Sooner there looks to have an end for your troubles in power blackouts due to natural tragedies or in the lack of power in places where no power grids are available.

A brilliant Kickstarter-backed portable solar generator is under making in Israel with a goal to fight power outage in use of the power of nature, the sun. It is called KaliPAK portable solar-powered electrical generator and is developed by a firm known as Kalisaya, a term for “lightning” and “energy” in Old Inca.

KaliPAK is not just like any other portable solar generator out there. It is capable to outscore many of its rivals in terms of portability, performance, style and, of course, the price. The Kickstarter-funded product is still not ready for launch. The firm projects to start shipping it – in four proposed variants – by mid 2015.

kalisaya kalipak solar generator

Happy news for Americans, USA is certainly in the list of the markets KaliPAK is set to be initially floated to. By the way, spend sometime with us to check out our rundown to all the details about this wonderful portable solar generator.

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Why KaliPAK Solar Generator?

After 2012’s Hurricane Sandy and consequent power blackout for weeks, many researchers in green energy sector started to seriously think about potential technologies to avoid such a situation. Well, no one can prevent natural tragedies, nor the subsequent grid damages and power blackouts. What all we can do is to develop new facilities to get by such situation in the aftermath of a tragedy, otherwise it could even take your life.

Solar power has been an awesome alternative, but the question was how to efficiently harness solar energy to meet the requirements in time of an emergency. This is actually the spark of thought that pushed in many researchers including Yaron Gissin, the brain behind KaliPAK, to make cool portable solar power generators. Kalisaya KaliPAK, as Gissin admits, is certainly one of the outcomes of the post-Sandy efforts to piece together a device to exploit solar energy to face off a survival situation.

Recently, talking to Times of Israel, Gissin said that it was the notorious Sandy power outage in New York that moved him and his team to think about a highly reliable alternative for electricity, and their efforts have successfully reached to a destination at KaliPAK, which is backed by around 300 people with an amount of $103,090 on Kickstarter as of writing this. Six more days are to go to close the project, if you are interested, go to Kickstarter and support this awesome project.

Why Should You Buy KaliPAK Solar Generator?

We all need power. Without power, no one can live here. To make foods, to communicate with others, to listen to music, to watch movies or to drive along the streets, energy is a necessary requirement. Wherever you are, trapped inside your house in a natural tragedy, working in an office and spending your vacations in wild, power is everywhere a primary thing to survive.KaliPAK

Unfortunately, conventional sources of power are very limited, and a natural calamity is enough to take away continuous supply of power, leaving you in the dark. As well, if you go out for a hiking, camping or any other outdoor activities, source of power is again either limited or not at all. Your handsets and laptops will run out of charge on the way, putting you in big trouble. What is a permanent solution?

Well, it is here products like Kalisaya KaliPAK will come in help of you. This portable solar system is enormously portable, lightweight, sustainable and, overall, an ultimate life saver for you. No one ever wants to be left out in the dark. To be in the dark on occasion of a natural tragedy will only double its fatality. And so is KaliPAK and below are three reasons why you should buy the product.

Replacing Gasoline Generators: Do I really need to tell you about the negative effect a gasoline generator makes on nature? It causes two serious issues; carbon dump and exploitation of depleting natural source. Solar generator, as you know, doesn’t consume anything from nature that faces exhaustion.

On-the-go Power: You must have learned that electricity is never portable, but with a solar generator it is kind of portable. Fine, what KaliPAK and other solar generators bring your is a great option for outdoor connectivity of power. Wherever you go, you have a source of electricity with you, which neither exploits the nature nor dumps anything to the nature.

Emergency Situation: As it is put above, the very idea behind KaliPAK is derived from the after effects of a massive natural tragedy in New York. A portable solar generator is a good and immediate solution for the lack of energy in the aftermath of such big natural disasters.

How KaliPAK Works?

KaliPAK was designed over a period of two years. Researchers have brought this product into final form after deep market researches, prototyping and field tests. Actually, KaliPAK is not only an easy-to-carry portable solar generator, but also a power bank with an option to accept power from wall or car outlets if there is no sun in the sky. Overall, it is an emergency power backup system with a stylish look and superior portability factor.

Kalisaya projects to market the product in four variants, a heavy-duty KaliPAK 601, a midrange KaliPAK 401 and its shoulder-friendly variant 401C and, finally, an entry-level KaliPAK 201 to target consumers from all budgets. Below I would like to get through the basic tech specs of each model, before moving to the section that covers the outstanding features of the KaliPAK series of portable solar generators.

KaliPak all models

KaliPAK 601: This flagship model of Kalisaya offers a whopping 590 watts of solar power, and it packs a 39Ah battery to store the energy required to power up your smarpthones, tablets, laptops and lamps several times. It can produce 50 percent more energy than its mid-range 401 model. The solar panel with the system is Kalisaya’s 4X Solar Panel Fixture that is nice to power up your life outdoors with no worries about power shortage.

  • Weight and Dimensions: 7.1kg and 41 x 41 x 17.6cm

KaliPAK 401: This mid-range version of KaliPAK boasts 384Wh, and to store the harvested power, it has a moderate 26Ah battery. The energy stored is enough to charge your smartphone once or twice a day and an LED lamp for 7 nights continuously. It also comes with Kalisaya’s 4X Solar Panel Fixture for unbounded production of solar energy under sunlight.

  • Weight and Dimensions: 4.95kg and 41 x 41 x 17.6cm

KaliPAK 401C: There is actually nothing new with Kalisaya KaliPAK 401C from its big brother KaliPAK 401, except that it is designed for shoulders to carry. The ‘C’ in it name looks to be standing for ‘carry,’ I am not sure, though. It is a lightweight, ultra-slim KaliPAK edition that you can comfortably wear on your shoulders while making into a hiking, trekking or other outdoor expeditions.

  • Weight and Dimensions: 4.95kg and 41 x 41 x 17.6cm

KaliPAK 201: It is the proposed entry-level variant of the portable solar generator. It offers 192Wh and the battery inside is a 13Ah unit. The solar panel with the bundle is a low-end Kalisaya’s 2X Solar Panel Fixture. It looks a nice option for hikers and campers with low budget to boost their devices on the go.

  • Weight and Dimensions: 3.9kg

What Makes Kalisaya KaliPAK Different?

It is a question of high significance. What does make the KaliPAK line-up stand out the crowd? There is no dearth of portable solar generators in stores. A plenty of models are available for a multitude of applications, with varying power outputs, prices, styles and more. But some features still make KaliPAK solar generator unique and outstanding.

Below I would like to put down some of the things that have struck my mind at a glance. If you have more suggestions, you are welcome to add them up in the comments section.

Built-in Bluetooth for Real-time Updates

As its manufacturer boasts, this is definitely the most excited feature with the KaliPAK series of portable solar generators. Thanks to a built-in Bluetooth transmitter and a free KaliAPP, the solar generator comes in your full control on your iPhone or Android phones or tablets. It renders you all the updates like how much charge is left in the system and if it is perfectly getting charged from the sun on your handset.

Unique User Interface

All the KaliPAK solar generators brag a one switch interface for all its functions. It features a pair of USB ports for phones, tablets and music players and as many 12V ports for laptops, mini fridges, lights and other AV appliances. LED lamps, power switch and all other elements appear on a same style on all the variants of the solar generator.

Storage Compartment

KaliPAK features a hefty storage slot inside. You can use the space to store your survival kit or water and wine bottles. What is more, the KaliPAK bundle comes with a Survivor’s PowerKit, which contains a set of survival gears and accessories. You can keep it in the storage slot or use the space to store your own stuffs.

Amazingly Portable

Being a portable solar generator, it must be lightweight and ultra slim. In this regard, Kalisaya KaliPAK is certainly doing justice. All its models are relatively slimmer and lightweight so that they are amazingly friendly for your trips and wanderings. All the models, save for KaliPAK 401C, sport sturdy handles to let the user carry them easily. The 401C, at the same time, brags a shoulder strap to help the user wear it on shoulders to walk hands-free.

Kickstarter-Backed Project

To be a Kickstarter project has many advantages. First of all, it becomes a thing of high popularity. As funded by many people, even before its formal launch there would be a good customer base for any project that came out of Kickstarter. Moreover, apart from the money to invest in its production, Kickstarter boosts confidence level of the people behind the project to realize it perfectly as a mass of customers are in the waiting.

Powering up Africa  

There is a huge short of infrastructure in Africa. Most of its territory lacks power grids and a big majority of African communities still won’t have any idea about electricity. Through KaliPAK, its makers would like to ease the trouble of Africans to an extent. They want to ship a unit of KaliPAK for every fifty produced to the electricity-lacking communities in Africa.

Where to Buy Kalisaya KaliPAK?

Kalisaya looks to start shipping the KaliPAK portable generators from June0 2015. Shipping to the US market will be free, and as of now, its Kickstarter campaign is gong on. You can visit the project there and back it. Or it will be available for orders on Kalisaya website later.

Update: The Kalisaya KaliPAK series of solar generators has hit You can visit Kalisaya Amazon Page Here  to buy the models. EnergyPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Solar PowerKaliPAK,KaliPAK solar generator,Kalisaya,Kalisaya kaliPAK,portable solar generator,portable solar generators on sale,Portable solar powerSooner there looks to have an end for your troubles in power blackouts due to natural tragedies or in the lack of power in places where no power grids are available. A brilliant Kickstarter-backed portable solar generator is under making in Israel with a goal to fight power outage in use of...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |