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Heavy-Duty Solar Generators: 11 Large Portable Solar Generators for Off-Grid and Outdoor Life

There is indeed a wide range of solar generators on the market today. From the small entry-level variants to high-powered top-end models, all the brands have a variety of products. Here, we would like to have a look at the best heavy-duty solar generators that are way much reliable for off-grid and emergency power.

With reference to the heavy-duty solar generators, we mainly focus on the top-tier models of the main solar generator brands. Generally, most brands have their top models with a capacity of over 1500-watt hours and an inverter of 1500 watts. So, it would be a nice list of large solar generators for you to have a look at.

Maybe, it will be difficult for an individual camper or an outdoor enthusiast to carry along a heavy-duty solar generator on his/her trips and travels. But thanks to its higher output and inverter power, it can be a perfect choice for powering up your trips in an RV, trailer, campervan, boat, remote cabin, and more.

In addition, you can use such a system in your home, office, apartment, or worksite to meet various power needs in an emergency or during long-hour blackouts. In short, you get the big and heavy-duty solar power generators as incredible options for both emergency preppers and off-grid power enthusiasts.

Best Heavy-Duty Solar Generators

There certainly has a huge collection of solar generators on the market today and here goes our list of the best large solar generators or, better say, solar power stations.

It will be a nice place for a buyer to find an apt model quickly. Of course, as said above, our list of large solar generators mainly covers the top-end models of all important brands. That seems to be the right way to quickly compile heavy-duty solar generators since there is no RULE about what a big solar generator is.

Moreover, another key criterion we have gone for is to check out if the product is able to offer an inverter power of 1000W or above. Anyway, stay tuned with us to have a look at the best big solar power stations, their unique features, compatible solar chargers, and more.

1. Bluetti AC200P Solar Power Station

When it comes to the large and big solar generators, it would certainly be nice to start with a Bluetti power station. Yes, we have Bluetti AC200P here as the first entry on our list. It is a huge 2000Wh power station with a highly reliable 2000-watt power inverter that has a surge capacity of up to 4800 watts.

Bluetti AC200 is a popular product from the brand. AC200P is an upgraded version of it with a rather bigger LifePo4 battery. Fine, you have it equipped with a brilliant 2000Wh LifePo4 battery instead of its original’s 1700Wh LG cell battery. Added with its high-power inverter, it is ideal for your essential appliances.



There are indeed a lot of incredible things with AC200P. First of all, it comes with a huge variety of charging points, including six standard AC sockets to support your appliances like blenders, freezers, dryers, steam mops, and so on. It also features multiple charging points for your gadgets and handsets.

They mainly include multiple 12V DC ports, a regulated 12V car charger for power-hungry DC devices, USB-C PD outlets, USB-A ports, and more. Above all, the machine incorporates dual 15W Qi wireless chargers for your handsets with the wireless charging facility.

You can charge the much-touted power station in multiple ways. It supports an AC input of up to 400 watts and you get it with the required AC adapter. For charging from a car, it is compatible with 12V/24V sockets. When it comes to the solar input, it works with solar power of up to 700 watts at 35-150V, Max 12A.

Notable Features

  1. High-Capacity Solar Power Station: The Bluetti is known for its high-capacity 2000Wh battery pack. Different from its original model, it is a more powerful and advanced battery with more charge cycles. It can help power up all your basic home and outdoor appliances quite smoothly. 
  2. Six AC Outlets: Yet another attraction of the Bluetti power station is its six AC sockets. That is what makes it a much reliable solar backup system to run a range of your AC appliances at the same time. 
  3. Multiple Charging Points: Well, the Bluetti is special with its big number of charging points, including six AC sockets. Specifically, it features two 12/3A DC sockets for LED lights and small devices. One 12V DC regulated carport is there for your car-powered electrical devices. Further, it sports one 60W USB-C PD port, four 5V/3A USB-A ports, and above all, two 15W wireless charging points. 
  4. Faster Solar Charging: The machine supports fast charging from solar panels. With a circuit voltage of 35-150V/Max.700W, Max12A, you can charge it steadily faster under the sunlight. As you see, you can use solar panels up to 700 watts to support quick charging.


Bluetti offers its own solar charger for AC200P and other variants of its famous power stations. It is a four-fold 120-watt SunPower solar panel with a higher conversion efficiency. With its decent voltage output and efficiency, you can surely rely on this solar panel to charge the Bluetti power station.

It comes up with built-in kickstands so you can easily place it right anywhere and enjoy access to unlimited solar power. The solar charger has a folded size of 16.3 x 16.1 in and it spreads out to 16.3 x 66.7 in once unfolded. It has a price tag of around $400. Check out the link below to order it individually.

Bluetti 120W Solar Panel


When it comes to weight, it is indeed a lightweight model that weighs just 9.48 lbs. You can chain together multiple pieces of the solar panel for higher solar output. It is indeed quite easier to take it along on your trips to link your power station to the eternal solar power source.

2. Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar Power Station

Explorer 1000 is the top model of Jackery Explorer power stations. Jackery unveiled the cute and compact power station at CES 2020 along with a young sibling called, Explorer 300. Of course, it has been grabbing much attention on the market since its launch as a serious threat to Goal Zero Yeti 1000X.

With its decent battery, we would like to count it as one of the best heavy-duty solar generators. Surely, it is not as powerful as Bluetti AC200P, but you get a reliable machine in a very compact and lighter profile.

It is a 1000W solar power station that appears in the same design and theme as its younger siblings. Inside it packs up a 1002Wh lithium battery of 46.4Ah @ 21.6V. That is quite enough power to make it neatly run multiple household appliances in an emergency. Jackery sells it at a price of around $999 on its website.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar Power Station


Fine, the Jackery comes up with a powerful 1000W pure sine wave inverter with three standard AC outlets. They can output a surge of 2000W to easily support your high-power appliances. Apart from AC sockets, it also features multiple DC and USB ports, including two USB-C and one USB 3.0 QC port.

The device features an advanced MPPT technology to ensure fast charging under the sun. Though a large powerhouse, it is a handy and compact device that you can carry easily on your trips and keep in your RVs, trailers, and tents. Explorer 1000 has a size of 13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 in and it weighs just 22.04 lbs.

Notable Features

  1. High-Power and Large-Capacity Device: As you know, Explorer 1000  is a high-power and decent-capacity solar power station. With a 1002Wh lithium battery and 1000W inverter, you can use it to perfectly run a range of your household and outdoor AC appliances.   
  2. Van-Life Power Solution: As a large power station, Explorer 1000 is a cool choice for power storage in your RVs, trailers, campers, and boats. Along with a reliable solar charger, you can ensure access to unlimited power. It doesn’t require any extra set-up as it is a simple out-of-the-box system.
  3. Outdoor Party Power Station: Similarly, Explorer 1000 is a superb power backup system for outdoor parties and events. Thanks to its compact and handy design, you can take it into the party site and have access to solar-based backup power to run coolers, blenders, pellet smokers, and more.
  4. Multiple Charging Outlets: Yet another notable thing is the rich number of charging options it shows off. Well, Explorer 1000 most notably features as many as three standard AC sockets and multiple USB ports including the advanced USB-C and Quick Charge ports.


For the Explorer 1000, Jackery has its famous 100W solar charger branded as SolarSaga. For an increased solar output, you can chain together multiple units of the two-fold solar charger and ensure faster charging of your power station. Check out SolarSaga 100 on the link below. It comes for a price of around $300.Jackery Explorer SolarSaga 100 Solar Charger


The Jackery solar charger is famous for its quality build. Featuring solid plastic cladding on both edges of the product, you get a compact and strong foldable solar charger. It integrates dual USB ports – one USB-C and one USB-A port – to help you directly charge your handhelds under the sun.

3. EcoFlow Delta 1300 Power Station

Another popular heavy-duty solar generator is from EcoFlow. It is EcoFlow Delta 1300, a 1260Wh power station with a lot of takers. Since its launch on Kickstarter, Delta has been doing very well. It perfectly represents the new range of heavy-duty solar generators with a lot of exciting features.

Having a powerful 1800W (3300W surge) inverter inside, it is compatible with a wide range of electrical devices. It incorporates six AC outlets and many DC and USB sockets to smoothly support your devices. Overall, as hyped up by the brand, Delta 1300 has got 13 charging points.

Check out the product on the link below at EcoFlow.com. It carries a price tag of around $1199, as of writing this. With the seasonal offers, you may get it at an even cheaper rate on the link below.

EcoFlow Delta Solar Generator


Among its host of lovely features, the brand’s patented X-Stream fast charging technology is indeed a vital one. As per EcoFlow, it helps the device gets recharged 10 times faster than regular power stations. Also, it can be charged with solar panels in around four hours and a 12/24V carport in around 10 hours.

Besides the AC sockets, the machine integrates two USB-C 60W ports, four USB-A outlets, and one 13.6V regulated car charger. Thus, it comes out to be an ideal choice for powering your laptops, phones, tablets, car fridge, CPAPs, vacuum cleaners, and more.

Notable Features 

  1. Decently Powerful Solar Generator: As you see, Delta 1800 is a decently powerful solar generator. With an inverter of 1800 watts and a battery of 1260Wh capacity, it is really a great power station for all your emergency and off-grid power needs. 
  2. Quick Recharging: Thanks to the EcoFlow X-Stream technology, you can charge Delta quite faster. It takes only one hour for a full recharge of it from 0% to 80% on a wall socket. That makes the device chargeable 10 times faster than most power stations on the market.  
  3. Faster Charging from Solar: Having an advanced MPPT controller, you can recharge Delta 1800 from solar panels in around four hours under optimal sunlight. Well, with multiple units of the brand’s 110-watt solar panels, solar charging is quite faster and quicker. 
  4. Versatile Charging Points: Including six AC sockets, Delta 1800 has got a total of 13 charging points. They include multiple USB-C, USB-A, and DC outlets. 


EcoFlow’s 110W solar panel is the best choice for Delta 1800. You can chain together multiple units of the panel for higher output. Fine, with four units of the four-fold solar panel, you can recharge Delta 1800 in around four hours under a bright sun. Meanwhile, two units of it can perfectly recharge a River 600.

Made of highly efficient mono solar cells, it can recharge all portable power stations at a higher conversion rate. Design-wise, it is a highly durable and waterproof solar charger that can get by all climatic conditions. EcoFlow sells it at a price of $300 on the link below.

EcoFlow 110W Folding Solar Panel


Like all folding solar chargers, it features kickstands for easy placing and a rubber handle for easy moving. Erecting it on the kickstands, you can adjust its angle from 0-180 degrees for better sun exposure. With a weight of 13.2 lbs and a size of 20.2 x 16.5 x 0.8 in, you can easily carry it along anywhere.

4. Maxoak Bluetti 2500Wh Solar Generator

Here comes another high-power solar generator from Maxoak, the maker of Bluetti AC200P. The 2500Wh device has a different form factor from the above Bluetti model and it packs up an inverter of 1000 watts along with dual AC sockets to smoothly power up your emergency and household appliances.

The built-in battery is a top-brand LG unit that touts a storage capacity of 101,351mAh @ 14.8V. It makes the power station much reliable for all types of outdoor and emergency applications. Thanks to its durable carrying handle, you can take the 37.9 lbs machine anywhere in your RV, trailer, boat, and more.

Bluetti EB240 2400Wh1000W Portable Power Station


Apart from AC outlets, it highlights one 12V DC port to support car-powered devices. Plus, it features one USB Type-C PD port and four 5V 3A USB ports for your handsets and USB gadgets. Overall, you get one of the best heavy-duty solar generators to back up all your essential electronics in the wild.

Other highlights include an advanced MPPT charge controller. That will make solar charging steady faster. Though the brand doesn’t offer a solar panel, it packs an MC4 solar charging cable. The machine also touts a Battery Management System to safeguard the connected devices from voltage variation issues.

Notable Features

  1. Mega-Capacity Power Station: As the top-ender of the Bluetti series, it is a high-capacity one. It packs up a 1500Wh lithium battery with an inverter of 1000 watts. Thus, it can comfortably run most of your essential appliances and gadgets like blenders, power tools, coolers, hairdryers, and more.
  2.  Multiple Uses and Various Outputs: The Maxoak highlights all-important charging points including dual AC sockets. There are also the advanced USB C Power Delivery port and regular USB ports as well. So, you can use the device to power up a variety of your electronics. 
  3. Highly Efficient Power Station: The power station is highly efficient with an MPPT charge controller. That will ensure fast charging under the sun with suitable solar chargers. Moreover, it also integrates a Battery Management System to help safeguard your devices from any voltage variation issues. 


As said above, Maxoak has its own solar charger for its power stations. It is a 120W folding solar charger that is a lightweight and ultra-thin unit, letting you easily handle it in the wild. It highlights a four-fold profile and built-in kickstands to make you place it upright anywhere for better access to the sun.

The charger is available at a price of $400. You can use it with any of Bluetti or other solar power stations. For higher output, get multiple units of the solar charger. Check it out on Bluetti.com with the link below.

Bluetti 120W Solar Panel


The solar charger is made of SunPower’s highly efficient mono solar cells, which are sewn into a solid PET material. So, what you get is an anti-scratch and durable solar charger that is ideal for rough outdoor use.

It has an open-circuit voltage of 23.7V. Of course, you can chain together multiple units of the solar charger for a better output. As a lightweight and foldable charger, you can surely take it anywhere on your trips.

5. Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Solar Power Station

If you are looking at buying a large Goal Zero Yeti power station, Yeti 1500X is indeed a cool and affordable option. It is a typical solar power station with good storage capacity and multiple charging options. It is, in fact, one of the middle variants of the brand’s famous Yeti X series of solar power stations.

The machine features an industry-leading 2000W inverter. It makes 1500X a reliable power backup system for any situation. Well, it can run most of your home and emergency appliances like power tools, fridges, ovens, coolers, lights, medical equipment, and more. Check out its latest price on the link below.

Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Solar Power Station

Yeti 1500X is rich with a variety of charging options, by the way. They notably include two 120V AC sockets that can deliver 2000 watts continuously and 3500 watts at the peak. Plus, the device integrates two USB-A outlets, one USB-C 18W port, and one USB-C 60W PD socket.

When it comes to the DC outlets, it sports a 6mm 12V port and 12V carport. Of course, its 1500Wh battery pack can charge your handset around 130 times and run a full-size fridge for around 30 hours. Overall, with Yeti 1500X, you get one of the best heavy-duty solar generators.

Notable Features

  1. Powerful Lithium Battery:  You get the large Yeti solar generator with a powerful lithium battery. That is a 1516Wh (10.8V, 140.4Ah) battery, equivalent to the capacity of 421Ah @ 3.6V. It is able to power up your appliances for a longer time and juice up your gadgets multiple times, for sure.
  2. Advanced Inverter: Goal Zero has integrated an industry-leading 2000W inverter inside Yeti 1500X. It is a 120V AC pure sine wave inverter of 60Hz, 16.5A with a surge power of 3500 watts. With its dual AC sockets, you can rely on it to power up your larger appliances, for sure.
  3. Versatile Charging Options: Above all, you get 1500X with a variety of charging options. They include two AC sockets, a regulated 12V car charger, multiple USB-A ports, a USB-C PD port, and more. 


Boulder 100 Briefcase is one of the coolest solar chargers for Yeti 1500X. Well, the 100W solar charger is perfect for different portable and survival applications as you can store it neatly in a small room, thanks to its briefcase-style folding. As you see, it is made of two units of the brand’s 50W Boulder solar panels.

They are paired together with durable latches and protected by corner caps. A handle and kickstands are other key attractions. You can place it on the kickstands anywhere for better exposure to the sun. For more power, multiple units of the charger will be fine. Check out the latest price of the Boulder on the link below.

By the way, if you want a single charger for fast charging, its top-end model Boulder 200 Briefcase is a cool choice. But, as you see, it is obviously rather bigger and longer and so it will not be as easy as Boulder 100 BC in storage and moving. In the meantime, if you are looking for a stationary solar panel, its single-piece variant Boulder 100 is a fine go.

6. Goal Zero Yeti 3000X Solar Power Station

Here is a more powerful Goal Zero Yeti power station. It is Yeti 3000X, a 3032Wh version of the Yeti series. It turned up as an upgrade to Yeti 3000 Lithium, the top-end model of the Yeti lithium line. This is a heavy-duty power station that is ideal for a wide range of applications from the Arctic to worksites to home.

Like its younger variant, it also touts an industry-leading inverter of 2000 watts and a surge of 3500 watts. Coupled with the 3032Wh battery, the 78-lbs device thus becomes a highly reliable source for powering up a wide range of your electrical devices. Check out the product’s latest price on the link below.

Goal Zero Yeti 3000X Solar Power Station

Overall, it has got as many as seven charging points, including two AC sockets. Compared to many of the similarly powerful devices, the charging points are indeed limited. However, it features almost all essential units like a pair of USB-A ports, one 18W USB-C port, one 60W USB-C PD port, a 12V carport, and more.

The built-in MPPT charge controller is another attraction. All models of the new Yeti power stations show off the advanced fast-charging technology. As per Goal Zero, it will help increase the solar charging speed and efficiency of 3000X by 30%. Of course, it is a big advantage as most will be buying it for off-grid use.

Notable Features

  1. Highly Powerful Device: Certainly, it is a powerful solar power station. Its advanced 2000W pure sine wave inverter can produce a surge of 3500W. With the 3032Wh (10.8V, 280.8Ah) battery, this giant power station can work exactly like a gas generator if connected to reliable solar panels.
  2. MPPT Charge Controller: For faster charging from the connected solar panels, Yeti 3000X integrates a highly advanced MPPT charge controller. 
  3. Multiple Charging Options: Including two US standard AC sockets, Yeti 3000X features a wide range of port options. You have it equipped with a USB-C, USB-C PD, a regulated carport, and more.  
  4. Advanced Connectivity: Most interestingly, the Yeti device integrates Wi-Fi connectivity. So, you can manage the entire device via the Goal Zero Yeti App on your phone or tablet from anywhere, anytime. You can access various real-time data and control the power station easily.


Goal Zero’s top-end Boulder 200 Briefcase is the best pick for Yeti 3000X. As its name speaks, it is a 200W mono solar charger in a portable briefcase folding. Made with rigid and anodized aluminum and tempered glass, it is a perfect product for all your outdoor and off-grid power needs.

Boulder 200 Briefcase is actually a pair of Boulder 100 single-piece solar panels hinged together with solid latches. It also features a strong carrying handle and multiple kickstands for you to easily move it and fix it anywhere temporarily. Check out the link below to buy a unit of Boulder 200 Briefcase.Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase

By the way, for a better and faster solar output, you can chain together multiple units of the Boulder solar charger. In the meantime, if you are looking for a solar panel to permanently fix somewhere, go for Boulder 100, a regular single-piece solar panel of 100 watts capacity.

7. Maxoak Bluetti 1500Wh Solar Generator

Next, on our list of heavy-duty solar generators, we have a great product from the Chinese brand, Maxoak. It is Bluetti 1500Wh solar generator. It is a very portable and easy-to-carry power station. The device comes with a 1000-watt pure sine wave inverter to help power up all your larger appliances and gadgets.

Well, Maxoak Bluetti is a 1500Wh high-capacity power station. The battery inside is a long-lasting lithium unit, which features top-brand LG battery cells. So, you get a very safe and secure solar power station that can perfectly run your essential electronics, such as blenders, grills, hairdryers, and etc…

Maxoak Bluetti 1500Wh Solar Generator


The Maxoak device features multiple charging options. Most remarkably, it has two AC sockets to power most of your household appliances under 1000W. In addition, it integrates one 12V DC socket, one Type-C Power Delivery port, and four 5V USB outlets to support a wide range of your DC and USB electronics.

Plus, the power station integrates a highly efficient MPPT solar charging technology. An advanced battery management system (BMS) and the included MC4 solar charging cable are also other key attractions of the Maxoak device, which is a superb choice for portable use thanks to its handy design.

When it comes to size, it measures at 14.6 x 6.5 x 14.4 inches and it has a weight of 37.9lb. However, its strong handle would help you carry it anywhere with no much trouble.

Notable Features

  1. Powerful Solar Generator: The Maxoak device is a decently powerful power station. It packs up a 1500Wh lithium battery with a pure sine wave inverter of 1500 watts. That how it comes out to be an ideal way for people to run their electronics in an emergency or an off-grid outdoor situation.
  2. Portable Form Factor: Though a powerful solar generator, it highlights a compact and handy design, as you see in the picture above. Well, it has got a durable built-in carrying handle so that you can just move it around in your RV, camper, or trailer with no much hassle.
  3. Standard US AC Outlets and LCD Display: Other notable features of the Maxoak device include its dual-standard AC outlets. So, you can plug in two AC appliances under 1000 watts at the same time. Further, it sports an LCD display to show the battery status and other information. 


The brand doesn’t offer any specific solar panel for its power station. But you can make use of any third-party panel to charge it from the sun. Being a powerful power station, we would like to recommend you a 200W briefcase-style model from Renogy. Yes, it is a competitor to Goal Zero Boulder 200 Briefcase.

It is designed with highly efficient mono solar cells for increased solar conversion rate. Meanwhile, the panel highlights an adjustable, corrosion-resistant aluminum kickstand and a heavy-duty carrying handle, latches, and more. Check out its latest price of the solar panel on the link below.

Bluetti 120W Solar Panel


The Renogy solar charger is perfect for charging gel, sealed, and lithium batteries. It also includes a small 20Amp solar charge controller with an LCD screen for showing the operating information. Anyway, it is one of the nice solar chargers for any of the heavy-duty solar generators on the market.

8. Suaoki G1000 Portable Power Station

Here is the top-end variant of Suaoki portable solar power stations. It is indeed one of the best heavy-duty solar generators with a whopping output of 1183Wh. The mega-capacity machine integrates a 1000-watt pure sine wave inverter with a surge capacity of 2000 watts.

That said, you get yet another massive portable power station to back up all your essential AC appliances and gadgets. The included battery is capable of offering 2000 times life cycles. Thus, you can use it much reliably in powering up your electronics during blackouts, travels, RVing, camping, and more.

What’s more, you have the Suaoki machine with a large number of charging options. They most notably include four AC outlets, letting you power up to four laptops or other AC appliances at the same time. In addition to the AC sockets, you have the machine equipped with 5 USB ports overall.

Well, the USB ports include two USB-A, two USB 3.0 Quick Charge, and one USB-C Power Delivery ports. Besides, the machine integrates multiple DC sockets, including one 12-volt cigarette lighter charger. By the way, with a strong and durable handle, it is indeed an easy-to-move power station with a high output.

Notable Features

  1. Decently Powerful Machine: First of all, Suaoki G1000 is yet another full-fledged solar power generator with a higher output. Therefore, the 1182.72Wh mega-capacity device is indeed an amazing pick for all your off-grid and emergency power requirements. 
  2.  Stylish Design: Yet another attractive thing about G1000 is its stylish design. Suaoki has kept up its typical design and color theme. So, it looks to be an expanded version of its younger model, G500.
  3.  Portable and Friendly for Outdoors: Of course, though a big solar power generator, it is well-engineered for portable use. You can just throw it into your vehicle trunk and enjoy access to unlimited solar power in the wild with the help of a reliable solar charger.
  4.  Amazing Number of Charging Ports: Last but not least, the G1000 is a nice pick with its awesome number of charging options. They include four US standard AC sockets besides multiple USB and DC sockets.


Suaoki’s 100W foldable solar panel is a cool way to recharge G1000. The four-fold solar charger is capable of offering a higher conversion efficiency. So, you can recharge your power station in some hours under bright sunlight. It is very easy to manage since it folds down to a handy briefcase-style design.

The Suaoki solar charger highlights three charging options; one 18W DC socket and one Quick Charge 3.0 USB and one 60W Type-C PD port. Yes, with the DC outlet and the included 10-in-1 DC adapter kit, you can recharge any solar power stations other than G1000. Use the button to buy a unit of it.

At the same time, as you can guess, the solar charger is good at powering up your USB handsets and gadgets. Just under the sun, you can connect your handsets with the solar charger. Overall, you get a really amazing piece of solar charger that can be your perfect outdoor companion.

9. Nature’s Generator 1800W Solar Generator

Nature’s Generator is the next pick on our list of heavy-duty solar generators. It is a powerful portable power station that integrates two natural ways to produce free electricity; solar and wind. That means you can connect both a solar panel and a small residential wind turbine to it for recharging in the wild.

Basically, what you get is a 1800W pure sine wave inverter system with a 60Ah SLA battery. That can guarantee you an output of 720Wh on a single recharge. Nature’s Generator is very much portable thanks to its two roller wheels and a collapsible handle. Check out its latest price on the button below.

The Nature’s solar power station features different options for charging your electronics. They include USB ports, AC sockets, and DC ports to support a variety of your appliances and gadgets. More clearly, there are three 120V AC outlets, two USB 3A ports, and one 12V DC outlet.

The most exciting thing with the generator is the Bluetooth SmartKey feature. That is a way you can pair it with your phone – both iOS and Android. Thus, you can lively track your system from anywhere in the world. Also, you get the device in a bundle with a matching 100W solar panel and alone.

Notable Features

  1. Highly Portable Power Station: Surely, Nature’s Generator is a portable solution. Though a large device, it comes up with a built-in cart and a collapsible handle. So, you can easily move it even on tough turfs to avail solar power right anywhere in the wild or during an emergency situation.
  2. 1800W Pure Sine Wave Inverter: This is another notable thing with Nature’s power station. Having a 1800W pure sine wave inverter inside, it can ideally support all your essential household and camping AC appliances and other gadgets. You have it with three full-size AC sockets as well. 
  3.   Wind and Solar Combination: Yes, as said above, the portable power station is chargeable from two ways of the natural power source. The machine integrates a 200W charge controller to support solar panels and a 300W charge controller for a wind turbine. They both work at the same time. 
  4. Bluetooth Connectivity: Finally, the power station is known for its integration of Bluetooth connectivity. The included Smatykey dongle thus allows you to connect the station to your phone, tablet, or other devices via the Bluetooth chip built-in. So, you can manage its operation from anywhere in the world.


The brand itself offers a brilliant solar panel for Nature’s solar power generator. It is a 100W poly solar panel with two roller wheels and a kickstand. This single-sheet panel is a perfect pick for charging Nature’s Generator as well as Nature’s Generator Power Pod.

This Nature’s panel comes up with 3.2mm anti-reflective and safety glass. So, you can use it safely in all the weather conditions with no worry. The included wheels let you move it around comfortably. That is indeed one of the notable attraction points of Nature’s generator and solar panel.

The solar panel also comes with an MC4 branch connector. That will help you pair another unit of the solar panel to increase the recharging speeds. Of course, the lightweight aluminum frame and kickstand make it an amazing solar panel for any portable power station.

10. FSP Emergy 3000 Portable Power Pack

FSP Emergy 3000 is indeed one of the brilliant heavy-duty solar generators on the market. This is basically a suitcase-style large power station with a massive output of 2600 watt-hours. Well, that makes it a great piece of the portable solar power pack to run all your essential household and camping appliances.

Though a heavy machine that weighs 66.15 lbs, you can take it easily anywhere. You can simply drag it on like a suitcase. It has got four roller wheels and a collapsible handle. So, just drag and go. You are lucky to have access to an unlimited amount of solar power. Check out the link below for its latest price.

Specs-wise, Emergy 3000, the top-end of the line, packs a high-quality lithium-iron-phosphate 2600Wh battery. There is an entry-level 900Wh variant for this machine. By the way, thanks to the built-in Battery Management System (BMS), both the devices are capable of offering you enhanced performance.

The FSP Emergy is a full-fledged solar generator, indeed. It features multiple charging options though not having as many outlets as its other competitions. See, it integrates dual 120V AC sockets and a pair of USB outlets. Also, having a low-end variant, you get a chance to buy another option as per your budget.

Notable Features

  1. Large Suitcase Solar Generator: It is a huge 2600Wh suitcase-style solar power pack. That lets you enjoy unlimited off-grid power out in the wild or in an emergency. Of course, you can easily move the power station in your RV, trailer, truck, or boat and make use of the sun to run all your electronics.
  2. Multiple Variants: You get the FSP solar power station in two variants. Apart from the 2600Wh high-end option, you get a 900Wh entry-level model. Interestingly, both the variants are available in a suitcase-style so you can easily handle them outdoors.
  3. Suitcase-Style Large Power Station: Yes, the FSP Emergy is a huge machine in a suitcase form. That said, apart from just having the folding design of a suitcase like other similar products, this power station, and its low-end variant are exactly like suitcases.  
  4. Incredible Solar Charger: Above all, you get a large 300W foldable ultra-thin solar panel to power up the devices from the sun. Indeed, the semi-flexible solar panels are lightweight for ideal outdoor uses.


When it comes to the solar charger, FSP offers a large 300W solar panel. This is suitable for both its power stations. It is a combination of six layers of flexible solar panels made with the highly-efficient mono solar cells. Each layer of the solar panel is a 50W unit, thus taking the total output to 300 watts.

The FSP solar panel is very lightweight and easy for moving. Thanks to its extremely thin and semi-flexible design, you can attach the panel to any surface and get access to the sunlight. Visit the button below to check out its latest price and buy a unit to recharge the FSP power station.

This solar charger is indeed exceptional with its flexible design. Though a semi-flexible solar charger, it is a hugely powerful one. Therefore, different from the traditional panels, you can place it quite comfortably anywhere. Or also fix it to the roof of your RV, trailer, or a boat to back up the large power station.

11. KISAE Home Solar Generator Kit

The next model on our list of heavy-duty solar generators is from KISAE. This is a cool home-friendly solar power generator, but you can certainly use it in your RV, camper, trailer, boat, and more. When it comes to the specs, the KISAE product is basically an 1800-watt powerhouse.

Inside, the KISAE machine equips a 60Ah battery. But if you want to store more power, you can increase it by adding up more external batteries. That is what makes this home-friendly solar power station a more amazing pick. Check out the link below to see its latest price and buy a unit.

As said above, the KISAE power pack has a 1800W inverter and a 140W 8A solar charge controller. It is when the bundle packs up a battery box, a built-in automatic transfer switch, a 5Amp AC charger, and a permanent mount kit. And it sports multiple universal AC sockets to power up your appliances.

Further, it shows off an all-weather capability. Hence, it would come out to be an ideal solution for a range of outdoor applications. That is, you can either place it indoors or take it outdoors to your tents, cabins, or worksites. Finally, the power station weighs 24.4 pounds and its size goes 14.5 x 10.5 x 14 in.

Notable Features

  1. Complete Home Friendly Power Station: Most notably, the KISAE is a home-friendly solar power station. You can use it inside your residence to power up entire your home in a blackout situation. The 1800W device is quite enough to run most of your essential appliances easily.
  2. Better Storage Capacity: The device comes with a 60Ah battery inside. That is enough to support a range of your electronics, but you can also add extra batteries to the system for longer runtime.
  3. Powerful Inverter: The KISAE becomes a powerful device with the included 1800-watt inverter. Thus, it turns out to be a great solution for running a range of your larger household appliances like refrigerators, ovens, TVs, lights, and fans, and more. 
  4. Solar Panel Included in the Kit: Well, the KISAE solar power station comes up with a suitable solar panel. That is an 80W single-sheet mono solar panel, which is a piece of highly efficient solar panel, indeed.  


As you see in the picture, the KISAE power station comes with a suitable solar panel. That is a unit of 80W mono solar panel. Yes, that might not be enough to recharge the huge power station under the sunlight in a few hours. So, you can add extra panels up to 140 watts.

Final Thoughts

That has been our list of heavy-duty solar generators on the market. There are many more models, but we have hand-picked the top 10 after detailed research. A heavy-duty solar generator is basically meant as a reliable solution to ensure off-grid power in an outdoor event or an emergency situation. You can set it up in your RV, trailer, camper, boat, or home. Share your thoughts about the list in the comments below.

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