Looking for a power pack that could keep you going in the wild with all your gear? We are familiar with several portable solar generators like Goal Zero Yeti and Anker PowerHouse. Jackery, as we covered in an earlier post, has successfully raised crowd fund for a cool replacement, Jackery Power Pro generator. Anyway, news for the day is Jackery has brought the product for public sale. Well, you could buy a unit of Power Pro with solar panel for $1000 to make your next outing exciting.

Jackery Power Pro Generator

With Jackery Power Pro, you have nothing to worry about powering all your gear outdoors. You get different ports and charging options as well as a built-in LED light on it. By the way, once it runs out of juice, just plug in to sun for unlimited power anywhere. You get power for anything at all. Don’t worry even if you have to host a movie under sky. You could run your projector on it and screen the movie. Even you could run a mini-fridge, CPAP machine or cook your dishes off-the-grid.

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Jackery Power Pro Generator – All you Need to Know

Ultimate Portable, Friendly for Moving

It looks Jackery Power Pro enjoys ultra-portability as the key thing. Also, does it feature a stylish, handy design. If you would pit it against its equally powerful rivals like Yeti 400 and Anker PowerHouse, it stands out with a portable and light design. No camper prefers a machine that could cause more burden on baggage. That is why, Jackery Power Pro generator could be your best companion with reduced carrying risk.

All-in-One Solar Power Station

Wouldn’t you love to carry an all-in-one solution for portable power? Yes, once you buy the full kit, the Jackery Power Pro generator has both solar and power pack in it. You won’t need to find another seller for solar panel. The included panel is an 85W foldable one so that you get enough juice to charge its 140000mAh battery, and at the same time, thanks to its 3-layer folding, you can take it right anywhere with no much burden.

Do you already have a portable solar panel? Don’t worry. Jackery also resells its solar friendly generator alone. For a price of $599, you could buy power bank only. Yes, you will be wondering that that price is a bit heavier compared to Anker PowerHouse and old Yeti 400. Whatever, to buy along with solar panel, you should spend an extra of $300, thus you get a complete all-in-one solar generator.

Jackery PowerPro Portable Generator

Rich in Specs

Specs wise, Jackery offers everything you essentially require for a typical portable solar solution. Would you make trips with a fridge to store beer cans or a CPAP machine? Well, then Jackery Power Pro generator is a nice pick. With an output of 500Wh and supported by a big battery, you could run variety of your appliances and gadgets. Moreover, it touts all basic output ports like a 110V AC socket, a 12V car port and dual USBs.

That said, you can keep your phone, tablet, camera, coffee maker, mini fridge and TV in your kit while setting out for a camping. You could run all machines on it, thus with no worry of leaving aside your comfort at home while on the move. What’s more, you are lucky enough  to have a built-in LCD flashlight to light up your nights at campsite. Enjoy unlimited power and good lighting by simply plugging in your power pack to the sun.

Good Performer in Crowd Funding

Do you consider big success in crowd fund campaign as a signal of quality? Then, Jackery Power Pro generator will again be your favorite power pack. See, it has grabbed a massive $94,825 from 176 backers on KickStarter, making it highly recommendable for portable power use. Jackery completed the campaign early this year and as a result we have it on public market so far. Hope you would be happy to buy a portable solar solution that has attracted a lot of backers during its development stage.

Customer Reviews and Rating

It is too early to see how customers respond to Jackery Power Pro generator. So far it hasn’t got any ‘verified purchase’ review on Amazon, because it has just hit the store. By the way, you could see lots of positive notes on it from the customers, who booked it in the early stages of crowd funding campaign. Anyway, we feel this Jackery would come out be a really cool product to make your outings with family a memorable experience.

Jackery PowerPro 500Wh Solar Generator

Final Thoughts

Fed up with your power banks and battery packs? Would you want to switch over to solar? Of course, you have a wide range of solar-based power solutions on market today. But if you are looking to invest your money in something cool, this Jackery Power Pro generator would be a brilliant source at the moment. You couldn’t find this much handy and powerful camping-friendly solar power pack. It could give your off-grid life a new turn. Getting into the wild with family or friends, you all can take along all your gadgets with no worry about getting enough juice in the wild. You are going solar with an awesome solar generator.

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