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Mango Power E Winter Holiday Sale 2022: Save Up to 50% Off on the Mango Power E Power Station Bundles with Free Gifts

Mango Power has announced impressive deals for its much-touted home backup and portable power station, the Mango Power E for the winter holiday sale 2022. If you are looking at buying a reliable home backup power station, the Mango Power E can be an ideal choice as you can buy the device and various bundles of it at incredibly discounted prices.

The Mango Power E is a 3.5kWh/14kWh home backup-friendly portable solar power station with an inverter of 3kW/6kW. Being an expandable powerhouse, it turns out to be a strong competitor to EcoFlow Delta Pro and Bluetti AC500+B300S and it also features faster solar and AC charging speeds – respectively 3000 watts and 2000 watts.

The base model of Mango Power E is on sale with a discount of $300 for the year-end shopping spree, meanwhile, you can save up to $3500 on a top-tier bundle of the heavy-duty power station. We have a look at all the best deals you can get the huge home-backup solar power station for the Christmas 2022 sale, so read on.

Free Gifts Offer: Mango Power offers free gifts with every order during the holiday sale. You get a Mango Power Cap, Mango Power T-Shirt, and Mango Power 800W Solar Panels (4×200 units) for free respectively with order values of $50-$2999, $3000-$4999, and $5000+. 

Mango Power E Holiday Sale – The Best Deals

Model/Bundle  Discount  The Items Included 
Mango Power E $300
  • Mango Power E
    (3.5kWh Capacity and 3kW Output)
Big Battery Package $1599
  • Mango Power E
  • Mango Power E Battery
    (7kWh Capacity and 3kW Output)
Power Independence Package $1896
  • Mango Power E
  • Four 200W Solar Panel
    (3.5kWh Capacity and 3kW Output)
    (800 Watts Solar Panels)
240V Power Package $2100
  • Two Mango Power Es
  • mSocket Pro
    (7kWh Capacity and 6kW Output @ 240V)
Premium Home Backup Package $3488
  • Two Mango Power Es
  • Two Mango Power E Batteries
    (14kWh Capacity and 6kW Output @ 240V)


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