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Jackery Explorer 160 Solar Power Station: Small and Compact 167Wh Entry-Level Power Station

Are you looking at buying a handy and compact portable solar power station? Here, we have the entry-level variant of Jackery’s famous Explorer series of solar power stations. That is Jackery Explorer 160.

The device is obviously a compact and portable power station with a small size and little power.

Of course, Explorer 160 is an incredible choice for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preppers. Thanks to its solid built-in plastic handle and durable case, you can carry it anywhere quite comfortably.

As you know, Jackery follows a unique design and color pattern for all its Explorer devices in line with what Goal Zero keeps up with its famous Yeti series of power stations. Of course, with its rich line of Explorers, Jackery has eventually turned out to be a prominent competitor to Goal Zero.

The Explorer 160 is indeed an amazing alternative to Goal Zero’s entry-level Yeti 200X. As you know, Jackery has a wide range of high-end models in its Explorer series, which include Explorer 300, Explorer 500, Explorer 1000, Explorer 1500, and Explorer 2000.

Jackery Explorer 160 Solar Power Station

What is quite impressive with this variant of Explorer is definitely its compact and small form factor. It is a friendly pick for all types of travelers and preppers as they can keep and use it comfortably in the wild. At the same time, like all full-fledged solar power stations, it packs up most of the advanced features.

Specs-wise, it is a 100W power station with a 167Wh lithium battery and it can peak up to 150W to run your electronics through its single AC socket. You also have t equipped with DC and USB ports as well to power up your small and handheld devices. Check out the button below for its latest price.

More clearly, Explorer 160 sports a USB-C and two USB-A fast-charging outlets apart from a universal DC socket. Well, you can use it to power up everything from a smartphone to a drone. That is how it comes out to be an ideal choice for all your outdoor and emergency needs.

By the way, the Jackery integrates an LCD screen to show various system information including charge and discharge status. It has also got exclusive switches with LED indicators to control the output ports. Above all, it features an integrated LED flashlight with an SOS warning for survival needs.

Jackery’s Explorer 160 is certainly a stronger contender in the small solar power station market. With some lovely features and portability aspects, it seriously takes on popular competitors like Renogy Phoenix, Goal Zero Yeti 200X, Suaoki S270, and Anker Powerhouse.

Compatible Solar Chargers

Jackery offers its own solar chargers for its power stations. Called Jackery SolarSaga, the series is available in two versions; 60W and 100W. Both are indeed highly efficient folding solar panels, but the first one is our recommendation for Explorer 160 as it is a base model.

SolarSaga 60 is actually a three-layered folding solar charger, as you see. It features kickstands and a TPE rubber handle for durability. Weighing at just 3.3lb, you can carry it anywhere hassle-free and position it anyplace securely on its built-in kickstands. Check out its latest price on the button below.

More interestingly, the Jackery solar charger highlights dual USB ports. They include one USB-C and one USB-A outlet each. So, you can use it to power up your handhelds and all USB gadgets besides the solar power station. The charger is compatible with all Explorer power stations, by the way.

It comes with a 1*3M extension cord. And you have it with corner holes to easily attach it to your backpack, bike, camp tent or more. That is, you can just rug it up to your backpack and go on with your adventure trips. You can always find enough power to juice up your phones and other devices.

Why Should You Buy

1. Lightweight, Handy, and Ultra-Portable

Jackery Explorer is indeed a well-engineered power station with increased portability. With a size of just 7.4 x 4.5 x 6.7 inches and a weight of around 4 lbs, its moving is a breeze for both campers and hikers.

Furthermore, as you see, it has got a single body case with a strong and sturdy built-in handle. Hence, it would certainly be an awesome pick for someone who is looking to buy a reliable power station for off-grid and emergency needs.

2. Decently Powerful AC Power Station

Though not a powerhouse, Jackery Explorer 160 is a decently powerful device. As put it above, it comes with a 100W inverter that can peak up to 150W. By the way, the included battery is a 165Wh 46.4Ah @ 3.6V lithium unit. So, you can depend on it to neatly run an AC device in case of an emergency.

3. Sufficient Charging Options

Even if a base model, the Explorer power station has all the basic charging options. Thus, apart from an AC socket, it features one USB-C port, two USB-A fast charging ports, and one universal DC socket. So it can support all your basic electronics in an off-grid or emergency situation.

4. Higher End Options Available

That is another attractive thing with Jackery Explorers. As you see, it has got multiple high-end options out there. In the USA, Jackery currently offers Explorer 240, Explorer 1000, and Explorer 500. That said, you can select from a series of power stations, depending on your requirements and budget.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

Jackery Explorer 160 is not a powerhouse and so is not a pick for someone who is looking for a large device for home or apartment. It is a small and compact one mainly meant for individual campers. Fine, you can’t rely on it to run big appliances. Also, it doesn’t come with a solar charger that you need to buy separately.

Jackery Explorer 160 Vs Goal Zero Yeti 200X

Anyway, as a popular model in the entry-level segment, we would like to pit Jackery Explorer 160 against Goal Zero Yeti 200X. Well, Yeti 200X is the base model of the new line of Goal Zero Yeti X power stations. This is actually a 187Wh lithium portable power station with a 13Ah @ 14.4V high-quality battery inside.

Yeti 200X packs up a 120W continuous surge modified sine wave inverter with a peak power of 200 watts. That is, Jackery Explorer 160 is, in fact, a really cool alternative to someone who looks to buy a Yeti 200X. Before having a detailed look at Explorer 160 Vs Yeti 200X comparison, check out the latest price below.

The Goal Zero has indeed a more variety of charging outlets including one AC socket like Explorer. Further, it highlights two USB-A outlets, and one USB-C and USB-PD outlet each. Plus, the little machine sports a 6mm 12V port at 120W max, and a regular 12V carport at 120W.

It is when Explorer has two USB-A ports, one USB-C port, and a DC outlet. Both devices feature screens to let you monitor system information and exclusive switches for outlets. Design-wise, Yeti has the carrying handle well concealed in a carved slot, while Explorer has it typically popped-up with gripping threads.

When it comes to the size and weight, Explorer is rather handy. It has a size of 7.4 x 4.59 x 6.73 inches and a weight of 3.84 lbs. Meanwhile, its Goal Zero rival measures at 10.6 x 9.5 x 9.5 in and weighs 5 lbs.

Overall, we would like to conclude that Explorer 160 is more compact and smaller in size, but Yeti 200X is more powerful and has more storage capacity as well as charging points.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Jackery Explorer 160. As you see, like all similar products, this is actually a power station only. In other words, without a solar charger, it can just back up some power. Meanwhile, when coupled with a reliable solar charger, it comes out to be a superb off-grid power solution. You can top it up from anywhere in the wild once there is the sun in the sky.

Being a camper or outdoor enthusiast, there are many reasons why you can love Jackery Explorer 160. It is one of the finest compact solar power stations on the market. Getting into the wild, it will be tough to take along a hefty power station. It is when Explorer 160 with a 60W folding solar panel can offer you enough off-grid power with no much hassle to move it along. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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