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Jackery Vs Bluetti: Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Vs Bluetti AC200P Mid-Size Solar Power Stations

The mid-range solar battery pack is growing highly competitive these days. Jackery and Bluetti are two top vendors with impressive models in the mid-range segment with the former’s Explorer 2000 Pro and the latter’s AC200P. We would like to have a short comparison of the models in our Jackery Vs Bluetti article.

Bluetti launched AC200P in a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in 2020. It could attract over 7000  backers to collect a huge sum of around 6.5M USD. Jackery unveiled its Explorer 2000 Pro at its official launch event in May 2022 and this model comes in several bundles with its SolarSaga solar panels.

As you see, the Jackery and Buetti power stations appear in the same category. Explorer 2000 Pro is actually Jackery’s flagship and top-end model, while for Bluetti, AC200P is not the end model as it has on sale a wide range of other machines in modular and LFP variants.

Anyway, we have two highly portable mid-size solar power stations with enough backup and inverter power to make your life much more reliable in off-grid and emergency situations. They can be great additions to your camping tents, trailers, RVs, and boats for portable power.

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro at a Glance

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Solar Power Station-min BUY IT HERE


  • 2160Wh Lithium NMC Battery.
  • 2200W/4800W Power Inverter.
  • Highly Portable and Lightweight. 
  • 1200W Solar Charging Speeds. 
  • Flashlight with Rubber Cap. 
  • Upgraded Longer Carrying Handle.


  • No LifePO4 Battery. 
  • Not Expandable. 
  • Expensive.
  • Lower Charging Cycles.
  • Limited Charging Outlets. 
  • No Wireless Chargers.

Bluetti AC200P at a Glance



  • 2000Wh LifePO4 Battery Pack. 
  • 3500+ Charging Cycles.
  • 2000W/4000W Power Inverter. 
  • Expandable with Battery Modules.
  • 700W Solar and 500W AC Charging.
  • 17 Charging Outlets. 
  • Smart Touchable LCD Display.


  • No Faster Solar Charging. 
  • Bulky and Heavy Design. 
  • Not Much Portable. 

Jackery Vs Bluetti Solar Power Stations

We would like to have a short overview of all the aspects of both the power stations. So, you will get a clear idea of choosing a model to meet your needs for portable power.

Certainly, these are such amazing power stations that you can take them anywhere to power up most of your necessary appliances and devices.

Well, if you are looking at buying a mid-size solar power station and are confused about choosing between the Bluetti and Jackery models, this article will help you find the best one quickly.

Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station

Bluetti AC200P is indeed a signature product of the vendor. Though arrived in the market as AC200 with a 1700Wh battery pack, Bluetti later upgraded it with a more powerful, long-lasting 2000Wh LifePO4 battery pack. It has got a pure sine wave inverter of 2000 watts with a surge capacity of 4000 watts.

The high-capacity power station sports 17 different charging outlets to support a variety of electrical devices.

Six full-size 110V AC sockets and two 15W wireless chargers are the two most attractive things about the power station. Check out its latest price on the link below.



You can recharge the power station from as many as five sources, including solar. For solar charging, it has got a higher solar input of up to 700 watts. A dual 500 AC adapter is the way you can charge it from a wall outlet. Simultaneous charging from both the soar and wall outlet is also possible.

Bluetti AC200P can also be charged from a car socket, lead-acid battery, or a regular gas generator.

It has got a smart touchscreen to let you track the system information quickly. The compact and portable design is another notable thing. The boxy device features strong, built-in carrying handles at both ends so that transportation is a breeze, for sure.

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Power Station

When it comes to Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro, it hit the market as the 2022 upgrade of the Explorer series. Of course, Jackery has designed it to compete with Bluetti’s much-touted mid-range power station. You get the Explorer 2000 Pro with a more powerful 2160Wh battery pack and a 2200W inverter.

The Jackery is fine for all portable power needs, for sure. As per the brand, it is made to meet almost 90% of your off-grid power requirements in running all necessary appliances. They can be microwaves, fridges, portable air conditioners, power tools, and more. Check out the product on the link below.

Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Solar Power Station-min


Explorer 2000 Pro sports three AC sockets and a variety of USB and DC sockets. For charging it efficiently from solar panels, it features a faster MPPT technology, which makes you charge it in just 2.5 hours from zero to full with a solar input of 1200 watts.

The large-capacity Jackery power station keeps up the typical form factor of the entire Explorer series. So, you obviously get it with an excellent, built-in, and upgraded handle for its comfortable moving. The size and weight of the power station are also ideal for its flourishing portable applications.

Compatible Solar Charger

Both brands offer exclusive solar chargers for their power stations.

To start with, we would like to check out the Bluetti solar charger. The vendor currently provides two solar chargers with 120W and 200W outputs. For the high-power AC200P, the 200W Bluetti SP200 solar charger is a fine choice, for sure. Check out the price of the solar charger on the link below.

Bluetti 200W Solar Charger


As you see, it is a four-fold, high-efficiency mono solar charger. You can fold it down into a suitcase form and carry it easily anywhere. Once in use, you can place it on its kickstands and get access to unlimited solar power to charge your power station.

Chaining together multiple units of the solar charger, you can achieve the solar input voltage of AC200P, which is 700 watts. And make sure you get it charged in a few hours under optimal sunlight.

When it comes to Jackery solar chargers, the brand has unveiled a 200W SolarSaga charger along with the new high-capacity solar power stations. That is also a foldable, suitcase-style solar charger with a higher conversion efficiency. Check out its latest price on the link below.

SolarSaga 200 Solar Charger


As said above, if you pair four units of the 200W solar charger, you can juice up Explorer 2000 up to 80% in the below three hours. This solar charger also works with any of the Jackery and other power stations.

It also features built-in kickstands and a waterproof profile. Like the other SolarSaga solar chargers, it has got orange-shaded plastic cladding at both ends for increased durability and a solid profile.

Winner: Tie – Both Have Almost Similiar Solar Panels. 

Disclaimer: You can use any solar panel to charge the Bluetti power stations, while the Jackery works only with its own solar panels as it comes with the brand’s proprietary 8020 8mm ports. 

Power and Output

As you know, when it comes to the battery power and output, Bluetti AC200P and Explorer 2000 Pro appear almost in the same segment. Still, there are slight differences between the devices, with the Explorer having an advantage over its Buetti competitor.

Fine, Explorer is a 2160Wh power station and it incorporates a 2200W inverter with a surge of 4800 watts. It has got three full-size AC sockets to make you run your essential appliances and other AC devices.

Meanwhile, as you see, Bluetti is a 2000Wh power station and it packs up a 2000W inverter that can deliver a peak power of 4000 watts. Though less powerful than its Jackery rival, it integrates six AC sockets.

Winner: Jackery Explorer Pro – Better Power and Higher Output. 

Charging Options

Other than the AC sockets, both the power stations feature a variety of charging options like USB, DC, and wireless pads. Here, we would like to compare the devices based on the charging options they carry.

When it comes to AC200P, it equips four USB-A outlets, one USB-C 60W PD port, a pair of 15-watt wireless charging pads, one 12V/25A RV port, and one 12V/10A carport, and a pair of 12V/3A DC barrel outlets.

Overall, including four AC sockets, the Bluetti is capable of charging 17 devices at a time.

It is when Jackery comes with some limited charging outlets. Apart from the three AC sockets, it features a pair of USB 3.0 Quick-Charge 18W ports and as many 100W USB Type-C PD ports, apart from a car socket. Overall, it has got only eight charging outlets, and you have no wireless chargers.

Winner: Bluetti AC200P with Several Charging Outlets, Including Wireless Chargers.  

Bluetti AC200 Vs AC200P

Size and Portability

As portable power stations, size and weight are obviously important factors. As an outdoor enthusiast, you might be looking for the best model with a lightweight design.

That can only make your trips rather convenient and funny.

Explorer 2000 has a size of 15.1 x 10.5 x 12.1 in and a weight of 43 lbs only.

As a favorite brand of campers, Jackery looks to have even ditched an LFP battery in its flagship model for keeping the light weightiness of its models, and of course, its Explorer 2000 Pro has a clear edge over many of its rivaling models in this regard, even including AC200P.

Well, when it comes to the Bluetti alternative, it has a size of 6.5 x 11 x 15.2 in, but it is somewhat bulky with a weight of 60.6 lbs as it packs up an LFP battery inside.

The difference in weight is indeed notable, which Jackery highlights as the key feature of its flagship model. Added with a solid and longer carrying handle, Explorer 2000 Pro can surely be the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Winner: Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro with a Lightweight Profile 

Price and Availability

Bluetti AC200P is available on its website at a price of around $1700, though it cost $2000 at the time of release. Meanwhile, Explorer 2000 Pro is a bit expensive, and costs over $2200 on its website. Both models are in stock while writing this article.

Winner: Bluetti AC200P – $500 Cheaper Than the Jackery. 

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Vs Bluetti AC200P solar power stations.

As you see, both devices fall in the 2000Wh mid-range solar power market. It is indeed not easy to find an overall winner in this comparison. We have a more powerful Jackery, but it lacks charging cycles and arguably an advanced battery pack. The Explorer is also a bit pricier.

But the Bluetti power station is not a lightweight choice compared to the Jackery, which is a favorite brand of outdoor enthusiasts, RVers, and campers. However, you get the Bluetti at a cheaper price and its LFP battery has a longer life of over 3500 charging cycles. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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