Azimuth unveiled a line of unique compact folding solar generators. Well, the high powered solar generators are quite different from the kind of boxy or suitcase-style machines we have been familiar with for a long time. Have you ever wondered why we don’t have enough high power solar generators on market? Of course, these upcoming series of Azimuth mobile solar generators will be a good reply. Incredibly, these three machines fall in the high power segment with an output ranging from 3.0kWh to 4.0kWh a day.

high powered solar generators

Azimuth High Powered Solar Generators – Overview

The coming models are ASP 300, ASP 360, and ASP M400, respectively 3.0kWh, 3.6kWh, and 4.0kWh variants. Azimuth looks to raise a sum of CA$120,000 to back this project on KickStarter. Excited to know what make these solar generators exceptional? Simply, these are just folding solar panels that come with smart tripods, and quality mounting frames that amazingly integrate the electronic parts. They could charge large, deep-cycle batteries in less than a day. Thus, you could easily replenish life in emergency, and any off-grid conditions.

In other words, these high powered solar generators are capable to run big appliances with a single day’s sun. That is, they are ideal for entertainment devices, power tools, and medical equipment. Surely, it is the concept that would make Azimuth solar generators stand out. It is when most portable solar generators could charge only phones, tablets, and other tiny gadgets. However, remember that Azimuth solar generators are only for charging batteries. So, you need need battery packs in extra to make them complete off-grid power solutions.

Azimuth Solar Generator

What Makes Special

Brilliant 2-axis, 360 Full Rotation Framing

Have you ever imagined of sun tracking solar panels? Yes, we earlier came across that concept with a product from Aspect Solar, the SunSocket generator. But that was a less powerful device, but these high powered solar generators offer you 40% more energy than fixed solar panels. Well, Azimuth’s innovative 2-axis, 360 full rotating frames let you manually angle the panels in accordance to sunlight. Thus, you get the maximum out of sunlight from a single day. Of course, that makes the new Azimuth solar generators the best for a variety of applications like in off-grid homes, boats, cabins, campsites, RVs, trailers, etc.

Azimuth ASP 360 Solar Generator

Plug and Play Off-Grid Power Systems

I’m sure you might not have come across many solar generators with on-board electronics. Most models have components like charge controller and output ports in a separate case. Here you have everything integrated to the panel frames so the high powered solar generators act nicely as plug and play solutions. In detail, you have charge controller, combiner box, and ports built into the back of the panels. So, you could just place the panels somewhere with sunlight and connect to your appliances or battery packs. it has a 12V lighter and SAE socket to power up both the appliances and batteries without hassle.

Azimuth ASP 300 Solar Generator

Durable, Portable High Powered Solar Generators

Would you buy anything for outdoors without having good portability and durability? Azimuth claims you have nothing to worry about its new mobile solar generators in these cases. It has used high quality aluminum and powder-coated and anodized stainless steel to build the machines. Moreover, the included tripod, thanks to its capacity to carry over 3000 lbs, can easily survive rough outdoor conditions including wild winds.

The integrated charge controller is waterproof. And the generators will work nicely in temp from -40C to +85C, making them awesome picks for customers compared to the competitions. What’s more, you could assemble and disassemble the devices in just a matter of time. Azimuth says it has designed all the components highly friendly for easy and tool-free assembly. Of course, these two things will be exciting attributes for most of the customers, who would like to buy such mobile off-grid power systems.

Azimuth High Power Solar Generators

Three Variants with Different Power Outputs

As put it above, you could buy new Azimuth high powered solar generators in three variants based on output. The first two models – ASP 300 and ASP 360 – feature a pair of hinged solar panels that you can fold fourfold after use. You get ASP 300 with four 75W panels, and the other one with as many 90W panels. So, overall output respectively goes 300W and 360W, giving sense for their brand names.

In the meantime, the flagship model, the ASP M400, comes with a pair of four-layered 100W (overall 200W) solar panels, designed by SBM solar, a leading supplier of ballistic-rated solar units to the US Marines. Hence, you could fold each pair fourfold, thus ensuring more comfort in handling. By the way, as you see, all models come with a set of accessories from Azimuth including tripod, pillar assembly, 2-axis frames, etc.

Azimuth Mobile Solar Generators

Where to Buy From

Azimuth has put the high powered solar generators for pre-sale booking on KickStarter. You could book the low-end ASP 300 for an amount of CA$3,800 instead of its retail price of CA$5687. Likewise, ASP 360 and ASP M400 are available for CA$4,825 and CA$6,660 respectively. By the way, if you don’t afford that amount and still want to back the project, you have several other offers on KickStarter.

Final Thoughts

It is high time we should have lot of high powered solar generators on market. There is a big change in the way people use alternative energy for regular life today. In case of emergency or off-grid situation, solar is certainly the most reliable option. And there is indeed resultant response in portable solar power market. Several new firms are making their foray into the segment with innovative products. Hope you have liked these new mobile off-grid solar solutions from Azimuth. Share your thoughts about the products in comments below. SwanPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PowerHigh Powered Solar GeneratorsAzimuth unveiled a line of unique compact folding solar generators. Well, the high powered solar generators are quite different from the kind of boxy or suitcase-style machines we have been familiar with for a long time. Have you ever wondered why we don’t have enough high power solar generators...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks