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Mango Power Union: The World’s First Integrated Home and Portable Solar Battery System

We are familiar with a great collection of portable solar power stations. Here, we have a breakthrough home and portable battery backup system from a green-energy brand, Mango Power. Branded as Mango Power Union, this is going to be one of the world’s first integrated home and portable solar backup systems.

Mango Power Union is an all-in-one power backup system with reliable 3kW MPPT solar charging support. This is a combination of ‘Power Home’ home power station and ‘Power Move’ portable power station. A dedicated mUnion Connection combines these two into a single, large, and independent energy solution.

Specs-wise, Mango Power is a 6.9kWh battery pack with 4kW inverter power, which can ensure essential power for a normal home for up to three days. Meanwhile, its detachable, portable unit is a 2.3kWh backup system with an inverter of 2kW AC output, which is ideal for supporting a variety of outdoor devices.

Mango Power Union at a Glance 



  • 6.9kWh Large Battery Pack.
  • Powerful 4350-Watt Inverter
  • Detachable and Expandable Power Station.
  • 2.3kWh Detachable Unit with 2000W Inverter.
  • 3000W MPPT Solar Charging.

The brand has launched the breakthrough product on Indeigog with an early bird price of $2999.

Mango Power Union Home and Portable Power System

This is actually a Tesla Powerwall-like home battery backup system. But having a dual inverter system, you get a detachable unit with enough power to support your life out in the wild.

The portable unit can indeed ensure convenience in moving and comfort in portable power.

It is when you get a highly powerful home backup system with the best batteries on the market under the hood. The device has a modern and sleek design, which will suit your interior quite amazingly.



The highly practical home power station is also expandable to virtually unlimited storage capacities. You can attach up to 10 additional battery packs that enjoy longer charging cycles of up to 6000 times.

Thanks to the high-efficiency solar charging option, you can connect Mango Power Union to your home’s roof PV panels or use portable solar arrays to ensure emergency power for both indoor and outdoor life at a time.

Power Move Power Station

The detachable Power Move is a 2.3kWh/2kW power station, as said above. It is indeed a sleek and highly portable device with a 1500W MPPT solar charging and 1100W AC outlet charging facilities.

It integrates as many as 15 charging outlets, which include AC, USB-C, standard USB ports, wireless chargers, and DC sockets to support a variety of your devices.

‘Power Home’ Home Backup System

In combination with Power Move, you get a massive power backup system for complete energy independence. Thanks to the inbuilt dual PV inverters, it can offer you a seamless power of 4kW/40A and is further expandable with up to 10 extra battery modules.

The home power system can run up to 10 devices at a time. With a whopping power of 69kWh/40kW, it can keep your home, worksite, or big events much powerful.

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