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Maxoak Bluetti 2000W Solar Generator: High-Capacity 1700Wh Portable Power Station

Maxoak’s well-known Bluetti solar power station series gets a new addition. Called Maxoak Bluetti 2000W solar generator, it is a mid-size solar power station with a large inverter and a high-capacity battery. Well, the device highlights a 1700Wh battery pack, making it a perfect choice for the RV and van dwellers.

As you know, all the earlier Maxoak power stations have been missing out on powerful inverters. Even its high-capacity 2400Wh Bluetti EB240 power station has only a 1000-watt inverter. It is here the brand has turned up with an impressive power station that highlights a 2000W inverter as the unique selling point.

There are many more things that make Bluetti 1700Wh – codenamed AC200 – rather unique. Most notably, it has got a large touchable display, which is capable of showing up a variety of important data to help you handle the power station more easily. Fast solar charging and stylish square design are other key points.

Maxoak Bluetti 2000W Solar Generator

The high-capacity power station equips LG’s premium quality auto-grade battery cells. Indeed, they make it so powerful that you can use it to recharge even a Tesla car or the electric scooters. Meanwhile, in an RV, camper, or trailer, it can be a real companion for you to guarantee the necessary portable power.

Solar charging is quite faster with the Bluett. With a solar charging input of up to 150V, it challenges many of its rivaling products. Inside, there is a high-efficiency MPPT solar charger controller. So, it will smoothly support PV panels up to 700W, letting you recharge it in below four hours under a bright sun.



Besides solar, you can also recharge it from an AC socket, carport, lead-acid battery, or a gas generator. The AC adapter brick included is a 58.2V/500W unit that will help you charge it faster from an AC socket.

Maxoak Bluetti 2000W solar generator highlights many brilliant charging points, including a pair of 15-watt wireless outlets and six full-size AC sockets. Plus, it integrates five USB sockets – four USB-A 5V/3A ports and a USB-C Power Delivery port at 60W. The DC ports include two 12V barrel ports of 3A and 10A each.

Also, you get the Maxoak with a 25A RV port, and a 12V regular cigarette lighter charger, which is certainly a regulated unit for a stable power supply. Above all, the most awesome thing is that all the charging outlets are well protected from dust and water splashes with rubber caps.


  • 2000W Solar Power Station with Six Full-Size AC Sockets.
  • 1700Wh LG EV-Grade Lithium Battery Pack with 2500 Cycles.
  • 35-150V Solar Input with PV Panels Up to 12A/700 Watts.
  • Three DC Outlets, Including RV Plug and Cigarette Charger.
  • Five USB Sockets with Four USB-A and One USB PD 60W Port.
  • Two 15-Watt Wireless Phone Chargers.
  • Pretty Large Touchable LCD Display.
  • Perfect for RVers and Campers, Thanks to an RV Plug.
  • Compact and Stylish Look with 57Lb Weight.
  • 120W High-Efficiency Folding Solar Charger Available.

Maxoak Bluetti AC200 Power Station


Powerful and High-Capacity Power Station

First of all, as stated above, the Maxaok Bluetti is a powerful variant of its series of power stations. You get the machine with a 2000W inverter and a high-capacity 1700Wh battery pack. That is what makes it a nice choice for powering all your essential appliances and gadgets in an RV, camper, trailer, cabin, and more.

Fast Solar Charging Capability 

Of course, the Bluetti 2000W solar generator has a faster solar charging capability. Thanks to its higher-efficiency MPPT charge controller and the support for a solar input of up to 150 volts, it is an easy job to ensure off-grid power if you have a strong solar array. It supports up to 700 watts.

Multiple Charging Options

It is where Maxoak enjoys a great advantage over many of the rivaling products. Well, the machine, as you know, comes up with an option to charge as many as 17 devices at the same time. They include five USB ports, six AC outlets, two wireless charging units, multiple DC sockets, an RV outlet, and a carport.

Large Touchable LCD Screen

It is one of the impressive features of the new Maxoak power station. The device sports a large touchable display that helps you control the overall machine and monitor all the important data in much detail. It even shows up the storage status in every cell of the included battery pack.


Portable Profile and Size

As a mid-range power station, it is somewhat weightier, indeed. But it has got a smart squarish design with dual carrying handles at both ends. It is not anything very much tough to carry the 57.33lb machine along. It has a size of 16.54 x 11.03 x 15.2 inches.

Highly Safe Power Station

You get the Bluetti AC200 with utmost safety. Built with high-quality auto-grade 3C LG battery cells and an advanced heat dissipation technology, it can offer a long and safe life. Compared to many of its rivals, it can thus be one of the nicest solar power stations out there.

The inclusion of the Battery Management System (BMS) is another safety attraction of the machine. As per the maker, a unit of the Maxoak comes out of the factory after more than 1000 inspection processes. They include the tests of packaging drop, vibration, cold and hot shock, accessory wire bending, and more.

Special for Van Dwellers

As stated above, Maxoak AC200 incorporates a 12V/25A RV plug @ 25A. That makes the device a fantastic off-grid energy solution for RVs and campers. If you have been holding off buying a solar power station for your RVs, it is the right choice. You can use the plug to run all your vehicle-powered electronics.

120W Folding Solar Charger

Maxoak offers a 120W solar charger for the power station. Called SP-120, it is a folding solar panel made of highly efficient SunPower solar cells that can convert up to 23%. It touts the advanced ETFE technology to become a highly durable and long-lasting solar charger.

Thanks to its foldable and lightweight design, you can easily take it on your trips. The charger weighs just 6.7 lbs, and it has got a rubber carrying handle to transport it easily. The four adjustable kickstands let you place it anywhere with no much hassle and high exposure to the sunlight.


The Project and Availablity

Maxoak has launched the product on Indiegogo for crowdfunding. The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers by November 2020. Maybe, by the end of the year, Bluetti AC 200 will be available on the public market, as well. We will update the buying link below, but now you can preorder it on Indiegogo.

Its early bird perk starts at $1199 USD, which is 33% off of its retail price. Meanwhile, a model with a 120W folding solar charger is priced at $1659 USD. It has more offers and perks on the crowdfunding site. When it comes to the response, it could attract over 2M USD from more than 2200 backers in just two weeks.

Check out the link below to pre-order a unit of the Maxoak solar generator.

Pre-Order on INDIEGOGO

Maxoak Bluetti 2000W

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the new Maxoak Bluetti 2000W solar generator. It is indeed an amazing product with a lot of features. We can certainly say that the brand has listened to the customer needs for a device with a more powerful inverter, thanks to its 2000W inverter to power up most of your essential appliances.

Moreover, the new Bluetti has several other impressive features, including a faster solar charging, a touch display, and more. Overall, you get a versatile solar power station with a stylish squarish design. Share your thoughts about the product in the comments below.

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