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Jackery Explorer 1000 Power Station: All to Know About Jackery’s 1000Wh Power Station

Jackery, a top player in portable power stations and energy solutions, has floated on its new Explorer 1000 for sale. The CES-2020 product is really a huge solar power station that can compete with the big players on the market. With a high output and storage capacity, you get a more reliable power station, indeed.

Though Jackery has been into the portable power station market for a while, it missed out on a big variant. At the same time, Goal Zero, a well-known brand in the segment, has been offering high-power variants from the beginning. Its Yeti 1250, an AGM-based model has been there for around 10 years.

That said, with the new Explorer 1000, Jackery can manage to grow a little bit in its tussle with Goal Zero, a brand that presently looks to upgrade its massive Yeti 3000 with a new Yeti 6000X. Its other CES 2020 announcements include Yeti 3000X, Yeti 1500X, and Yeti 1000X, as well.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Power Station – Overview

Jackery expanded its Explorer series of solar power stations with two more variants at CES 2020 early this year. They’re Jackery Explorer 1000 and Explorer 300. Well, here we would like to check out the features of the upcoming top-ender of the line, Jackery Explorer 1000 power station.

Currently, we have three variants of the Explorer series. They are Explorer 160, Explorer 240, and Explorer 500. We have covered all the products in detail on our blog multiple times before. It looks that the new Explorer 1000 is to top all the available models with a higher output and storage capacity.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Solar Power Station


As said above, the arrival of the Explorer 1000 power station means that Jackery is all set to take on one of its big competitors, Goal Zero. It looks that the new Explorer 1000 will be directly competing with Goal Zero’s Yeti 1000 Lithium and its CES-2020-declared upgrade, Yeti 1000X Lithium.

There are indeed several new things with Explorer 1000. Jackery has packed it up with a host of advanced features so that you can take it into the wild or rely on it in an emergency for unlimited portable power. Coupled with a powerful solar panel, you can make it an amazing solar power generator, of course.

Jackery Explorer 1000 – Specs and Features

As per Jackery, the new Explorer is a 1002Wh power station with fast-charging MPPT technology. Plus, it carries a 1000-watt pure sine wave inverter with a surge capacity of 2000 watts. So, you can use the device to power up all your small to medium AC appliances quite comfortably.

Design-wise, it certainly follows the typical Explorer style. That means, as you see in the pic, you get the power station in an orange and grey color theme. There is also a similar built-in solid carrying handle to let you take it from place to the other hassle-free.

By the way, when it comes to charging options, you have it equipped with three universal AC sockets. In addition, the Jackery Explorer 1000 power station features all other essential outlets including dual USB-C ports, as many USB-A ports, and one 12V carport.

Moreover, like all similar Jackery power stations, you can recharge it in three ways; AC wall socket, carport, and solar panel. Perhaps, the brand will also be coming up with more powerful folding solar chargers to let it recharge rather faster and smartly under the sun.

The power station, by the way, weighs as much as 22 lbs. Thanks to the included lithium-ion battery, the large power station has a relatively low weight profile, for sure.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Power Station

Why Should You Buy

1. Best for RVs, Campers, Trailers, and Boats

As a large and hefty device, the Jackery is indeed not ideal for individual campers and hikers. But it is good for use in RVs, trailers, campers, boats, or tents. Of course, with a capacity of 1002Wh, it can turn out to be reliable power support for your RVs or other vehicles. Well, you need not do any settings in your vehicle to make it run and support your electronics. It works just out of the box.

2. Ideal for Outdoor Parties and Events

Perfectly, this is an outdoor party solar power generator. It has got a compact size, and at the same time is a highly powerful and mega-capacity power station. It can run most of your essential outdoor appliances and electronics such as blenders, mini-fridges, coffee makers, ice coolers, radios, projectors, and more. Also, there happens no issue of a noisy and smokey gas generator.

3. Perfect Home Backup Power for Emergency

Being a mega-capacity machine, Jackery Explorer 1000 power station is absolutely a perfect home backup system for emergencies. Along with a reliable PV panel, it can turn out to be an amazing way to support you in case of an emergency or during long-hour power blackouts. It can smoothly run your emergency electronics such as CPAPs, laptops, lightings, phones, and more.

4. Higher Output and Large Capacity

As you have already seen, the Jackery is a high-capacity power station. It comes with a 1000-watt inverter so that any electronics or appliances up to that wattage will work nicely on it. With an output of 1002Wh, it is capable of running most of your appliances for a pretty long time. See, for example, it can run a TV of 60 watts for around 15 hours. Likewise, it supports all your household and outdoor appliances.

Compatible Solar Charger

Jackery has not yet unveiled a specific solar charger for the new Explorer power station. However, it looks to be recommending two units of its much-touted SolarSaga 100W solar panel for better solar charging. As you see, it is a well-engineered folding solar charger with a higher conversation efficiency.

Well, Jackery has been offering SolarSaga for its other Explorer power stations for a long time. Of course, it is designed perfectly for ideal use in rough outdoor conditions. Remarkably, it has got solid plastic bases on both edges for increased stability. Check out the button below for its latest price.

Jackery Explorer SolarSaga 100 Solar Charger


It equips high-efficiency mono solar cells that can offer a conversion rate of up to 23%, which is enough to charge your power stations and gadgets in a few hours under optimal lighting conditions. But Explorer 100 will need at least two units of the panel for a total output of 200 watts.

By the way, the SolarSaga solar panel also features dual USB outlets. They are meant to directly charge your handsets and other USB gadgets. One is a USB-C port and the other is a regular USB-A port. So, you can use the solar panel individually to charge your handsets in an emergency.

Highlighted Features

  • High-Capacity 1002Wh Portable Power Station.
  • 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with a Surge of 2000W.
  • Perfect for RVs, Trailers, Boats, and Outdoor Parties.
  • Professional MPPT Technology for Fast Solar Charging.
  • Three Universal AC Sockets for Appliances Up to 1000W.
  • Two USB-C and Two USB-A Ports for Your Handhelds.
  • One 12V 10A Carport for all DC Gadgets.
  • Size of 13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 in and 22.01 Lbs Weight.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the new Jackery Explorer 1000 power station. Indeed, the Jackery is to become one of the heavy-duty solar generators on the market. Along with a powerful solar charger, it can be an ideal piece of off-grid portable power solution for campers, preppers, and more.

The big brother in the Explorer family certainly keeps the typical design and color of the series, making it a really attractive power station, as well. Share your thoughts about the device in the comments below.

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