 400W pure sine inverter with a surge capacity of 800W. The included Battery Management System (BMS) guarantees that the connected electronics are safe and secure against all kinds of voltage issues.

ExpertPower Alpha 400 444Wh Power Station


When it comes to charging ports, the ExpertPower has all the essential outlets indeed. First of all, it has got three AC sockets. Plus, it features multiple USB and DC outlets to juice up a variety of your devices like phones, tablets, e-readers, and more.

Apart from its handy design, it is very lightweight as well. With a weight of 5 kg, it is quite easy for you to carry it along on your trips and travels. It has a size of 15.8 x 7.1 x 9.1 in, and the built-in carrying strap helps you take it anywhere at ease. The overall device is a very durable and reliable build, by the way.


  1. Powerful and High Capacity: The ExpertPower is indeed a decently powerful compact power station with a nice storage capacity. As put above, it features a 444Wh lithium battery with a 400W inverter.  
  2. Lightweight and Portable: The best part of the ExpertPower power station is its lightweight design. With a strong carrying strap, it will be easy for you to move it anywhere.
  3. Multiple Outlets: It is rich with all required output ports. See, though a small power station, it is up with three AC sockets. That would indeed make it yet another effective Goal Zero Yeti alternative. 

14. Rockpals 500W Portable Power Station

This Rockpals looks to be an outstanding alternative to Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium. The 520Wh device is actually the top-tier variant of the Rockpals portable power stations. With an inverter of 500W and 1000W surge power, it can support all essential AC appliances and most DC and USB gadgets.

As you might have noticed, the Rockapls has some clear resemblance to the Goal Zero Yeti series in design. Whatever, this is a reliable power station, and it has received a lot of takers from the communities of both outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preppers by and large. Check out its price below.


Set aside the dual AC sockets, the Rockpals features two DC outlets, one carport, two 5V USB ports, and single units of a 3.0 USB QC port and a Type-C 18W USB port. That said, you have a little power station with all the important charging outlets. Thus, you can use it to power up a variety of electronics.

Coming to the detailed specs, it packs up a 520Wh 140400mAh@11.1V lithium battery. That can store enough power to charge a smartphone around 60 times and a laptop around eight times. Weighing at just 12.13lbs, you can easily handle the machine out in the wild without much mess.

As an outdoor and survival-friendly device, it also features a bright LED emergency light. Plus, there is a large LCD screen to help you monitor the function of the power station. By the way, to make it easier for moving, it has got a robust foldable carrying handle. It measures just 10.24 x 6.7 x 6.28 inches.


  1. High-Capacity Power Station: Yes, as said above, this is a high-power solar power station. It packs up a 520Wh lithium battery pack to provide ideal backup to your camping electronics.
  2. Ideal for Camping and Outdoors: The Rockpals is a powerful device that is perfectly suitable for camping and outdoor necessities. You can carry it easily on your trips and enjoy portable power right anywhere.
  3. Multiple Charging Outlets: The machine certainly has all the essential charging outlets. Starting with two standard AC sockets, it has got Quick Charge, Type-C, and a carport outlet, among many others. So, you can use it to power up most of your essential gadgets and devices.
  4. Compact and Very Much Portable: The power station is also a very portable one. Its compact and lightweight design also makes it a neat solution for your off-grid and emergency power needs. 

15. NexPow 296Wh Portable Power Station

Next on our list of Goal Zero alternative solar power stations, we have an incredible entry-level device from a vendor called, NexPow. As you see, it is a 296Wh portable power station with a stylish look and ultra-portable design. It comes with two standard 110V AC sockets to power up your appliances.

It is indeed a well-engineered product of the kind for off-grid and emergency needs. Going on an outing for hiking, fishing, or RVing, you can easily manage it outdoors with a small weight and compact profile. With a reliable solar charger, it can provide you with unlimited emergency backup power off-the-grid.



The NexPow packs up a 300-watt pure sine wave inverter with a surge of 600W. So, using the included AC sockets, you can run small appliances up to 300W comfortably. Fine, the other charging options include two USB 2.4A ports, two QC 3.0 ports, one Type-C PD port, one 12V DC port, and one DC carport.

By the way, like all similar power stations, you can recharge the power pack via a wall outlet or a DC port apart from a solar panel. The company recommends a solar panel of 100 watts as an ideal way to recharge it from the sun. You can use any solar charger to power it up.

The power station is very portable and compact. It comes up with a solid handle, so you can carry the 7.05-lbs device quite effortlessly. That is how it becomes an ideal pick for campers, hikers, and any other off-grid adventurers to ensure unlimited portable power.


  1. Decent Storage Capacity: As one of the entry-level variants of the NexPow power stations, this offers a decent storage capacity. It packs a 296Wh 8000mAh @ 3.6V lithium battery that can store sufficient power to run your necessary gadgets and appliances in a survival situation. 
  2. Great Charging Options: The next attraction of the NexPow device is its amazing number of charging options. They most notably include four AC sockets, two Quick Charge 3.0 ports, and a Type-C USB port, among others. That said, you have it equipped with all the advanced charging outlets.
  3. Ultra-Bright Emergency Lights: The NexPow integrates an ultra-bright LED emergency light. It will help light up your camping tents and trails to keep yourself safe from any hurdles. At the same time, the light would also be much helpful in times of a blackout or an emergency.  
  4. Highly Portable Power Station: Above all, the NexPow device is quite portable and easy to carry for all types of outdoor and emergency applications. With a weight of just 7.05 lbs, it will be a breeze to carry it along. The device has also got a very stylish design, by the way. 

16. SG Sungzu 1000W Portable Solar Power Station

We have the next pick on our list from SG Sungzu, a leading Chinese vendor of solar power stations. With a capacity of 1010Wh and a 1000W inverter, it is a cool Goal Zero alternative to Goal Zero’s Yeti 1000. What makes SG Sungzu look different is its squarish design, which makes it amazingly portable.

The Sungzu model is, in fact, the top-end model of its series of power stations. It has got 300W and 500W variants, and this model equips a 1010Wh 39Ah @ 25.9V lithium battery to guarantee you ultimate off-grid power. As you see, it sports dual AC sockets to support your household and outdoor appliances.

At the same time, it can also juice up a range of your smaller gadgets and electronics, thanks to multiple other charging points. Check out the button below for its latest price.


Well, apart from the dual AC sockets, the SG Sungzu features two 12V DC sockets and five units of 5V 3.0A USB outlets. It also integrates a small display to let you monitor system information, charging status, and more. The device is very portable with a weight of 30 lbs and a durable carrying handle.

A PV panel of 32V~45V, 8.0A (max) can charge under the sun in around eight hours in ideal conditions. If you go for a wall socket, it will take only approximately six hours for a full charge. By the way, made with high-strength aluminum alloy, it is strong enough for you to use it roughly in various outdoor conditions.


  1. High-Capacity Portable Power Station: The SG Sungzu is a high-powered device, and it competes with the middle variants of Goal Zero Yeti. Well, it is up with a 1010Wh 39Ah @ 25.9V, and there is a 1000W power inverter with dual AC sockets. 
  2. All-In-One Power for Outdoors and Emergency: The SG Sungzu power station is capable of powering up all your essential electronics and gadgets. Ranging from an LCD TV to a smartphone, you can use it to power up all your necessary devices in the wild or in an emergency. 
  3. Compact and Portable Profile: Above all, the machine features a highly portable and slim design. Its squarish profile makes it rather lovely for easy transportation from one place to the other. You are lucky to have it with a robust metallic carrying handle.

17. Aimtom 300W Portable Power Station

Aimtom is another leading brand that can test Goal Zero with its series of stylish and reliable solar power stations. Ranging from a 100W model to a 500W one, the company offers a series of solar-based power stations. Here, we have its much-touted 300W model on this list.

Branded as Aimtom SPS-500 Powerpal, it is a 280Wh (75,000mAh) power station with a 300-watt power inverter that can surge up to 600 watts. It looks to be a serious threat to Goal Zero’s basic Yeti 200X as it incorporates a powerful battery and a reliable inverter. Check out the latest price of the device below.


The Aimtom is certainly rich with a range of charging options, including a full-size 110V AC socket. Further, it integrates multiple USB ports, which include two regular USB ports and two USB 3.0 Quick Charge ports. The DC outlets include a 12V carport, three 12V 4A, and one 12V 3A option.

Like all similar products, you can recharge it via an AC wall outlet or a carport other than solar. When it comes to solar, it integrates an MPPT charge controller, which supports input of 8V 60W~100W. The brand itself offers a folding solar charger for its power stations.


  1. Decently Powerful Mid-Sizer Power Station: Yes, the most exciting thing about the Aimtom is that it is a decently powerful one of its kind on the market. As you see, it combines a 280Wh battery pack and a 500W pure sine waver inverter so you can run most of the emergency AC appliances on it.
  2. Style Design and Telescopic Handle: All the Aimtom solar power stations have stylish and colorful profiles as they feature an attractive orange and black shade. This model exclusively has a telescopic handle, which is strong enough to carry it anywhere. Once not used, it can be slid into the body. 
  3. Capable of Charging All your Devices: Of course, thanks to its wide range of charging outlets, the Aimtom device can support all your possible emergency appliances and gadgets. You have it with multiple USB and DC outlets, and a full-size AC 110V AC outlet. 


1. Why Goal Zero Yeti Alternative

One main reason why the customers may largely look for a Goal Zero alternative can be the price factor, for sure. Many brands these days offer highly competitive products at rather affordable prices.

Likewise, all key non-Goal Zero brands also have different variants of their power stations to meet different customer tastes. It was earlier one of the exclusive selling points of Goal Zero as it featured at least three variants in a single generation.

2. Is the Goal Zero Yeti Worth It?

I don’t think so. Most Goal Zero products are not worth their prices as they commonly have fewer charging cycles and lower charging speeds.

Goal Zero Yeti power stations are indeed overpriced and mostly carry outdated technologies. See, for example, its mid-range Yeti 1500X costs $2000 and it offers total charging cycles of only 500 times.

There are a lot of brands on the market today in the segment with amazing products as a Goal Zero Yeti alternative. A Bluetti AC200P with three times more charging cycles costs just $1700. A lot of other brands offer incredible products alternative to the Goal Zeros.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best Goal Zero Yeti alternative solar power stations. Of course, we have many competitive brands on the market today. Sometime back, we had only Goal Zero as the most popular brand of solar-based power stations. The list hopefully will help you find a matching model quickly.

We have tried out to include all the competitive models from a large assortment of vendors, including the big and small-time ones. And we would like to update the list with more new products in the future. Share your thoughts about the list and the products in the comments, by the way.

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