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LEOCH Solar Power Station: A Power Beast with 2048Wh Capacity and 2000W Inverter

The portable solar market is growing quite rapidly. More and more brands are jumping on the bandwagon with incredible products. Here, we have a powerful 2000W power station from LEOCH, a global supplier of batteries. The LEOCH solar power station has been launched on Indiegogo for crowdfunding.

Backed with a 2048Wh LiFePO4 battery, the 2000W LEOCH is certainly to compete with the big players like EcoFlow Delta 1300, Goal Zero Yeti 1500X, Lion Energy Safari ME, and Maxoak Bluetti AC200. The machine notably highlights as many as 13 different charging points to support a variety of your electronics.

Of course, the LEOCH power beast can make you comfortably lead a life with no worry of long blackouts or an emergency. It looks powerful enough to profusely back up your basic electronics in the wild.

Coupled with a reliable solar panel, it will be yet another awesome portable solar power station. Coming up from a leading battery brand, we can surely expect a lot more from the power station.

LEOCH Solar Power Station

Coming to the detailed specs, the LEOCH is actually a midrange power station. With its 2048Wh battery, it is capable of powering up all your essential appliances and gadgets for a longer time. As per the maker, it can juice up an iPhone 11 around 150 times and a laptop around 35 times on a single charge.

Meanwhile, it can run a fridge for around 50 hours and a full-size grill for 150 minutes. More amazingly, it can even charge your Tesla Model 3 for an extra 10.5 miles, its maker claims.

Well, the LEOCH features 13 charging points, including four US standard AC wall sockets. Plus, you have it equipped with two units of 12W USB-A ports, 18W USB-A Quick Charge ports, Type-C 45W Power Delivery ports, and 12V DC outlets, and finally one 96W car charger.

Like all similar power stations, you can recharge the LEOCH power station in three ways; solar, wall outlet, and car charger. Fine, it runs on a 300W AC charging socket, 300W solar input, and a 12V carport.


Notable Features

  • 2000W High-Capacity Solar Power Station. 
  • Powerful 2048Wh LiFePO4 Battery Inside. 
  • 13 Different Charging Outlets. 
  • Four US Standard Full-Size AC Sockets.
  • Advanced and Fast-Charging USB Ports.
  • Stylish and Durable Design. 
  • Built-In Wheels for Easier Moving.
  • Ideal for Power Tools and Appliances.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the LEOCH solar power station. The brand is yet to reveal the detailed specs and features of the product. Fine, the company works to launch it on Indiegogo for its crowdfunding campaign by the end of October 2020. Of course, we will be updating the article as it shows up on Indiegogo.

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