You might be having a hard time to find a handy and lightweight portable solar generator. Here comes an end for all your woes. A start-up called Inergy has introduced an outstanding device, Kodiak solar generator. What makes it notable is its lightweight and handy design. Being a camper and hiker, you will surely love this brilliant solar power station. It has come to reality in a highly successful crowd-funding project, by the way.

Kodiak Solar Generator

Image Credit: Inergy Solar

While designing, the team Inergy envisioned Kodiak as the world’s most lightweight solar generator. Of course, they could achieve it as the machine weighed just 20 lbs out of the box. Moreover, it features a highly portable design. As you see in the image, it highlights a strong carrying handle. Hence, you could carry the boxy solar generator anywhere with no much burden to your baggage. 

Coming to power, Kodiak solar generator doesn’t fall short to any of its competitors. It features a 1500W pure sine wave inverter that offers 3000W surge power. When you are on the go, charge it from sunlight using either an Inergy or third party solar charger. Amazingly, it would make you power a wide range of your electronics out in the wild with no limits. Buy a unit of Kodiak using the link below.

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Inergy team could attain massive contributions for this project on crowdfunding site Thanks to good backer support, it could amass up an amount of $797,637, which is 860% of its estimated goal. Of course, it would clearly give you an impression on how such a machine could perform in the portable solar market. Anyway, let us check out more details of the Kodiak solar generator below.

Kodiak Solar Generator – Specs and Features

Function wise, there is actually nothing special about Kodiak. It is exactly like all solar-friendly power stations for example a Goal Zero Yeti. Well, it features two main parts; a power station and solar charger, respectively Kodiak and Predator 50 solar panel. Clearly, the box-style Kodiak solar generator has all its components built in a case, except solar panels. Surely, that case is highly portable for various outdoor applications.

Specs wise, Kodiak, as said above, lodges a 1500-watt pure sine AC inverter to alternate AC and DC currents. Further, it packs an 1100Wh lithium-ion battery in order to back up power. It doesn’t actually come with a solar charger. At the time of its release, Inergy was selling Predator 50, a 50-watt solar panel. As of now, it looks you should better find a solar charger from another vendor. It also supports wall and car charging.

Amazingly, Kodiak features a wide range of output sockets. Notably, it comes with seven 110AC sockets and as many USB ports. Moreover, it has two DC ports. Surely, you might not have come across a solar generator with that many output options. Above all, it touts a very handy size also. It measures at just 14 x 7 x 8 inches.


What Makes it Special

Lightweight Solar Generator

Inergy shows off Kodiak solar generator as the world’s most lightweight solar generator. See, it weighs only 20 lbs that is very less when compared to its counterparts like Goal Zero Yeti 1250. By the way, a unit of Predator 50 solar panel adds only 4 lbs to its weight so even if you decide to use it with a solar charger it is lightweight. Indeed, that makes the highly powerful solar generator very handy for camping and emergency needs.

Expandable Battery and Solar Panels

Both battery and solar panels of Kodiak solar generator are expandable, indeed. Coming to battery, you can attach extra deep cycle batteries to the system. Interestingly, all connected batteries receive charge from solar at the same rate as what its built-in lithium battery does. Of course, the same thing repeats with solar panels. You could chain multiple solar panels to enhance solar charging speed. So you could ensure that the power bank grabs good amount of solar energy from one day’s sunlight.

Compact, Durable for Camping, Emergency

A portable solar generator is usually meant for camping and emergency. So it might tout a compact, durable design. The Kodiak solar generator looks to be doing justice to this needs. The system, as per its makers, can resist shocks, dust, water splashes, and survive other tough conditions outdoors. The included Predator 50 solar panel is also waterproof so that you can use it anywhere with no worry at all.

An Awesome Goal Zero Alternative

Above all, soon after its release, Kodiak solar generator received the title of one of top Goal Zero alternatives. At the time of its release, there was actually no bigger players against Yeti series. Goal Zero’s award-winning series was doing well through its three old lead acid variants. Coming out with a lightweight lithium battery, a lot of customers found it as an amazing way to test something other than Yeti. However, I am not sure how successful Kodiak was in its fight against the Yeti series.

Where to Buy From

As part of its fundraising campaign, Inergy was selling Kodiak solar generator on various discounted prices on Indiegogo. Certainly, Inergy offered multiple packages with Predator 50 and other accessories to the backers. As of now, you could buy Kodiak on Amazon and other retail sites. Follow the link of Kodiak portable solar generator here to check its current price and buy from Amazon. Also see how  CEO of Inergy introduced the product back in 2015 in the below video.

Final Words

The potential of portable solar energy is immense. It is lovely to see more and more amazing products hitting the arena. This Inergy Kodiak solar generator indeed looks to be a worthy buy for someone who wants to regularly make into wild and wants to stay prepared for emergencies.

In case of emergency, it can safeguard you and family with limitless power. And during a camping, you will never be stranded with a portable solar generator like this. You can keep a line of your regularly used handsets and appliances charged always. If you have something to say make them in comments below. Power GeneratorsPortable Solar Powerkodiak solar generatorYou might be having a hard time to find a handy and lightweight portable solar generator. Here comes an end for all your woes. A start-up called Inergy has introduced an outstanding device, Kodiak solar generator. What makes it notable is its lightweight and handy design. Being a camper...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |