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Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Solar Power Stations: All to Know About Goal Zero Lithium-Based Solar Power Generators

We have had a look at each variant of Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar power stations multiple times on this blog earlier. Here we would like to single out each of the Yeti lithium series for a full analysis.

As you know, Goal Zero upgraded its much-touted series of Yeti solar power stations early 2017 with the advanced lithium batteries inside. They were officially launched at CES 2017.

Well, the pioneer in the portable solar power industry emerged with the lithium variants after a long request from the customers. Of course, the portable solar power enthusiasts had long been waiting for the lithium variants of the Yeti series at that time.

The Goal Zero lithium series currently includes four models; Yeti 400 Lithium, Yeti 1000 Lithium, Yeti 1400 Lithium, and Yeti 3000 Lithium. As you see, they are respectively the four power variants of the product, aiming at different customers in various budget groups.

At its launch, Goal Zero only unveiled the first three models. And the last one, the most powerful of the series, came up after a while. Anyway, here we would like to have a detailed look at each model along with the suitable solar chargers, for sure.

Why Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Solar Power Stations

The best part with Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar power stations is that they all tout lithium batteries. It means that all the machines are decently lightweight, especially when compared to their old-gen lead-acid variants. So, the first reason why you should buy a Yeti lithium is the lithium battery.

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Solar Generators Review

Then, why lithium batteries? Fine, apart from their lightweight profile, the more advanced lithium batteries provide you with many more advantages. The most important is their increased charging cycles. Also, they are more efficient in storing power for a longer period.

Why Goal Zero

Goal Zero is certainly the most popular player in the portable solar power industry, as of now. For over a decade, the American maker has been selling a line of awesome machines. Yeti is indeed the most popular of its series as some high-power portable solar power solutions.

Though many companies later made a foray into with lots of products, Goal Zero is still a premium player. Perhaps, Goal Zero products would be a bit pricier compared to their rivaling models. But what you get are incredibly high-quality power stations with stylish design and portability features.

Certainly, with a series of Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar power stations, you could identify a suitable model perfectly. Starting from a base 400W model to a colossal 3000W model, you have multiple power variants, letting you pick one that best matches your needs and budget.

See the list below to check out the price and availability of each Goal Zero Lithium power station. 

Goal Zero Lithium – What Are Special

1. Better Batteries – Lithium Batteries

First of all, Goal Zero embraced lithium technology for its Yeti power stations. Indeed, customers had been long looking forward to Goal Zero Yeti lithium variants. Thus, we have the new Yeti line-up with the certified and high-quality Panasonic lithium cells inside.

Absolutely, with the lithium batteries inside, the new Yeti series is richly capable of outperforming the competition and the old lead-acid Yeti variants as well. Rather, the lightweight and long-lasting lithium batteries could give the Yeti series a clear edge in many aspects.

2. Lightweight, More Friendly for Outdoor Uses

Compared to the old-gen Yeti, the new line has a lot of changes in terms of their design, weight, and size. Of course, these changes, thanks to the built-in lithium batteries, are absolutely exciting.

See, for example, you get the new Yeti Lithium 1000 solar generator with a weight of just 42 lbs. Amazingly, it is around 60-lbs lighter than the former flagship model, Yeti 1250.

Moreover, the new Yeti device, as you see in the pic, is rather compact and handy. Overall, the new line of Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar power stations is incredibly cool for all your off-grid needs.

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium Solar Generators

3. State-of-the-Art Patent Pending AC Inverters

Yet another attraction of the new Goal Zero Yeti solar generators is the built-in advanced inverters. As per Goal Zero, it could provide an industry-leading surge allowance with comprehensive multi-stage protection to all your connected devices.

It translates that there would be better compatibility of the new Goal Zero Yeti Lithium with more devices and electronics. As a whole, the new Yeti line-up could be a fine choice to power up lots of different electronics from phones and tablets to power tools and space heaters.

4. Advanced LED Displays

Apart from the huge changes regarding the battery, inverter, and design, the Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar power stations also feature several small improvements.

One notable thing is the advanced LED display on all the models, which would let you track battery status and other information more simply.

Being a portable device, it would certainly be an awesome feature to have a screen that could show the data like time-to-empty, time-to-fill, and more. It would certainly help you plan your charging time and intelligently manage the stored power in the battery.

5. Multiple Variants with Different Power Options

As you see, you get the Goal Zero Yeti line in multiple models. Though it misses out an alternative to the base model, Yeti 150, you get four power variants of the new Yeti series, starting with Yeti 400.

So, it gives you a chance to find a suitable product without putting a dent in your pocket. If you need a small and cheap power station for your camping trips, Yeti 400 Lithium is more than enough.

Meanwhile, you have the mammoth Yeti 3000 as an option for backup or emergency power in your home, apartments, or work sites. Yeti 1000 and Yeti 1400 fall in between as reliable power solutions for your RVs, trailers, campers, and other off-grid and emergency needs.

Goal Zero Yeti 200X Portable Power Station

It is the lite and compact variant of Goal Zero Yeti line-up with a lithium battery. The 187Wh power station looks to be a lithium upgrade to the brand’s much-touted Yeti 150, the basic model of the old lead-acid Yeti line. Yeti 200X, though an entry-level model, shares all the advanced features of its bigger variants.

Specs-wise, Yeti 200X features a 13Ah @ 14.4V Li-ion MNC battery. The included power inverter is a 120W modified sine wave unit that could offer a surge power of 200 watts. With multiple charging options, you could use it to power a number of your small electronics off-the-grid and in an emergency.

Coming to the charging options, the device features an AC socket and single units of USB-A, USB-C, and USB-C PD ports. Moreover, it sports a 12V car and a 6mm DC socket. In fact, you have the lightweight and compact Yeti variant with all the important charging options, for sure.

By the way, the device equips a fast-charting MPPT charge controller. So, you could recharge it steady faster with a good solar panel. It works with the entire Goal Zero Boulder series as a Boulder 100 could charge it fully 3 to four hours. And a base model Nomad 28 Plus could to it in 10 hours.

Key Features

  • 187Wh Lite and Compact Lithium Power Station.
  • 13Ah @ 14.4V Li-ion MNC Battery Inside. 
  • 120W Modified Sine Wave Inverter with 200W Surge. 
  • Multiple Charging Options for a Variety of Devices. 
  • Perfect for Campers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts.
  • Ultra-Portable and Compact Yeti Variant.

Compatible Solar Charger

Ideally, a Nomad 28 Plus would be a fine pick if you are budget conscious and looking for better portability. That is actually a four-fold folding solar charger with an output of 28 watts. Thanks to the included USB port, you could also use it to recharge any of your USB-based devices besides Yeti 200X.

The solar charger is a waterproof and rugged solution. It has got an easy to read LED indicator to show the charging status. It has also got two low-end models called Nomad 14 Plus and Nomad 7 Plus. However, if you want to charge Yeti 200X rather faster, any of the Boulder solar panels would be the best choice.

A Boulder 50 is a nice option. The 50W PV panel could recharge the power station in a few hours, but the issue is that the same is not friendly for outdoors. It is a traditional metal-glass panel. It is here a Nomad would help you much, especially when you wanted it for an extremely outdoor-friendly power station.

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Solar Power Station

It is the base model of the new Yeti series. With an output of 428Wh, the power station could run up seven devices at the same time. Of course, as the most compact and lightweight model of the series, it is certainly the most-selling one. It has got a lot of takers out there.

Specs-wise, Yeti 400 has a capacity of 39.6Ah at 10.8V and 119Ah at 3.6V. The included inverter is a 300W variant, which could offer you a surge power of 1200 watts, letting you run AC appliances up to 300 watts much comfortably. Check out the recent price of the device on the link below.

As said above, it has got seven charging options. Clearly, they are two AC sockets, three 2.4A USB ports, and two 12V DC outlets. That is how you could use the machine to power up to seven devices simultaneously. Well, those devices could be your essential electronics, such as CPAPs, mini-fridges, lightings, phones, tablets, camera, and more.

Above all, it is very lightweight and portable. With a size of 7 x 7 x 11 inches, you could easily take it anywhere and store easily in a small room. Its weight is just 16 lbs, which is quite less compared to its former lead-acid Yeti 400. Overall, what you get is a very handy and compact power station that could be an ideal choice for all your off-grid power needs.

Key Features

  • 428Wh Lithium Portable Solar Power Station.
  • Storage Capacity of 39.6Ah at 10.8V/119Ah at 3.6V.
  • 300W Continuous Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 1200W Surge. 
  • Multiple Charging Options for a Variety of Devices. 
  • Perfect Pick for Campers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, and Emergency. 

Compatible Solar Charger

Goal Zero has its own solar charger for Yeti. The new Boulder series is an ideal choice for the power stations. Most of the customers recommend a 100W variant of Boulder solar panel for Yeti 400. If you don’t afford it, you could also try out a 50W unit, Boulder 50.

The 100-watt variant solar panel has two models in the Boulder line-up. The first model is a regular flat panel and the second is a suitcase model. For portable needs, we would like to recommend you buy the second one, Boulder 100 Briefcase, which comes in the form of a suitcase.

goal zero boulder 100 briefcase

So, you could move it anywhere with no much hassle. And store it in a smaller room. What’s more, you could place it on the built-in kickstands anywhere you want as you see in the photo above. Well, we have a link above to have a look at the latest price and availability of Boulder 100 Briefcase. The link also takes into the other variants of the Boulder series, by the way.

Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium Solar Power Station

It is one of the middle variants of Goal Zero Yeti Lithium portable solar power stations. The old-gen Yeti series didn’t have a device in its position, but we had Yeti 1250, instead. In the Yeti lithium line-up, this model is indeed a very important one.

If you want more power than Yeti 400 and are short of budget for Yeti 1400, you have this model at an affordable price. Specs-wise, this is a 1045Wh lithium portable power station and it could power up to seven devices at the same time.

The storage capacity is 96.8Ah at 10.8V or 290.4Ah at 3.6V. That is quite enough to back up a range of your electronics. The inverter is a 1500W model that could offer you a surge power of 3000 watts. Follow the button below to check out its current price and buy a unit.

Yeti 1000 Lithium equips all the important charging options. It features two AC sockets, three DC ports, and four 2.4A USB outlets. So, the power station comes to be an ideal solution to power up a variety of your electronics like phones, tablets, cameras, lightings, laptops, TVs, mini-fridge, oven, lights, medical equipment, and more.

By the way, design-wise, Yeti 1000 Lithium has exactly the same attributes of Yeti 400 and all its other variants. With a weight of 43 lbs, it is not much heavier so that you could take it anywhere comfortably in your RV, trailer, boat, or more.

At the same time, you could also use it as a reliable home emergency back-up solution.

Key Features

  • 1045Wh Lithium Portable Solar Power Station.
  • Storage Capacity of 96.8Ah at 10.8V/290.4Ah at 3.6V.
  • 1500W Continuous Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 3000W Surge.
  • Multiple Charging Options for a Variety of Electronics. 
  • Perfect Pick for RVs, Trailers, Campers, and Emergency.

Compatible Solar Charger

The above-mentioned Boulder 100 Briefcase also looks to be the best choice for Yeti 1000 Lithium as well. That would help you much on a trip whether it is in a trailer, campervan, or RV because you could store it in a small room. And when in use, you could just fold it up and start collecting solar power right anywhere. Check out its recent price of the panel on the button below.

goal zero boulder 100 briefcase

But if you want to ensure rather faster solar charging, its high-end model, Boulder 200 Briefcase would be our recommendation, for sure. Like its 100-watt variant, it has also got the same design features. You could place both on their built-in kickstands and keep the right exposure to the sun, but Boulder 200 could obviously offer you two times faster charging.

Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Solar Power Station

This Yeti model looks to be the correct upgrade to Goal Zero’s Yeti 1250, the flagship of the former series. However, it is more powerful and is having an increased storage capacity. So, it would be an awesome way to run your off-grid AC appliances and other electronics comfortably.

Specs-wise, Yeti 1400 is a 1425Wh lithium portable power station. This could power as many as ten devices at the same time, thanks to the multiple charging options. Meanwhile, the storage capacity of the machine is 396Ah @3.6V. Check out the price of Yeti 1400 on the button below.

Inside, the power station has a patented AC inverter. It is a 1500W pure sine wave unit that could offer you an output of 3000 watts at the peak. That is how you could rely on the device to run most of your AC devices including mini-fridges, ovens, medical equipment, laptops, and more.

Meanwhile, there is something special with this model of Yeti. It is the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. That lets you connect the machine to your phone via your Wi-Fi router. Goal Zero has a proprietary app called Yeti App for this purpose of remote monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Coming to charging options, you have all the essential units built-in. They include dual AC sockets, four USBs, three DC outlets, and more. Apart from the solar panel, you could also power it up from a wall socket or car charger like the entire Goal Zero Yeti Lithium solar power stations.

Key Features

  • 1425Wh Lithium Portable Solar Power Station.
  • Massive Storage Capacity of 396Ah @3.6V. 
  • 1500W Continuous Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 3000W Surge.
  • Multiple Charging Options for a Variety of Electronics. 
  • Perfect Pick for RVs, Trailers, Campers, and Emergency.
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity for Remote Monitoring.

Compatible Solar Charger

Though all the Boulder chargers are suitable for Yeti 1400, it would be better if you go for the most powerful one. That is Boulder 200 Briefcase, which could provide you with a massive output of 200 watts. It is actually made of two flat 100W Boulder panels, hinged together with the required latches and kickstands. Check out its current price on the link below.

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase

This is a lightweight and highly portable solar charger. After the use, you could just fold it down and carry in your vehicle with no much trouble. By the way, to make it fit for outdoors, this is made with rigid, anodized aluminum frames, and the tempered glass. Hence, you could use it neatly in various conditions like off-grid life and an emergency.

Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 3000 Solar Power Station

Finally, we have the biggest of the series. It is Yeti 3000 lithium. It is also one of the most powerful portable solar generators ever out there. Yes, it also becomes a solar generator when you use it with a solar charger. Or it is again a large power station for emergency or off-grid power backup.

Goal Zero has exclusively designed this powerhouse for large-scale use. Thus, it comes out to be an ideal selection for your worksites, homes, flats, outdoor events, and even RVs, campers, and trailers. Specs-wise, what you get is a large 3,075Wh power station that could run 10 devices at once.

Yeti 3000 Power Station

This is also featuring the brand’s exclusive patent-pending AC inverter. That is a 1500W pure sine wave unit that could output a 3000W surge. Therefore, Yeti 3000 is also capable of running your AC appliances like fridges, ovens, coolers, power tools, and medical equipment comfortably.

Above all, Yeti 3000 also highlights built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. So, you could monitor the massive power station from anywhere on your phone. It is when the device equips all the leading charging options including dual AC sockets and multiple USB and DC outlets.

Key Features

  • 3,075Wh Lithium Portable Solar Power Station.
  • Massive Storage Capacity of 280.8Ah @10.95V.
  • 1500W Continuous Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 3000W Surge.
  • Multiple Charging Options for a Variety of Electronics. 
  • Perfect Pick for Worksites, Homes, Apartments, and Trailers.
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity for Remote Monitoring.

Compatible Solar Charger

Certainly, Boulder 200 Briefcase is the most suitable solar panel for this large Yeti unit. However, that is also not quite enough to recharge this huge powerhouse at a faster pace under the sun. So, you could even think of chaining together multiple units of Boulder 200 for faster charging.

Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase

Of course, being one of the largest solar generators out there, you must have a large solar panel to recharge it or at least to top it up. Goal Zero has certainly designed Boulder 200 for its large power stations. So, get one or multiple units of the foldable and lightweight solar panel for your Yeti 3000 and use the most out of the sunlight for unlimited off-grid power.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Goal Zero Yeti lithium solar power stations. We have covered all the models of the series, letting you have a clear insight into their features, specs, and other factors. So, you could easily find a model that suits your budget and preferences clearly.

All Goal Zero Yetis are only power stations originally, but you need to buy solar chargers separately to make them complete solar generators. Or they would act only as emergency back-up solutions. Coupled with solar panels, you get a chance to top them up while on the go or in an emergency.

Being a fan of portable solar power solutions, I am really excited about the new Goal Zero Yeti solar power stations. The American firm has been a trend maker in the portable solar market. For over a decade, it has been selling a number of solar power stations, but with lead-acid batteries inside.

Fine, with the new line of lithium-based Yeti solar generators, the campers, hikers, and emergency preppers have more options to pick from. Yes, they come more lightweight and compact and with better performance and more recharge cycles as well.

Also, check out the complete product lists of other leading brands. 

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