Jackery Explorer 300 Power Station: All to Know About Jackery’s 293Wh Power Station

At CES 2020, Jackery unveiled two new additions to its famous Explorer line of solar power stations. We already had a look at the upcoming most powerful variant of the series, Explorer 1000 earlier on our blog. Here we have our take on the new Jackery Explorer 300 power station.

Well, Explorer 300 is going to be one of the base variants of the Explorer power stations. Once realized, it will fall in between the 240Wh Explorer 240 and Explorer 500, the current top-ender of the series. Thus, with the entry-level Explorer 160, there will be five different variants of the Jackery power stations.

Different from Explorer 1000, it is a rather handy and lightweight device. You could take it along on your trips and outings to recharge a range of your electronics from an e-Reader, tablet, to a laptop smoothly. And keep it safely in your car’s trunk, camping tent, or anywhere else.

Jackery Explorer 300 Power Station Overview

Specs-wise, Explorer 300 is a 293Wh power station equipped with MPPT charging technology. It is capable of powering up a variety of your AC, DC and USB electronics. The inverter inside is a 300W pure sine wave unit that could deliver a surge power of 600 watts.

By the way, like Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium and other leading power stations, it sports dual AC sockets. So it would be a nice choice for you to run dual AC appliances up to 300 watts comfortably on it.

When it comes to other output ports, it is expected to sport one USB-C port, two USB-A ports, and one 12V carport. With a weight of just 6 lbs and a handy size, it would be a nice way to carry it on your trips.

As per the company, a fully charged Jackery Explorer 300 power station could charge a Macbook 4.5 times, a smartphone 18 times, and a digital camera 15 times.

Meanwhile, like all similar portable solar power stations, you could charge it from a wall socket and carport also. Coming to the solar panels, the existing units of Jackery SolarSaga would be enough. Still, the brand would possibly come up with more solar chargers for the 300 and 1000 variants of Explorer as well.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the upcoming Jackery Explorer 300 power station. The device, like its declared elder sibling, is expected to hit the market this Spring. It is projected to start at $349.99. Of course, you could buy it from the leading retail sites like Amazon and the Jackery website.

As per the available info, Explorer 300 is going to be one of the lightweight and compact power stations. As you know, the brand currently has two variants in the low-range of the Explorer series, namely Explorer 160 and 240. So, it is wondering why Jackery came up with one more model in the segment.

Well, let wait to see until its official launch. Stay tuned for all the updates about the product.

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