When it comes to large portable solar power station, Goal Zero Yeti 1250 comes first to your mind. Surely, it is the best-selling large solar generator out there. But have you ever thought of another option? In fact, we don’t have many competitors to Yeti 1250 for several reasons. But in its price range fall some other models. Take the example of Humless Go Plus 1300Wh portable solar generator. You would surely love this in place of Yeti 1250 for outdoor, household, and emergency applications.

Large Portable Solar Generator

Large Portable Solar Generator – Face-off

We pit the Humless machine against Yeti 1250 for a comparison here. As an outing enthusiast, you could enjoy life off-grid with unlimited solar power if you buy any of the big solar generators with compatible solar panels. Therefore, for the article, we have taken the complete kits of both the generators, featuring the recommended solar panels. So, as you finish reading it, you could easily decide on the best large portable solar generator that would make your off-grid life more exciting. Stay tuned with us after the image break for the face-off.

Why Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Kit

The Best Seller

Yes, it is the best seller in the segment. Do you know what makes Yeti 1250 the leader? First, it is the flagship model from Goal Zero, the key American innovator of portable solar power products. Goal Zero is known for quality as well as good customer support.

Though Goal Zero added a more powerful lithium upgrade, the Yeti 1400, to its battery of products, Yeti 1250 is still a good seller. If you believe the top selling machine is the best for your needs, Yeti 1250 kit should be your first choice in the large portable solar generator segment.

Good Customer Reviews

Yet another inspiring thing that would lead you to Yeti 1250 solar kit is good customer rating. Are you a kind of customer that analyzes customer reviews seriously? Then, you should go for this machine instead of Humless since it has already grabbed customer reviews around 50 on Amazon.com, with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Check Price and Buy @ Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Power Station

Moreover, the brand name Goal Zero along with a host of related products has helped Yeti 1250 much to gain attraction. Certainly, you could buy a unit of Goal Zero Yeti 1250 kit with no worry about quality and customer support as well. Goal Zero does well in both these important sale factors.

Powerful Machine

You might be looking for a powerful solar generator for camping or emergency. For a price of $1800, what you get is indeed quite powerful in terms of both solar capacity and inverter power. In detail, it produces 1200Wh of output to run a range of appliances and gadgets from a fridge to phone off-the-grid.

More amazingly, inside you have it with a 100Ah battery, which is unfortunately a lead acid unit. Moreover, coming to this kit, it packs the brand new 100W Boulder 100 Briefcase, which is capable to fully charge this machine in some hours under a brighter sun. Overall, this solar kit is worth its price since you get a highly powerful solar generator.

Portable- Friendly

It would make no sense to buy an off-grid generator that is not friendly for portable use. Though a bit heavier, over 100lbs, you could drag the machine along different surfaces, thanks to the built-in collapsible handle and wheels. Recently, Goal Zero, as part of making it more portable, unveiled a new variant, Yeti 1400, which has a light li-ion battery. Whatever, along with the foldable solar panel, you get this large portable solar generator as very nice for portable use.

Why Not Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Kit

No Lithium Battery

You miss a lithium battery if you buy Goal Zero 1250 solar kit. Goal Zero has included a lead acid battery inside its former flagship. Because of that, the generator is quite heavy and its charging cycles don’t come as many as what you could expect with a lithium battery. More sad is you won’t be able to exchange the battery once the included one wears out. However, as noted above, Goal Zero has already tackled this issue by launching a new upgrade, called Yeti 1400. That weighs only half of Yeti 1250, and moreover, offers more charging cycles.

Why Humless Go Plus 1.3Kwh Solar Generator Kit

More Power

First, we need to talk about its total power, of course. Compared to Goal Zero Yeti 1250 solar kit, you get it with more power. In other words, this Humless model offers you an output of 1300Wh so that you could easily run all gadgets of your family and friends in the wild.

Indeed, you could confidently go on a camping or face off an emergency with no worry, because you get a massive power storage with a set of powerful solar panels. Well, along with this Humless kit, priced at $2559, comes a pair of 130W folding solar panels, which you could move anywhere without having much burden on your belongings.

Lithium Battery

Do you think you need a large portable solar generator kit with lithium battery? Of course, that gives more life cycles for the battery as well as that makes the overall device lightweight. So, if you go for Humless Go Plus, you get a large solar generator with the desired battery that is more amazingly the next-gen Lithium LiFe. With more charging cycles, you could run your gadgets and appliances off-the-grid for a long period. Also, it could provide more safety while lead acid batteries release harmful gases.

Check Price and Buy @ Humless 1300Wh Portable Power Station

More Solar Power

If you go for Humless Go Plus solar kit you get a pair of 130W solar panels. Sure, it is not a feature that makes the overall solar kit different, but is an additional option for extra power without having big change in price. Well, you could buy a unit of Humless Go Plus 1300Wh kit with two folding solar panels for around $2600. But by spreading two 130W panels to the sun, what happens is steady faster charging of your solar generator. Thus, you could make your outing or emergency more lively with increased solar power storage.

Highly Portable

You might be looking to see how portable the Humless large portable solar generator is. Don’t worry. It stands out its Goal Zero rival in this regard with a lightweight and small generator and a pair of foldable solar panels. You got a strap to carry the device, and you could fold down the panels and carry them in a case. Surely, you could take it anywhere to make portable power or to safeguard your life safety on the occasion of emergency.

Why Not Go Plus 1.3Kwh Solar Generator Kit

Not Popular

As you know, Humless Go Plus is not as popular as Goal Zero Yeti. Used to study customer reviews seriously before buying something? Then, you virtually have no review available for the Humless machine on retail sites like Amazon. It is simply because it is a brand new product to the portable power market. Secondly, though it keeps quality in production, Humless has only limited number of products for the market.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our comparison of the two large portable solar generator kits. Now, it is time for you to buy one to make your households, camping tents, remote cabins, and trailers connected to power off-grid. If you love to buy something more popular, you could go for Yeti 1250 kit and add more panels to increase its solar productivity. Or if you don’t mind customer reviews, you could just try out Humless Go Plus so that you could enjoy a new experience, of course.

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