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Himcen H740 Pro Power Station: 740Wh/600W Compact Power Station with Swappable Battery

Innovation goes unbounded in the portable solar power market. Recently, we came across many incredible power stations with attractive modular features. Here is another awesome product of the kind from a start-up, Himcen. It is a solar power station with a swappable battery.

Called Himcen H740 Pro power station, it is a compact 740Wh solar back-up system with an exclusive slot for inserting an additional battery module. Of course, this feature ensures that your power station won’t run out of juice on the go. A fully charged expansion battery module can double its runtime.

With the 740Wh device, you get an optional battery module of the same capacity. Once the included battery drains, you can swap it out for the fully charged extra battery. Thus, H740 comes out to be an ideal solution for someone, who doesn’t feel good in lugging around a heavy power station outdoors.

Himcen H740 Pro Solar Power Generator

Himcen H740 Pro Power Station

Himcen H740 Pro is a compact and lightweight power station with a lot of exciting features. As said above, expandability with a swappable battery pack is indeed one of the key attractions of H740. It also highlights a car battery charging function and an XT60 outlet for your RC devices like cars and drones.

Well, the included 12/10A carport is powerful enough to jumpstart your car with a dead battery. Meanwhile, it integrates an XT60 port of 12-21V 30A (Max) to power up your RC devices.

As said above, H740 is a 740Wh power station with a 200,000mAh lithium battery. The optional battery has the same capacity, which you can use to swap out for the original one to get a longer runtime.

Himcen H740 Pro Portable Power Station

When it comes to the charging options, the power station features a total of 12 outlets, including the XT60 port and carport. The other options mainly comprise a pair of 600W pure sine wave AC outlets with a surge of 1200 watts each. So, you can use it to smoothly run appliances up to 600 watts.

Plus, it incorporates three USB Quick Charge (5-12V 30W) sockets, one 100W (Max) USB-C Power Delivery port, and two DC barrel outlets.

For recharging, it supports five options. Apart from solar, you can charge it from an AC wall socket, carport, Type C port, and finally a combination of AC and Type-C USB. A 240W solar panel can recharge it fully in 6 to 7 hours under ideal sunlight.

Himcen H740 Pro power station has a size of 6.3 x 7.8 x 11.4 inches, and it weighs 15.4 lbs.

Himcen H740 Pro Solar Power Station


The brand is to soon unveil the power station on Indiegogo. It is already visible in the “Launching Soon” session on the crowdfunding site. It is not clear when the launch will take place. Nor it is clear what price the brand will be offering it for. Check back our blog to have the latest updates about the cool solar power station with a swappable battery expansion facility.

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