Hurricane Irma might have made you re-think of investing in an emergency power pack. You would go totally powerless in the aftermath of a windstorm. Of course, a solar power pack would be a great partner for you, then. What machine do you think would fit your needs the best? We have a note on two devices here – Kohler enCUBE Vs Goal Zero Yeti 1250, which, I think, could perfectly meet your needs for a clean power pack.

Kohler enCUBE Vs Goal Zero Yeti 1250

Kohler enCUBE Vs Goal Zero Yeti 1250

Alone a power pack makes no sense for emergency. Yes, you could charge it from 120V outlet or car charger. That would let you store enough energy for running your gizmos during camping or initial hours of emergency. But what about long-term energy needs? Sure, you should find a solar charger, which could keep you charged all the time you have sun in the sky. Thus, you could stay safe anywhere even if you don’t have grid power.

Design and Portability

There is no way you could compromise with a no-power condition. Even a storm hits your home or business, you would need some energy at least to back up data or call emergency. Kohler has designed enCUBE keeping that in mind seriously. You get an 1800W power pack, which doubled with a solar panel, acts like a cool power generator too. It could run even big appliances like oven and fridge for a while after blackout.

Of the Kohler enCUBE Vs Goal Zero Yeti 1250 face-off, we next focus on the portability factor. As you see in the pic above, enCUBE is, of course, a highly portable machine as well. You could take it out for camping or other outdoor events with no hassle at all.

Sized at 22 x 14 x 18.5 in, mobile design makes you easily move the 109-lbs machine. You could also drag it on its built-in wheels making its transportation rater easier. Being yet another advantage, you have a telescopic handle with Kohler enCUBE.

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Why should you go for Goal Zero Yeti 1250, then? Of course, it is more lightweight and small. See, you get the flagship lead acid Yeti power pack with 16 x 14.5 x 11.5 in and it weighs a bit lighter than enCUBE. Though not as sturdy as enCUBE’s, you have got two wheels and a collapsible handle. Hence, don’t worry about moving it from one place to the other. See more factors of Kohler enCUBE Vs Goal Zero Yeti 1250 face-off below.

Power and Capacity

Both models fall in the same segment as far as the power is considered. They are indeed great picks for large-scale portable solar power users. Connected with decently powerful solar panels, you could produce enough power to run a host of your electronics including larger appliances. Clearly, as put it above, you get enCUBE with an output of 1800W and it has a 100Ah battery inside. It is almost what you have with its Goal Zero rival

Interestingly, Yeti 1250, though the priciest, has a total output of 1200 watts, which could go up to 1500 watts at peak, however. Again, you have it with a 100Ah battery for power storage like enCUBE.

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Though both machines fall in the same power category, Yeti 1250 has a clear edge over its Kohler rival with its massive popularity. The brand of Goal Zero has largely penetrated into the market. And of course, even other makers have designed their machines in inspiration from Goal Zero’s products. Hence, it is a bit challenging for most other makers to beat Yeti 1250 in the war front.

Solar Panel Compatibility

You could charge both power packs with PV panels. Basically, you get the machines as portable power banks, but once you attach them with solar panels they become perfect solar generators. Do you already have a solar charger? Of course, then you could connect it with the power packs.

Or you could buy any other panel that is powerful enough to boost the machines. Anyway, both Goal Zero and Kohler recommend their own panels for the devices, respectively Boulder 100W Briefcase and Kohler 150W.

Hope you have got an idea about the recommended solar panels for Kohler enCUBE Vs Goal Zero Yeti 1250 devices. As you see, the Kohler panel is a large poly-crystalline unit with a capacity of 150 watts. You could try two or more panels for quick charging.

Meanwhile, Boulder 100 Briefcase is a brand new model of Goal Zero’s portable solar panel series. It becomes lovely for portable users because of its briefcase-style folding. Well, you could fold down the panels and carry like a suitcase. You get a 200W Boulder Briefcase and a single panel 50W Boulder solar panel as well.

What You May Not Like

There should be something not exciting with both models. Won’t you want to have a look at those things in our Kohler enCUBE Vs Goal Zero Yeti 1250 face-off here? First, let us take enCUBE. Simply, it is not a popular model, though it is rich with features and highly reliable for portable use.

On Amazon, you won’t see enough customer reviews and rating so that you would be thinking second about buying it. It is where you would love to go for Goal Zero Yeti 1250, because it has been selling like a hotcake since its launch.

Second downsize affects both, however. You have both the machines with traditional lead acid batteries, unfortunately. That said, the power banks are heftier than what their lithium alternatives would be. Also, lead acid batteries offer fewer life cycles than lithium variants. Of course, as you know, Goal Zero has already started selling two lithium-based machines in the segment, the Yeti 1000 and Yeti 1400.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our Kohler enCUBE Vs Goal Zero Yeti 1250 face-off. It is time you could decide on what to pick from the models. Technically, both the models are cool portable solar power solutions, but if you are kind of person that takes a decision on customer reviews and rating, you must go for Yeti 1250. However, if you want to try something different this time, you could go for Kohler enCUBE. Indeed, you could make your next outing more thrilling with a power pack that you could charge from anywhere there is sunlight. SwanPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar PowerHurricane Irma might have made you re-think of investing in an emergency power pack. You would go totally powerless in the aftermath of a windstorm. Of course, a solar power pack would be a great partner for you, then. What machine do you think would fit your needs the...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks