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Mango Power E Home Backup and Portable Power Station Vs EcoFlow Delta Pro and Bluetti AC500+B300S

Disruptions in your power supply can be a major inconvenience. Whether you’re dealing with rolling blackouts or an unexpected power outage, having an alternative source of power is key. That’s why the Mango Power E home backup and portable power station is such a great option.

With its 3.5kWh/14kWh capacity and 3kW/6kW inverter power, you can use Mango Power E as an ideal emergency power backup station. The heavy-duty, modular, and solar-chargeable power station is an incredible alternative to EcoFlow’s Delta Pro and Bluettis’ AC500+B300.

In this article, we would like to take a closer look at this powerhouse from Mango Power and how it can help keep your home powered up, and how it becomes a serious competitor to the EcoFlow and Bluetti alternatives. Stay tuned for a detailed take below.

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Mango Power E at a Glance

Mango Power E Portable Solar Power Station BUY IT HERE
  • 3.5kWh/3000W Portable Home Backup System.
  • Expandable Up to a 14kWh/6000W Capacity.
  • 240V Split-Phase For Heavy Appliances.
  • 3000W Max AC Charging Input for Fast Charging.
  • Max 2000W (60V-150V) MPPT Solar Charger.
  • 16 Charging Outlets with Four AC Sockets.
  • 30A RV Port and a 12V Car Socket.
  • 100W and 65W USB-C Power Delivery Ports.
  • Six USB-A 27W Ports and Dual DC Sockets.
  • Dedicated Mango Power App for Monitoring.

EcoFlow Delta Pro at a Glance

EcoFlow Delta Pro Solar Power Station
  • 3.6kWh-25kWh Portable Home Battery.
  • 3600-7200W Power Inverter.
  • 1800W AC Charging Input.
  • 1200W Solar Charging Input.

Bluetti AC500+B300S at a Glance

Bluetti AC500+B300S
  • 5000W/10000W 100% Modular Power Station. 
  • 3072Wh B300S Dedicated Extra Batteries. 
  • Expandable Up to 18432Wh with Six B300S.
  • 3000W Solar and 5000W AC Charging Inputs.
  • 240V Power Station With Fusion Box. 

Mango Power E Overview

The Mango Power E is essentially a rechargeable lithium (LiFePO4) battery that you can use for backup power or portable power. The device has four AC outlets, a 30A RV socket, one 12V DC outlet, dual DC ports, and eight various USB ports (including two USB-C – 100W and 60W – ports) so that you can charge up to multiple devices at the same time.

The battery inside the base unit is itself rated at 3500Wh and you can expand it up to a massive 14kWh with some additions. Clearly, you can use a single unit of the brand’s 3.5kWh additional battery to double its capacity to 7kWh, whereas by linking two units of the same bundles, you can take the storage capacity to a massive 14kWh.

Well, the AC inverter of a single unit of Mango Power E is 3000 watts and you can take it up to 6000 watts by pairing two units together to achieve 240V output. So, the Mango Power E can easily provide enough juice to keep all of your devices running during an emergency or while you’re out camping or camping out.

Charging Options 

One of the most exciting things about the Mango Power E is its faster-charging speeds. You will be able to charge the heavy-duty machine at a speed of 3000 watts from an AC source making it an incredible alternative to EcoFlow’s Delta Pro.

The Mango Power E also beats the Delta Pro with a faster solar charging rate of 2000 watts. The advanced MPPT charger inside the power station can enable you to charge it steadily faster with solar panels up to 2000 watts.

Safety Features

The Mango Power E portable home backup power station touts several safety features designed to protect both the battery and your devices.

These include overcharge protection, short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, low voltage protection, overvoltage protection, and more. This ensures that your devices are always safe from potential damage due to electrical surges or other unforeseen events.


In addition to being able to provide backup power for your home during emergencies, the Mango Power E is also highly portable.

Though it weighs heavier with its LFP battery packs, you can easily manage it outdoors using its pull-out handle, dual in-built carrying handles and a pair of strong durable moving wheels. So it is easy to take it with you anywhere you go – whether that’s camping out in the wilderness or simply heading off for a weekend getaway in the city.

Mango Power E Vs EcoFlow Delta Pro Vs Bluetti AC500+B300S

If you’re in the market for a home backup power station, you may be considering the EcoFlow Delta Pro or the Bluetti AC500+B300. Both are indeed top-of-the-line models with quality features that make them ideal for a range of uses.

The Mango Power E is a super alternative to both the Bluetti and EcoFlow models. As discussed above, you get an amazingly portable and highly durable home-friendly solar power station from Mango Power.

The Delta Pro has an impressive basic capacity of 3600Wh and an inverter of 3600 watts. With multiple charging options and a portable design, you can take it anywhere and use it as a home backup power system also.

However, EcoFlow has designed it primarily as an outdoor-friendly device with limited solar and AC charging speeds.

The Bluetti AC500, as you know, is basically an inverter station with no inbuilt battery. You need to add the extra B300S battery packs to store power in it.

Though one of the most appealing home backup stations on the market with a massive 5000W inverter and huge storage expansion options, the portability is limited with the Bluetti.

How Does Mango Power E Stand Out?

The Mango Power E is a complete home backup as well as a portable power station without the need for an added battery pack and it features incredible solar and AC charging inputs. The LFP battery can deliver you a life span of over 6000 cycles up to 70% capacity.

The base unit of Mango Power E itself comes up with a heavy-duty 3500Wh LFP battery pack and a decently powerful 3000W pure sine wave inverter. Featuring as many as 16 various power outlets, you will be able to run most of your essential AC appliances quite smoothly.

Apart from six regular USB sockets, the machine integrates dual fast-charging USB-C PD ports. It also sports a 30A RV plug along with four full-fledged AC sockets.

Coming to the power input options, you can charge it at an amazingly faster rate of 3000 watts from an AC power source and 2000 watts from solar panels.

Above all, the Mango Power E features an elegant boxy size of 17.8×13.6×19.4 in and it weighs around 100 lbs. Even without an extra battery pack, you can take it anywhere to ensure unlimited off-grid power.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Mango Power E home backup and portable power station.

Compared to the EcoFlow Delta Pro and Bluetti AC500+B300S, the Mango Power is certainly an outstanding home-backup-friendly power station with great portability. You can easily maneuver the machine outdoors with its strong built-in handles, pull-out handle, and heavy-duty moving wheels. Share your thoughts about the Mango Power E solar generator in the comments below.

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