Are you thinking seriously to go solar for your off-grid power needs? Whether it is for camping, tailgating, or an emergency situation, you are lucky to have multiple portable solar power solutions on market today. Indeed, a heavy-duty solar generator is perfect for outdoor parties, and emergency. Meanwhile, for campers and hikers, it is always good to purchase some small solar power banks or ready-to-use solar chargers. We have a list of top-selling heavy-duty solar generators below. Hope the list helps you identify your favorite model.

Heavy Duty Solar Generator for Camping

Heavy-Duty Solar Generator – 10 Best Selling Generators

A heavy-duty solar generator is nothing but a portable solar generator with increased output. Usually, experts recommend solar generators for two main uses; camping (outdoor trips) or emergency. In both cases, you are left with no grid power or any other options to charge your electronics. You have only solar power. Whatever, it is essential that a portable device should come with a design that is friendly for easy and quick moving.

Unfortunately, it is tough for you to find a heavy-duty solar generator with much portability. Obviously, a high power solar generator comes heftier and bulkier. But we have many awesome manufacturers that have built for you some wonderful products. As per your needs, you can find the best one from the list. All the models come with an output over 1000 watts. So they will be good for all your large-scale off-grid power needs.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator

Of course, it is a norm that any discussion on solar generators starts with Goal Zero. The American company’s Yeti solar generator is such an awesome product line. Here we have taken the flagship model of its old Yeti series. Coupled with a unit of 100W Boulder panel, it is indeed a brilliant heavy-duty solar generator. 

Taken alone, Yeti 1250 is obviously a power pack only. You can charge it from the wall socket or a car charger before moving into the wild. But coupled with a solar panel only does it become a full-fledged and perfectly crafted solar generator.

Absolutely, Yeti 1250 becomes a brilliant pick for campers with its state-of-the-art features and specs. Yes, it has a capacity to produce 1200Wh power and the battery inside is a 100Ah lead acid unit at 12V. Simply, it produces 1200 watts continuously, and 1500 watts at peak.

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Further, it sports a 12V, three AC, three USB ports and one Anderson Power Pole outlet for collecting energy from the device that weighs 103 lbs. It is equipped with a strong handle and wheels for easy transportation.

One unexciting thing with Yeti 1250, however, is its use of a heavy lead-acid battery. Nevertheless, Goal Zero has managed to take down the insufficiency by unveiling a new upgrade called Yeti 1400, which highlights a lightweight and long-lasting lithium battery.

2. Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Power Station

It is a rather new heavy-duty solar generator on market. It is, in fact, a long-awaited large solar generator from the maker of the award-winning Yeti series of solar-enabled power stations. Bought with a 200W or somewhat powerful solar panel, it could be such an awesome pick for outdoor and emergency off-grid power needs. 

Going through the specs, you can distinctly see that Yeti 3000 is one of the most powerful solar generators out there. It is basically a 3024Wh lithium portable power station with solar charging option. Well, you can connect up to 10 devices at once to charge from it, thanks to its 840Ah @ 3.6V battery unit.

You are lucky to get the power station with a highly powerful AC inverter. That is capable to produce 15000W of energy continuously and a whopping 3000-watt surge power. Further, it has a host of all important output ports to connect nearly all types of your camping gear and other electronics including home appliances.

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Being such a powerful power station, you must require a massive solar panel to charge it from the sun. That is why Goal Zero recommends its flagship Boulder 200 Briefcase for the colossal Yeti variant. Hope you already have an idea about Goal Zero’s brand new Boulder Briefcase. It is an extremely handy and portable folding solar panel that you can store and carry easily, thanks to its foldable panels.

3. Peppermint Forty2 Max Solar Generator

The next is something really special on our list of heavy-duty solar generators. As you see in the pic, it is an all-in-one large solar generator. Of course, it is rare to get a heavy-duty solar generator in one build, though there are many small models of the same fashion. It is Peppermint’s flagship Forty2 Max solar generator.

Peppermint actually sells three variants of the machine based on battery capacity. This one, as said above, is the top-end model with a capacity of 2000Whr. That is indeed a lithium-ion battery so the whole device is very lightweight and portable.

Its younger siblings – Forty2 Pro and Forty2 Pro+ – respectively carries 500Wh and 1000Wh batteries. Interestingly, the entire line has many downright similarities in terms of other important things. Well, they mainly appear in design, inverter power, and ports. But weight differs for each model as you have each equipped with different batteries.

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Well, in terms of solar panel, the integrated units on its inner lids are capable to produce 180W. So it is easy for you to spread up the suitcase-style device and place it under the sun to grab as much sun energy as possible. Inside the suitcase come the important components like battery, inverter, and etc. Further, it has got a pair of USBs, as many AC sockets, and a 24V DC port.

4. KISAE Home Solar Generator Kit

The next one on our list today is another lovely heavy-duty solar generator. Of course, it is not as popular as the above models. Well, its maker namely KISAE Technology has, in fact, introduced it as more like a home solar kit. Simply, you get a powerful power pack and a solar panel in the bundle. 

Specs wise, the KISAE home power station is a 1800W powerhouse. It packs up a 60Ah battery that you can charge from the wall socket or a car charger. But if you want to go solar, just use the included 80W mono-crystalline solar panel. That simply makes you charge it from the sun.

Inside the power pack come a power inverter, a 5A AC charger, a 140W 8Amp charge controller, and other essential components. The white battery box is strong and durable for longterm use. Outside it sports multiple AC sockets to let you power up various devices, at the same time.

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Overall, this setting is going to help you stay powered all the time around. Thanks to its all-weather capability, it would be nice to place the system anywhere in your home or move to remote cabins or tents. It weighs 24.4 pounds and the size goes at 14.5 x 10.5 x 14 inches. Use the link above to buy a unit of the home power box.

5. Ascent Solar Generator Y1200

Ascent Solar Generator Y1200, formerly EnerPlex Ascent Solar Generatr, is another heavy-duty solar generator you will love to have a look at. As you see in the photo, it is a very stylish solar power station. Coupled with a solar panel, it becomes an ideal solar generator for all your large off-grid power needs.

Ascent Y1200 is up with a 1231Wh lithium battery. And it rated to deliver 1000 watts of energy continuously and 2000 watts surge power. That is, the system is capable to run a wide range of your large and small appliances. You can run your lap, mini fridges, ovens, CPAPs, lightings, and other gadgets on this machine off-the-grid.

When it comes to its design and portability, Y1200 is certainly an exemplary pick. It is well-engineered as a portable power solution. You get two strong handles to carry the 42lbs machine and take it anywhere hassle-free. Coming to its output ports, it features three USB ports, one 12V DC port, one 12V Anderson port, one 19V barrel and 110V AC ports.

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About solar panel, you can use any third party solar panels with Generator Y1200. However, during its launch, its maker was recommending its own solar charger, called Ascent Solar Commander 45, a 45W folding solar panel. So if you don’t have a solar panel already, check out Commander 45. Or use the existing solar panel to charge the power station from the sunlight.

6. Be Prepared Solar Solar Generator 2500 watts

Be Prepared Solar is a Utah-based firm that sells a variety of ready-to-use heavy-duty solar generators. Based on battery power, the company sells around 20 models of the product. As you see in the photo, it comes in two parts; a strong and durable power pack and a pair of powerful solar panels.

This variant of Be Prepared Solar device is capable to produce 2500-watt of energy continuously. At the peak, it would go up to 5000 watts. Inside it features a powerful AGM deep-cycle 200Ah battery. And you get a pair of 150W solar panels for charging the powerhouse from the sun.

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This heavy-duty portable solar generator’s case is very rugged and equipped with wheels to make you carry it anywhere. Moreover, it touts a host of features including a 30 amp solar charge controller, three universal AC outlets, low battery alert, smart surge control, overload indicators and etc… Coming to its size, it measures at 30 X 18 X 19 inches and it weighs around 135lbs.

7. Inergy Kodiak Solar Generator

Kodiak solar generator is a state-of-the-art portable solar solution with good output. Inergy brought it to the market through a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. That makes it an appealing product for outdoor enthusiasts. The unique selling points of Kodiak include its ultra-light and compact design.

Kodiak is equipped with a 1500W pure sine wave AC inverter. And it packs a highly advanced 1100W lightweight lithium battery. Like all other portable power banks, it is basically a power station with solar charging capability. Once you connect it to a solar charger, Kodiak becomes an outstanding solar generator.

During its launch, Inergy showed off a proprietary solar panel called Predator 50, a 50-watt solar charger. The company recommended using two units of Predators with Kodiak, thus ensuring 100 watts in total. As of now, it is not available for sale on retail sites like Amazon. So it would be nice for you to buy a third-party panel.

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By the way, Kodiak features a number of output ports. They include six 110V AC sockets, one 30A RV plug, four 12V DC ports, eight USB outlets, and finally a pair of 12V DC base camp lights ports. It is lightweight with just 20 lbs and its size goes at 16 X 15 X 8 in. Use the link above to buy a unit of the heavy-duty solar generator.

8. FSP Emergy 3000 Portable Power Pack

FSP’s Emergy 3000 is a brilliant heavy-duty solar generator when bought along with PV panels. Basically, it is a suitcase-style large power station with an awesome capacity of 2600 watt-hours. Well, that makes it a stunning piece of portable power pack to run a host of your household and camping appliances.

Specs wise, Emergy 3000, the top-end of the series, packs up a high-quality lithium-iron-phosphate battery. Thanks to the built-in Battery Management System (BMS), the machine ensures enhanced performance to run both AC and DC devices. As you see in the photo, it is made highly friendly for portable use.

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FSP Group also sells a powerful six-layered folding solar panel to charge Emergy 3000 from the sun. Each layer of the panel is capable to produce 50 watts, so you get 300W in total. That is enough to charge the large power station in several hours under a bright sun. The overall FSP device weighs 66.2 pounds and its size goes at 15.3 x 8.7 x 26.8 inches, by the way. Use the links above to buy Emergy 3000 and the recommended solar panel.

9. OG Solar 4000W Surge Power Generator

OG Solar’s heavy-duty solar generator is yet another brilliant pick on our list today. This is a self-contained all-in-one portable solar solution, packing up a highly powerful power station and a pair of 50W solar panels. You can set the power station right anywhere quickly and access solar energy with no limits.

Inside the power pack come a 4000-watt surge power inverter and a 135Ah battery. That is quite enough to run a range of your household, camping, and emergency appliances. So it will give you much confidence in getting into the wild and surviving an unexpected natural calamity.

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The OG Solar power station features all important output ports. In short, you can easily set up the system in your RV, boat, caravan, camping tent, or remote home to ensure an uninterrupted backup power. If you want to make the solar power station more reliable, just add more solar panels. Thus you get an increased amount of solar energy to make your next off-grid life awesome. Buy a unit of the power station from above link.

10. Lion Energy Ascent Solar Generator Kit

The final heavy-duty solar generator on our list comes up from Lion Energy. Called Lion Energy Ascent, it is, in fact, an advanced portable power station with a 100W folding solar panel. As you see in the photo, the power pack is a very sturdy box with all innovative features including an LCD interface.

Specs wise, Lion Ascent integrates a powerful inverter that is capable to produce 1500 watts of continuous power and 2000W surge. The included battery is also a lightweight lithium-iron-phosphate unit in place of the hefty traditional lead-acid battery. Obviously, that makes it more lightweight and portable.

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Of course, you have the power pack with all essential output ports. They include four USB ports, two 110V AC sockets, one 12V cigarette lighter plug, and etc. Above all, you get a highly powerful 100W folding solar panel. It would make you fix the portable power solution anywhere to access to unlimited solar energy.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of the best heavy-duty solar generators. You might be wondering why we skipped Goal Zero’s brand new Yeti 1400 Lithium. That was intentional because we wanted to limit the list with 10 best picks. Though one of the top sellers, we skipped Yeti 1400 as we already have two other heavy-duty solar generators from the maker on our list. Of course, there might have other missings too. But for the moment these ten heavy-duty solar generator machines are indeed worth buying without a second thought. Power GeneratorsPortable Solar PowerHeavy Duty Solar GeneratorAre you thinking seriously to go solar for your off-grid power needs? Whether it is for camping, tailgating, or an emergency situation, you are lucky to have multiple portable solar power solutions on market today. Indeed, a heavy-duty solar generator is perfect for outdoor parties, and emergency. Meanwhile, for...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |