After a list of briefcase solar generators, I would like to talk about a series of heavy duty solar generators here. Sure, heavy duty solar generators may not be much good for portable use. So you can’t take one for individual camping trips. Meanwhile, they are nice for home, work sites, tailgating, RVing, group camping, or emergency. However, you get most bigger solar generators with durable wheels and carrying handles. Therefore, you can drag them on various surfaces. In that sense, they are portable too.

Heavy Duty Solar Generators for Off-grid Power

There is a big variety of large solar generators. Some models are basically solar-enabled power stations only. In that case, you might need to buy separate solar panels. Meanwhile, some are just DIY solar generator kits. That may include only major components. And you will need to buy more things in addition and put them together to build full off-grid solar solutions. Above all, you have rare models with standalone and integrated solar panels. Those are quite convenient for camping and other outdoor uses.

Best Heavy Duty Solar Generators

Anyway, with heavy duty solar generators, you are lucky enough to enjoy unlimited source of solar energy for running bigger devices. See, you could fire up your office devices like PCs and laptops and kitchen appliances like oven, TV, mini fridge and etc… Here we make an effort to bring to you a list of cool large solar generators. Of course, we have picked the items for the list based on various factors. No doubt, popularity is one major consideration and so you could surely pick a model from our list with no worry at all.

1. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Solar Power Station

The best seller in heavy-duty solar generators is none other than Goal Zero’s flagship Yeti 1400 Lithium. So, we would like to suggest it as the first piece in our list of heavy duty solar generators here. Excited to know more about the machine? We have more details about the award-winning portable solar power station below.

In fact, Yeti 1400 is a new upgrade, or better say lithium upgrade, to former Goal Zero flagship, Yeti 1250. Like all other Goal Zero power stations, it becomes an ideal off-grid solar power solution only when bought with solar panel. Otherwise, it is just a power station. Yes, you could charge that from either your wall outlet or car charger and keep for outdoor or portable power use later.

By the way, along with a solar panel, it comes out to be a superb solar generator. That said, you could take it anywhere whether camping, boating, and RVing with much confidence. Goal Zero itself recommends a range of Boulder panels you could buy along with the machine.

| Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Power Station

Unique Features

  1. Lithium Ion Battery:  Amazingly, you get the large solar generator with a lithium ion battery, which you could easily replace with a new one after the current one wears out. With a lithium, you get more life cycles with the power station. And more interestingly, that makes it lightweight so you could use it for a wide range of off-grid applications including camping, tailgating, outdoor parties, emergency and etc.
  2. High Quality and Popular: No one buys a less popular model. In solar generator market, though priced a bit higher, Goal Zero is the final word. Of course, you could buy a Goal Zero generator with no doubt on quality. The American maker has been selling a range of super quality products in portable power market for the last ten years. Hence, Yeti 1400 Lithium, being its flagship model on market today, is the best choice for you.
  3. Powerful Solar Panels: Of course, alone Yeti 1400 is just a power station. But coupled with a powerful solar panel, you get it as an ideal piece of off-grid power solutions. Goal Zero recommends a host of high quality solar panels for the machine including the brand-new Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase, which, as its name suggests, is foldable to a suitcase-style, thus making the overall system portable.

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2. Be Prepared Solar 2500W Heavy Duty Solar Generator

It is a heavy duty solar powerhouse with a pair of 100W solar panels and an output of 2500 watts. Be Prepared Solar markets a bunch of similar large-scale portable solar generators. This one is certainly one of the top sellers from the maker. You get it with a large battery that is 200Ah in capacity. Overall, this Be Prepared Solar solar generator is great pick for both outdoor and indoor off-grid power needs.

Perhaps, its design may not look much lovely and stylish when compared to the above Goal Zero Yeti. But as you see in the image, it is a beast in terms of ruggedness. Its maker has built up the machine inside a very strong and durable case. Absolutely, to add to its portability, the case features a strong handle as well as durable wheels. That is, you could just drag it on any turf with no worry about its innards.

| Check Price and Buy @ Be Prepared Solar 2500W Solar Generator

Unique Features

  1. Rugged, Portable Case: All components of the solar generator, excluding solar panels, are well packed inside a rugged case. It means, without any worry, you can take it anywhere. Its suitcase style makes it easily movable both on smooth platforms and tough terrains.
  2. Good Productivity: Its power output is worth the money. Solar generators are normally expensive and this one is no exception. Yet, it is capable to produce good amount of solar energy that could run operate a wide range of outdoor and indoor appliances. Clearly, it delivers an out of 2500W continuous and 5000W surge.
  3. Good Power and Weight Ratio: Yet another reason why I fell in love with this model is its decent power and weight ratio. Amazingly, it weighs just 22 pounds even with a 100Ah AGM deep cycle battery. Meanwhile, it performs quite well in terms of total solar as well as inverter capacity.

3. OG Solar 135A 4000W Peak Solar Generator

It is another key pick in our list of heavy duty solar generators today. Well, for an affordable price, it is indeed a significant model for your emergency, camping and household needs. Certainly, it is a complete self-contained product. You need not to do any assembly at all. Just un-box and plug and play to exploit the otherwise wasted solar energy to run your appliances both outdoors and indoors.

Come to power, it offers 135 amp hours of electricity for a variety of your portable and off-grid needs. At peak, it would go up to 4000 watts. Included solar chargers are a pair of 100W units, which are quite enough to top up the machine out in the wild. Unfortunately, with its heavy weight (around 90 pounds) this model might not be much friendly for portable use. You could better consider it for your home, cabin, RV, and etc.

| Check Price and Buy @ OG Solar 135A 4000W Peak Solar Generator

Unique Features

  1. Rugged, Weather Resistant: Though the solar generator is not much friendly for portable use, it is well-built to resist worse weather. The hard case it has all its components is resistant to water, dust and shocks.
  2. Outdoor Friendly: Yes, this OG Solar device weighs around 100 pounds, and so is not quite nice for individual camper use. However, OG Solar has designed it very well to counter all possible worse conditions outside. You could drag the machine on a cart and use the solar panels anywhere to charge it from sun.
  3. Household Solar Generator: Have you been looking for a household solar generator? Then, this model could end up your search. With a good output, you could install it in your home and tie it to grid power. So you could save some bucks from your power bill and reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

4. Xantrex 1500W PowerPack with Sunforce Solar Kit

This Xantrex power pack is a cool solution for setting up a DIY off-grid power kit. You could try this 1500-watt machine along with a solar charger to put together your own solar kit. What I recommend here is Sunforce’s solar charging kit, which is a made of four layers of solar panels, totaling at 60 watts capacity.  

You could mount it on your RV, home, or anywhere you could get enough sunlight to power up your large power house. This is indeed very nice for portable use. As you see in the picture, it highlights highly durable wheels and a collapsible handle.

Plus, you have all the components inside a very strong and rugged case. The only thing you might take care of is about the solar panel. Being a DIY solar solution, you must find another way to store the solar panels while moving. You could buy a separate case or bag for that.

| Check Price and Buy @ Xantrex 1500W PowerPack Power Pack

Unique Features

  1. Cheaper DIY Solar Generator: It is a nice way to set up a cheaper DIY solar generator. Yes, you should do some DIY work to realize this solar generator, but it is always cheap to make an own project than buying a new solar generator.
  2. Popular Power Station: Xantrex is a very popular brand. Its XPower PowerPack is certainly one of the most selling items on market. Therefore, you could use it to build a reliable DIY solar power solution for all your off-grid power needs.

5. Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit

Why can’t you try Goal Zero’s former flagship Yeti? Yes, Goal Zero still sells this lead acid model even after the launch of its upgrade, Yeti 1400. This machine along with a Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase is a brilliant pick for someone, who is looking for the best heavy duty solar generators.

Specs wise, it is a 1250Wh power house that could offer you 1200 watts of power continuously and 1500 watts surge. You could run a large variety of your electronics to charge on it out in the wild.

What is not exciting with this model is its lead acid battery. You have the 1250Wh power station with a 100Ah @ 12V that adds much weight to it. Compared to its new model, it weighs two times more. However, this still exists in market because of its power and popularity. You could take it anywhere by dragging over its strong wheels in use of built-in collapsible handle.

| Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit

Unique Features

  1. Budget Friendly:  It was one of the top sellers in portable solar industry before the launch of its lithium upgrade, the Yeti 1400. However, it continues to be a good option for those who would like to own a solar generator on budget. It is indeed a bit hefty and bulky with the integrated lead acid battery. But you would certainly love this product as it is still one of the best heavy duty solar generators on market.
  2. Popular Model: Even several months after the release of its new model, Yeti 1250 is a top seller. Remember that the new Yeti 1400 is more lightweight, advanced and handy for use. But you could see the old Yeti as one of the favorite models of solar generator enthusiasts. Therefore, you could certainly invest in this model.

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6. Peppermint Forty2 Max Solar Generator 2000Wh

It is a pretty powerful all-in-one solar generator. Fine, Peppermint sells three variants of this highly portable machine and it is the flagship model with a battery capacity up to 2000Wh. It could provide continuous out of 900 watts and peak 1800 watts.

The main attraction with the model is, of course, its standalone design. You don’t need to do anything to make solar energy from it. Just open up the suitcase-style case and place in sun. Solar panels integrated on the lids are a pair of 90W units. The low-end models of the generator are Forty2 Pro Forty2 Pro+, respectively 500Wh and 1000Wh models.

If you are on a budget you could buy any of those lower models, which also have same output and solar capacity. Again, great thing with the generators is portability. Thanks to its suitcase design, you could handle it with single hand. Buy a unit of Forty2 Max from below.

| Check Price and Buy @ Peppermint Forty2 Max Solar Generator

Unique Features

  1. All-in-One Solar Generator: This is a complete solar generator with integrated solar panels. We are familiar with models like Renogy Firefly and Phoenix, but this model is a rare heavy duty solar generator with built-in panels. You don’t need to carry extra panels. You have everything in one suitcase-style case.
  2. Multiple Options: As said above, Peppermint sells the same design in various models. They are exactly the same machines in size, solar capacity, and total output. They become different only when it comes to battery capacity. As a result, weight also changes, but you get multiple options for different prices. 

7. Nature PowerPak 1800W Portable Solar Generator Kit

Here comes the final pick in our list of the best heavy duty solar generators. This is actually a solar generator kit that comes with a unit of Nature Power’s much-touted 1800W PowerPak power station. That could offer you an output of 1800 watts of pure sine wave power. You could utilize the energy to charge variety of your electronics via its various ports like 120V AC outlets, 12V DC sockets, and USB ports. As you see in the image, the kit comes with a pair of large solar panels.

The included panels are a pair of 100W units. Well, you could connect the panels to PowerPak and juice it from sun. By the way, along with the built-in 80Ah battery, this kit also provides an auxiliary battery box of the same capacity.

Overall, you get 160Ah storage with the machine. Moreover, you get a pair of 1.5-watt solar battery maintainers in order to keep your batteries energized all the time. So even if you don’t use the machine for a long time its batteries wouldn’t drain out of juice. Thus, you get more life for batteries.

| Check Price and Buy @ Nature PowerPak 1800W Solar Generator Kit

Unique Features

  1. Portable: Though it is a heavy weight solar kit, you could move it anywhere. PowerPak is up with strong wheels and carrying handle. Hence, you could drag it easily on various surfaces. However, remember that the kit weighs over 200 pounds, and so it doesn’t look much nice for all outdoor use. Instead you could use it in RVs, boats, trailers, caravans, and etc.
  2. Auxiliary battery box. As noted above, the PowerPak solar kit includes an extra battery pack of 80Ah. That increases total storage capacity. So you could run your devices for a pretty longer time on it.
  3. Battery maintainers: In case you don’t use PowerPak for a long time, don’t worry about its battery fitness. The included pair of 1.5W battery maintainers ensure that your batteries don’t drain out of juice.

Final Thoughts

There are many more heavy duty solar generators on market. For this list, we have picked the above machines based on the number of reviews and customer feedback on popular sites like Amazon. All these machines are, in fact, ideal picks to let you build your own DIY off-grid power solutions right anywhere. Certainly, you could make your outdoor life rather exciting and lively with a high capacity alternative energy source.

What’s more, heavy duty solar generators contribute much to your pocket and the world’s fight against carbon emissions. Clearly, as said above, you could use the machines in replacement to grid power in your flat, cabins, work sites, and etc. That would help you enjoy a noticeable cut in power bill. And would end up in your carbon footprint reduction as well. Make your comments below. Power GeneratorsPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar Powerbest portable solar generators,heavy duty solar generators,portable power,portable solar generatorsAfter a list of briefcase solar generators, I would like to talk about a series of heavy duty solar generators here. Sure, heavy duty solar generators may not be much good for portable use. So you can't take one for individual camping trips. Meanwhile, they are nice for home, work...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |