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Jackery Day 2022: Can an Expandable and LifePo4 Explorer be Expected for 2022?

Are you looking ahead to the new product announcements from Jackery? Jackery, one of the top vendors of portable solar power stations, used to take place in an exclusive launch event in the month of March every year. This year, the Jackery fans have been waiting for the company’s event announcement for a while.

Update 1: Jackery has finally announced the Jackery Day 2022 for May 12, 2022. The brand has declared the event with the tagline, “Something Amazing is Coming Soon.”  It is the same day its arch-rival EcoFlow is to start selling its much-touted Wave portable air conditioner

Update 2: Jackery is to unveil a new family of solar power stations on Jackery Day 2022. “The new family arrival will be revealed on Jackery Day, on May 12th – get set for our special product launch,” Jackery said.  

Update 3: The Jackery Day 2022 event will take place at 8:00 p.m. PDT on May 12. The event will be live-streamed on the Jackery website.  

Update 4: Jackery will have safety and reliability with utmost prominence in its upcoming product, thanks to the integration of two chips inside the BMS for dual protection and a first-rate lithium battery house. 

Update 5 – Product Specs Released: Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro for Release on Jackery Day. Check out its Specs below. 

  • 2160Wh Power Station with 2200W Inverter.
  • Fast Solar Charger – 0-100% in 2.5 Hours.
  • Increased Safety and Reliability with Dual Monitoring Chips.
  • Battery Temp Detectors.
  • Comprehensive Circuit Protection.
  • Upgraded Carrying Handle.

Once contacted by our team, Jackery has unofficially informed us that this year’s Jackery Day will be taking place in April. The executive that we could make a contact with, however, showed no interest in disclosing any of its 2022 announcements.

Jackery launched its Explorer 1500 and Explorer 2000 power stations and SolarSaga 200 solar panel on Jackery Day 2021.

As you know, Explorer 1500 and SolarSaga 200 have been two of the brand’s top sellers since their availability. But Jackery couldn’t manage to keep stock of its bigger model Explorer 2000 almost throughout the year.

Jackery Explorer Modular or LifePO4?

It is really tough for Jackery this time to come up with the new models. The entire market of solar power stations has undergone significant changes with the new streak of higher-capacity, expandable power stations and the models with the new-gen battery technologies of LFP and even sodium-ion.

Last year, Bluett, EcoFlow, and some other brands reigned over the portable solar power market with an amazing variety of top-range products, including the ones with expandable batteries and LFP cells.

So, the million-dollar question of the 2022 Jackery Day is about the possibility of the brand’s foray into modular power stations. Most likely, Jackery will be unveiling one or two expandable power stations along with some more interesting compact and mid-range models with LFP or sodium-ion battery packs.

We are also excitedly waiting for the 2022 Jackery Day to see what the brand has under the sleeves for the more competitive portable solar power market of the time.

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