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Grouphug Window Solar Charger: A Beautiful Solar Panel for Hanging in Your Windows

Grouphug window solar charger is a stylish way to ensure solar power in your living space or office. If you are having a rented apartment or office, you won’t be able to mount a rooftop panel. Here, you are lucky to get a beautiful eco-friendly solar solution to hang in your window and recharge your gadgets.

Adopting solar energy for daily life must not be a complicated thing; its maker realized this solar charger with this motto in mind. Technically, it is a simple and easy-to-use 10W panel with a solid and bold wooden frame. You can quickly hang it in your office or living room window, where you have quality sunlight.

Grouphug is founded by a young entrepreneur Krystal Persaud, a product designer by career, who wished to emerge with easy-to-use and creative solar chargers as she was not excited about the abundantly available personal solar products, typically designed for camping and outdoor adventures.


Krystal, whose parents emigrated from Guyana to the US with only $100, has been into the research for the project for long years. After quitting her job as a design director, she started to focus on sustainability and enjoyed designing “solar panels as toys.”

Grouphug Window Solar Charger

Clearly, the Grouphug product is more a designer solar panel. That is, along with being an option to charge your gadgets, what you get is a beautiful solar panel, which can absolutely be a piece of attraction in your apartment, bedroom, or office spaces.

The team has worked out the idea that design and creativity would make solar technology more accessible and easy-to-use for customers. Of course, this window solar charger doesn’t need mounting on a roof. You can just place it in a window and the charmingly-looking item can be a great addition to your interior.

The charger comes with a built-in battery of 3400mAh  capacity. The high-efficiency solar cells will charge it during the day hours and you can use it to recharge your devices day or night. Ten-hour solar charging is quite enough to fully charge the battery under optimal sunlight.

By the way, you can connect your personal devices to it for charging through its built-in USB-A port. Well, it works with any of your phones, smartwatches, lights, and speakers, or any other USB device. Meanwhile, it misses out a USB-C port and so you will need to use an adapter to charge USB-C gadgets.

Above all, the Grouphug window solar charger features a size of 13 x 10 x 1.25 inches. The Grouphug team launched this on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign, where it could attract as much as $70,000 from nearly 500 backers.

Notable Features

  • Stylish Solar Charger: The most unique thing with the solar charger is indeed its stylish profile. You can hang it in your window even as a piece of interior decor apart from its utilitarian purpose. The wooden framing adds much to its grand look and feel, for sure. 
  • Decent-Capacity Battery Pack: The solar charger integrates a 3400mAh capacity battery inside. That is quite enough to store power for charging your phone multiple times.  
  • Suction Mounting: Another attractive thing with the window solar charger is indeed its easy-to-mount design. It comes equipped with a suction cup hook so that you can quickly attach it to a window.
  • Transparent Design: Well, the solar cells are encased in durable and transparent plastic material. So, you can see the solar technology inside, which is why the brand calls it an educational piece. 
  • Repairable Profile: The solar charger further features a responsible and sustainable design, thanks to its repairable profile. You can repair it by replacing the parts, which doesn’t end it up in a landfill.


Final Thoughts

Gone are the days we had only the monotonic solar panel designs. The Grouphug window solar charger is indeed an amazing product of its kind. As it maker brags, it is a stylish piece of solar panel that any type of users will fall in love with. If you are looking at buying a solar panel that is both beautiful and practical, it is certainly the right choice. It will give you the power and add to the charm of your interior at once.

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