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Lion Energy Solar Power Kits: Top-Rated Plug-and-Play Solar Power Kits for Emergency and Outdoor Conditions

Solar power kits are indeed highly dependable portable power solutions. If you have an easy-to-use, plug-and-play solar kit, you are lucky enough to go anywhere anytime. You get access to a source of unlimited portable power. Lion Energy solar power kits are, of course, the top-rated products of the kind.

Lion Energy products have a lot of takers with favorable customer reviews. You get multiple solar kits from Lion, which is working to help people prepare for emergencies and stay self-reliant forever. Its collection of portable solar power products is certainly worth having a glance. Let us explore them out here.

You must be ready to expect anything on an outdoor trip or in an emergency. A portable power supply can offer you security and safety as you come across the bumps in the road. Lion sells a series of brilliant solar and emergency power kits. They can ideally help you get out of any upsetting moments in the wild.

Interestingly, Lion has most of its solar kits all-set for a range of specific applications. Yes, they are all nice plug-and-play solar power solutions for camping, hiking, tailgating, emergency, and disaster, and more.

Lion Energy Solar Power Kits

Most of Lion solar power kits have the brand’s popular 100W solar panel as the key attraction. It is, in fact, a foldable suitcase solar charger with an average output of 71W throughout the day. Meanwhile, the other main components in the bundles include its top-quality Safari batteries, power stations, and more.

They also pack up essential accessories like cables, wires, adapters, and more. Anyway, here we make an effort to bring you all the popular Lion Energy solar power kits. It will surely be helpful for a prepper or camper not to miss out on the most elegant portable power solutions of the kind on the market.

1. Lion Energy Beginner DIY Solar Power Kit

We start the list with the beginner solar kit from Lion Energy. It is a 400W power system that bundles the brand’s famous 100W solar suitcase. If you are looking at getting a reliable solution to power your sheds, remote cabins, campsites, and RVs, it is indeed the right way for a beginner to go for portable power.

What makes this Lion product unique is that it is a full-fledged solar bundle. That is, the brand has deftly packed up everything you need to set up a typical solar power station right anywhere. From solar panel to battery, it has all the items in the kit. We will dig into all the components in detail after the image break.

By the way, check out the current price of the beginner kit on the link below and use code PortableSolar15 to take home a 15% discount off its prevailing rate.

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With an output of 400 watts, the solar kit is a nice choice to run most of your emergency appliances. You can use it to comfortably run a small fridge, space heater, fans, laptop, and lights and to recharge drone batteries, phones, and tablets. As it is a kit of ready-to-use items, you can put them together instantly.

What’s Included 

Fine, as you see in the image, the kit comprises a solar panel, a battery pack, a charge controller, a power inverter, and an Anderson extension cable. The solar panel, as said above, is indeed the brand’s signature 100W folding solar panel that has a maximum output of 18V @ 5.56A power.

You can chain together multiple units of the panel for increased output. By the way, the battery included is Lion’s famous Safari UT 250. That is an upper-level lithium – iron phosphate battery, which is pretty safer than a traditional lead-acid unit. Specs-wise, it has a capacity of 20Ah at 12.8V.

Fine, it has a brilliant charge controller too. You do not need to look for any third-party vendor for that. It is the Lion Savanna CC charge controller that finely regulates the unstable solar power to protect the battery.

Meanwhile, the inverter is a 400W Savanna IV unit. It has got dual AC sockets of 110V each and four USB ports to support your electronics. The USB are two 2.4A units, and one each of 1A and 0-2.4A outlets.

Above all, the included Anderson cable has a length of 25 inches. So, you can position the solar panel at a proper distance to ensure decent exposure to the sunlight.

Lion Energy


2. Lion Energy 400-Watt Solar Power Kit

It is exactly the same solar kit, but without a battery. You have the same 100W solar panel, 400W inverter, and a charge controller. They will make you set up a perfect solar power system added with a battery. You can use it in your RV, cabin, or remote home and charge the inhouse battery packs for off-grid power.

It is, in fact, one of the best Lion Energy solar power kits. Of course, it has attracted a lot of takers as it is a ready-to-go solar kit. Except for the battery, you have all the necessary items in the kit, including essential cables, wires, and connections. Check out its price and go for a 15% discount with our link below.

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A 400W power system is enough to run all your emergency electronic appliances. It integrates dual full-size AC sockets and four USB ports. So, a solar power system made up of it can perfectly support a variety of your electronics, including computers, fridges, phones, tablets, and more.

This is also an expandable solar power system, by the way. You can add extra solar panels and connect the system to multiple battery packs as well. Thus, you can ensure longer runtimes for your electronics under 400 watts. Lion certainly offers a variety of battery packs that go with this kit.

What’s Included

As you see, this kit is made up of the same components of the above beginner kit, except for the battery. Hence, you have it with the brand’s 100W folding solar panel, 400-watt Savanna IV power inverter, and Savanna CC charge controller as the main components.

Besides, it also has a solar cable. That is a 25-inch Anderson Extension cable to let you connect the solar panel with the charge controller. Thus, this kit is more suitable for powering up an existing battery pack or expanding up an RV or trailer backup system with solar power.

3. Lion Energy Emergency Preparedness Kit

Here is the brand’s emergency preparedness kit. It is an across-the-board solar power kit from Lion Energy. From its dual varieties of solar panels to a hand-crank generator, you have it rich everything for emergency power in a kit. Thus, it becomes a great way for you to stay powered in an emergency.

Life doesn’t always go as we plan it should be. An emergency may occur anytime in the form of a natural calamity like a thunderstorm or flood. It is your responsibility to stay prepared for anything that happens. It is here this Lion Energy preparedness kit packs up everything you need for power in a survival situation.

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In an emergency, you will be in real distress without having a way to charge your essential gadgets. You wouldn’t contact the rescue team if your communication devices were run out of juice. It would be total darkness at night as there were no lights. It is here a preparedness kit will help you survive.

Lion Energy has enriched the prep kit with all the basic items. They comprise of multiple solar power stations, multiple solar panels, a jump starter, air compressor, LED bulbs, etc.

What’s Included 

The main attraction of the Lion emergency prep kit is the 400W power station called Lion Safari TL. That is a lightweight 11-lbs device with several output ports, including two three-pronged AC outlets. The other charging sockets include four USB ports, and one each of 10Amp and 5Amp 12V DC outlets.

Lion’s 100W folding solar panel is another item in the kit. Along with it, the bundle also has a small 150W power unit called Lion Cub Go. That has one AC socket, dual USB ports, and one 12V outlet. To power it up, the package has a 20W Lion Cub Go 20 solar charger.

The included hand-crank generator is another excellent item. It will help you recharge the Safari LT power unit on a cloudy day to meet emergency power needs. For lighting up your home or camping tent, the kit also has got three LED bulbs with 15-inch cords each. All have individual control switches also.

There is also a jump starter. The brand’s famous Lion Cub JC is a cool air compressor plus a jump starter. It also features a three-stage flashlight. The other items in the bundle include a 25-inch Anderson cable.

4. Lion Energy Tailgating Power Kit

Tailgating is a way of life for several Americans. It is more than a thing of passion for them. Of course, a typical tailgate party requires a lot of electronics, including a freezer, TV, electric grill, satellite devices, phones, tablets, and more. All those machines need unlimited power.

Solar is indeed the most reliable way to ensure power for all tailgating events. A fuel generator spoils the serenity of your surroundings. Here Lion Energy tailgating power kit is an ideal solution. It has a collection of smart power systems and solar panels. Check out its price below and get it with a 15% discount.

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Tailgating party is really an art, and it goes in its fine way only when you have got better power sources. Check out the Lion Energy bundle that is rich with multiple power stations, a solar panel, multiple sets of LED bulbs, and other essential accessories to enhance your tailgating experience.

So you have access to solar power for almost all needs in a tailgate party. Whether it is portable power, lighting, jump-starting, or tire air filling, the kit has a solution for you. All are good quality items.

What’s Included 

The kit primarily packs Lion’s famous Safari LT power station that is a 500W solar-based power station with multiple charging options. They include dual AC sockets, four USB outlets, and two 12V DC ports.

Plus, the bundle has two units of Lion Cub Go small power stations. They are also solar-friendly devices. To recharge all these power units, the kit is featuring a single unit of Lion 100W folding solar panel.

Moreover, the tailgating kit has a unit of Lion Cub JC, a compact combo of a jump starter, air compressor, and flashlight device. Above all, you get two sets of the brand’s LED bulb kits. Each set has three LED bulbs of 2 watts, and they feature 15-feet cords with individual control switches.

5. Lion Energy Disaster Prep Solar Kit

Apart from the emergency prep kit, Lion Energy also offers a disaster prep kit. That is a bundle of multiple units of most of the components. Of course, the components are the same power units, solar panels, and LED bulbs. But you get them in a large bundle for a big disaster.

Of course, mother nature is not always kind to humans. There may occur a big natural calamity anytime in the form of a hurricane, storm, or flood. And you will be left stranded for a long period without access to the power. This Lion kit is a solution. Check out its price, and get it with a discount of 15% below.

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Well, in case of a disaster, you need power for the entire family or even your neighborhood. A single unit of power station or solar panel will no longer meet the demand until the rescue team could turn up and save you from the despair. So, you get this kit with multiple units of all items.

What’s Included

The massive bundle highlights two units of Lion Safari LT power units. To recharge them faster, you have four pieces of Lion 100W solar panels. Surely, you can chain together multiple panels to generate a higher flow of solar power to juice up the power stations.

The kit has four units of Lion’s compact Cub Go power stations, by the way. Each power station gets a unit of its 20W Go solar panel. The kit further packs up a pair of Lion Cub JC jump starter solutions that, as you know, also integrate air compressors as well as flashlights.

When it comes to the accessories, the bundle packs up two units of solar extension cables to meet various requirements. Plus, there are four sets of the brand’s popular LED bulbs.

6. Lion Energy Off-Grid Camping Kit

It is a simple solar power kit from Lion Energy for regular campers. If you are looking at a reliable solar power kit for your camping trips, it is a cool option to go. This bundle mainly packs up a unit of 100W solar panel and a Lion Safari LT power station.

The 400-watt power station can offer safe, silent, and portable power for a variety of power needs in the wild. That is why this basic kit is one of the best Lion Energy solar power kits. Check out its price below and get the bundle at a discounted price using our link to get it.

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Besides the power station and solar panel, the kit has one set of LED bulbs. It includes three bulbs with the required cables and individual control switches. Moreover, you have it packed with a solar cable.

7. Lion Energy Cub GO Solo Kit

Here comes the smallest unit of the Lion Energy solar power kits. As you see, it is a kit of Lion’s small solar panel and solar power station; respectively Lion Go 20 and Lion Cub Go. Thus, you get the lightweight and handy solar power kit at an affordable price.

Lion Energy Cub Go kit is ideal for campers, fishers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The system can ensure reliable solar power to support your phones, tablets, and smaller AC appliances, thanks to its USB, DC, and AC outlets. Check out its price below.

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Well, the solar panel itself comes up with built-in USB ports to charge your handsets or any USB devices, directly under the sun. At the same time, you can use the solar panel to recharge the power station while you stroll through the wild.

The Lion Cub Go power station has a 120Wh capacity, and it can output 150 watts.  It has a size of just 10.3 x 4.5 x 1.8 inches and a weight of 3 pounds.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the best Lion Energy solar power kits. As you see, its kits spread out in a wide range of collections based on their application. Thus, we are lucky enough to get exclusive solar power kits for the needs like an emergency, camping,  tailgating, prepping, disaster, and more. Meanwhile, the base components of every bundle are a number of products that the brand is known for.

In short, if you are looking for a solar power kit, Lion is indeed a brand to have a look at. Its collection of solar kits can bring to you a model that meets your needs properly. Anyway, share your thoughts about the Lion products and kits in the comments. If you are an existing user, share your experience as well.

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