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LEOCH Solar Power Station: A Power Beast with 2048Wh Battery and 2000W Power Inverter

The global portable power market is emerging up more competitive. More and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon with exciting products.

Here, we have a powerful 2000W power station from LEOCH, a known global vendor of batteries. Called the LEOCH solar power station, the beast was launched on Indiegogo for a crowdfunding campaign.

Backed by an impressive 2048Wh LiFePO4 battery, the 2000W LEOCH power station will be competing with the big players like EcoFlow Delta 1300, Goal Zero Yeti 1500X, Lion Energy Safari ME, and Bluetti AC200. It notably highlights as many as 13 different charging points to support a variety of your electrical devices.

Certainly, the LEOCH can let you lead a well-to-do life with no worry of long blackouts or an emergency as it is powerful enough to profusely back up your basic electronics in the wilderness. Coupled with a reliable solar panel, it will be yet another great piece of the portable solar power station.

Coming up from a leading battery brand, we can certainly expect a lot more from the LEOCH power station.

LEOCH Solar Power Station

With its 2048Wh battery and 2000-watt inverter, the LEOCH simply falls into the category of midrange solar power stations. It can back up your essential outdoor and indoor appliances in an emergency. And juice up a wide range of your gadgets multiple times to make you stay powered out in the wild for a long time.

As its maker claims, the LEOCH can charge an iPhone 11 around 150 times and a lap around 35 times. And it can run a mini-fridge for nearly 50 hours and a full-size grilling machine for 150 minutes. More amazingly, it can even charge your Tesla Model 3 for an extra 10.5 miles on a single recharge.

LEOCH Solar Power Station for Outdoor Life


As said above, it features 13 charging points altogether. They significantly include four US standard AC wall sockets. Meanwhile, the other charging options are two regular USB outlets, two fast-charging USB outlets, and as many USB-C Power Delivery ports at 45W. The DC outlets are two 300W DC ports and a 12V carport.

Like all similar power stations, you can recharge the LEOCH solar power station in three ways; a wall outlet, carport, and solar. Fine, it runs on a 300W AC charging socket, a 12V carport, and 300W solar input.

Notable Features

  • 2000W High-Capacity Solar Power Station. 
  • Powerful 2048Wh LiFePO4 Battery Inside. 
  • 13 Different Charging Outlets. 
  • Four US Standard Full-Size AC Sockets.
  • Advanced and Fast-Charging USB Ports.
  • Built-In Wheels for Easier Moving.
  • Ideal for Power Tools and Appliances.

LEOCH Solar Power Station for Camping and Emergency

Why Should You Buy

1. High-Capacity Power Backup System

The LEOCH is a solar power backup system with a high-capacity 2048Wh battery. Well, you can consume the power through its four AC outlets of 2000W each to run your appliances. That said, what you really get is a much reliable outdoor power station with a decent battery to store power during the day with a solar panel, and make use of it at the night or on cloudy days.

2. 13 Charging Outlets

There are rare solar power stations on the market with more than 10 charging points. This LECOH device certainly stands out with its 13 charging points, which include the four AC sockets. In addition, it has got multiple USB and DC outlets to power up a large variety of electrical devices, at once.

LEOCH Solar Power Station for Outdoor life

3. Strong and Stylish Design

Made of solid aluminum alloy and ABS+PC, you get a very durable and stylish solar power station. It is very secure and tough so you need not worry about taking it anywhere with you. The LiFePO4 battery is securely placed inside to make it a perfect choice for outdoor and on-the-go applications.

4. Integrated Storage Compartment

Yet another thing you will love with the LEOCH is the integrated storage compartment. Well, to make the power station rather portable, it is made with an internal compartment that appears on the top. You can store the included AC charging cable and car charger in it securely on the move.

5. Reliable 100W Folding Solar Panel

Along with it, LEOCH offers a 100W folding solar charger. It is a highly durable and waterproof solar panel made of oxford cloth. You can fold it down into a tiny unit after use to make it highly light and mobile. The mono solar panel has a higher conversion rate of 22%-25% to charge the LEOCH steady faster.

However, it is compatible with any solar panel on the market. As stated above, it supports a solar input of 300 watts. So, if you already have a portable solar charger, it will surely go with the device.

You can chain together multiple panels to charge it rather faster. As per LECOH, with a decent solar output, you can charge it by 80% in five hours of optimal sunlight.

LEOCH Solar Power Generator

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the LEOCH solar power station. It has been launched on Indiegogo in early Nov. 2020. The brand expects to start shipping the product to its backers by February 2021. After that, it will be hitting the public market. At present, it is available for pre-order on Indiegogo, starting at $1058.

LEOCH avails it in multiple bundles with and without a solar panel. The included solar panel is a 100W 5-fold mono solar panel. As of writing this, the project has attracted as much as $167,000 USD from around 150 backers. With 15 more days to go, it will surely be attacking more funds and backers, for sure.

Disclaimer: This product is currently a prototype only. Its maker is seeking crowdfunding support to go into final production following the required R&D. We are not responsible for the delayed shipping or delivery of a faulty or unfinished product after you back it up on the crowdfunding platform.

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