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Gofort Portable Power Generator: Compact and Stylish Solar Power Station in 600W and 1000W Power Options

The Gofort portable power generator is a newcomer to the global portable solar power market. The handy, compact, and stylish device can meet a variety of your emergency and outdoor power needs. Developed by SunPow Electronic Co., a Hong Kong firm, the power station comes up in two power variants.

To meet everybody’s needs, the brand has designed its power station in 600W and 1200W variants.

Apart from the power inverters, they also have different battery packs, indeed. The former – Gofort 550 – is up with a 550Wh lithium battery, while the latter – Gofort 1100 – equips a 1100Wh lithium battery pack.  Both the variants have the same charging points and other features.

The company is seeking crowdfunding support for the power station, which is available on Indiegogo with attractive early bird rewards, starting at around $400.

Gofort Portable Power Generator

There are a lot of nice things with the Gofort portable power generator. First of all, as said above, you get it in two power options with different inverters and storage capacities.

Thus, Gofort 550 is the base model with a 600W inverter that can surge at 1000 watts, while Gofort 1100 is the top model that has a 1000W inverter with a peak power of 2000 watts. Check out the link below to buy both models of the Gofot solar power stations at Amazon.com. 

Gofort Portable Power Station

In addition, both the Gofort variants also come in two standard AC voltage options; 110V Type-B US version and 220V universal version. So, you get a chance to choose the right model that meets your preferences. All the Gofort power stations have dual AC sockets to run two AC appliances, at the same time.

The other charging options include a 12V cigarette lighter charger, one USB 3.0 Quick Charge port, two USB 2.4A sockets, one 45-watt Type-C USB PD port, and finally a 12V/10A DC outlet. That means the device is good for powering up a wide range of your devices and handsets.

Gofort Portable Solar Power Generator


Gofort sells the power station on Indiegogo with an exclusive solar charger. That is an 18V, 100W four-fold solar charger made of highly efficient mono solar cells. Though you can use any solar charger to recharge it under the sun, it looks to be a nice offer with higher conversion and a stylish, orange-tinged profile.

The solar charger has a built-in Patented Junction Box that features DC and USB outlets. Apart from the 18V DC socket, it has got a USB 3.0 Fast Charging port, and a Type-C 65W outlet so that you can charge your compatible phones and USB gadgets quite faster directly under the sun.

Gofort Portable Power Generator Solar Charger 100 watts

Why Should You Buy

1. Two Versions with Different Power and Capacity

It can certainly be one of the largest selling points of the Gofort portable power generator. As said above, Gofort comes up in multiple variants with different power and voltage to meet the correct requirements of customers across the globe.

The interesting part is that Gofort has designed its two variants with totally different specs. They have both inverter and battery capacities at two levels, the low and high, giving the customers with different budgets to go for the right candidate.

2. Efficient MPPT and Fast Solar Charging

Like all the recently launched solar power stations, the Gofort also has got a quite efficient MPPT charge controller. That is why you can seriously rely on solar panels to recharge the power station.

As per the brand, the pre-installed solar charging modules, including its advanced MPPT controller make solar charging up to 30 times faster compared to many of the leading products on the market.

Gofort Portable Power Generator

3. All Essential Charging Options

The next wonderful thing with the compact power station is that you have it equipped with all vital charging points. They include Quick Charge 3.0 port, a Type-C 45W PD port, and a 12V regulated car charger. That is how the device becomes an ideal way to ensure fast output to all your new gadgets and devices.

4. Built-In LED Light for Campers and Emergency

Above all, the Gofort power station also incorporates an LED lighting to help campers or the stranded in an emergency. It is a 5W annular LED light with a brightness of 450 lumens. Thanks to the built-in lighting, you don’t need additional light to brighten up your camping tent and small outdoor events.

Gofort Solar Power Station

Final Words

That has been our take on the new Gofort portable power generator. It is indeed a remarkable product of its kind with a host of incredible features. Available in two variants, it comes out to be a brilliant solution for you to enjoy both your outdoor and emergency life with extra enthusiasm.

The Gofort power stations are also lightweight and compact devices. Gofort 550 features a weight of 6.8 kg and it has a size of 192 x 218 x 192 mm, while its top model Gofort 1100 weighs 11.5 kg and the size goes at 192 x 303 x 192 mm. Share your thoughts about the products in the comments below.

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