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Hikerpower Backpack Power Station: 600Wh/1000W Solar Power Station Built into a 30L Backpack

There is a wide range of solar power stations for campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts on the market. What about a solar power station cleverly integrated into a backpack? It is indeed a cool thing to have a single device for both carrying your luggage into the wild and ensuring portable power off the grid. That is what the Hikerpower Ranger Backpack power station is.

Along with having a 30L room for storage, the Hikerpower is a 600Wh LifePO4 power station and it equips a 1000W inverter with multiple AC outlets, including one side socket for easier access to the power.

Capable of delivering a surge of 2000 watts and featuring multiple USB and DC outlets, the backpack can power up a wide range of your outdoor gear like drones, cameras, phones, tablets, and laptops apart from packing up your essentials like foods, water, clothes, and more.

The team behind the product has unveiled it on Kickstarter. With an early bird price starting at $650, it is available for outdoor enthusiasts for pre-ordering. You can also get a suitable solar panel and other accessories for the solar backpack power station on the link below.

Hikerpower Backpack Solar Power Station

Hikerpower Ranger Backpack Power Station


  • 600Wh LFP Power Station with 30L Backpack.
  • 1000W Inverter with 2000W Surge Power.
  • Multiple AC Outlets, Including a Side Plug.
  • Ergonomic, Outdoor Backpack Design.
  • Signal Lights, Variable-Angle Ambient Light.
  • 200W (Max) Solar and 180W (Max) AC Charging.
  • 18Lbs Weight and 15.5 x 10 x 22 In Size.

Hikerpower Ranger Backpack Power Station

The Hikerpower is most likely the world’s first product of its kind that smartly integrates a solar power station and backpack in a single device.

That integration gives you access to unlimited portable power in the wild apart from a 30L storage room for carrying your essentials along. It is a fully waterproof backpack with sealed capping over the charging sockets and other outlets. So campers and hikers can take it anywhere with no worry.

Though incorporating a 600Wh power station, it is indeed easy to carry on your shoulders, thanks to its ergonomic back support design. It features the sweat-proof, breathable mesh lining, wide shoulder straps, and a lumbar pad to let you comfortably carry the rucksack.

You might be wondering how hiking is possible with such a heavy weight on your back? As per the brand, scientific studies showed that an adult could comfortably carry up to 20% of his/her body weight over the shoulders with no issues. The backpack with the fully loaded luggage will weigh only 18 lbs.

Hikerpower Specs, Pros, and Cons


  • Backpack and Solar Power Station Integrated. 
  • Decently Powerful Solar Power Station. 
  • 30L Modestly Spacious Backpack. 
  • Ultra-Safe LFP Battery Pack. 
  • Powerful Inverter and DC and USB Ports. 


  • Maybe Hefty to Shoulders.
  • No Built-in Solar Panel. 

Hikerpower Backpack

Hikerpower Specs at a Glance 

  • Three 1000W AC Sockets, Including a Side Outlet.
  • Ambient Lighting and Reading Lighting with Three Modes.
  • 120W Cigarette Lighter Output for Car-Powered Devices.
  • Dual 12V/4A Regular DC Socktes.
  • One Type-C 60W PD Port and a USB 3.0C 18W Port.
  • 180W AC (Max) and 200W (Max) Solar Charging Speeds.
  • Mesh Lining, Wider Shoulder Straps, and Lumbar Pad.
  • Lighting with SOS, Warning, and Signal Modes.
  • LCD Display with a User-Friendly Interface.
  • 3D Rainproof Cover to Protect the Device.
  • 120W, 7-Layered Backpack-Friendly Solar Panel.  

Final Thoughts

That has been our overview of the Hikepower power station backpack. The product is indeed doing well in its Kickstarter campaign with more than 200 backers in just a few days after its launch. With an impressive early bird pricing starting at $650, you get a really cool solar power station plus a backpack.

Along with offering you a higher wattage and output, it can hold a good chunk of your camping essentials inside the included backpack. You need to buy the solar panel separately to charge it from the sunlight. The brand offers a 120W solar panel, but it supports up to 200W for faster charging from the sun.

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