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Maxoak Bluetti AC50 Portable Power Station: A Sleek and Stylish 500Wh Maxoak Bluetti

Maxoak Bluetti AC50 is a stylish and cute power station. Being a 500Wh device, it falls into the segment of the rich mid-range series of solar power stations. We have several great products in the category like Goal Zero Yeti 500X and Suaoki G500. Here is our take on the Maxoak Bluetti AC50 portable power station.

The Maxoak is a sleek little package with a small inverter that has a continuous rating of 300W and 450W surge for less than a second. When it comes to the design, it has a grey-shaded rubber strap all around the edges for safety. Interestingly, the strap is replaceable in the future with an orange-shaded one.

By the way, this looks like a common design. Alongside Maxoak, other brands also offer the same product under their branding. Well, as a solar-based device, it can take a maximum of 120 watts. So, a solar charger of 100W capacity is indeed nice to ensure a rating of 60 to 70 watts as it lacks MPPT technology.

Maxoak Bluetti AC50 Portable Power Station

The Maxoak power station comes with 500Wh lithium battery pack. The overall capacity is 45Ah at 11.1V and the 18650 lithium cells make it a reliable outdoor battery station. Most notably, it highlights a 10-watt wireless charger that enables you to quickly charge your Qi-based handsets.

As per the maker, it could power a phone around 36 times and a Go-Pro around 80 times. Reviewers have satisfactorily tested out its capacity to charge your essential gadgets and gear. However, its unregulated 12V cigarette lighter charger and a relatively low-power 300W inverter are two notable shortfalls.

Maxoak Bluetti AC50 Portable Power Station

Well, the included inverter is a 300W unit and it could surge 450 watts only. That is a big deficit compared to other products in the same price range such as Jackery Explorer 500, Yeti 500X, and more. Anyway, you get a stylish box-shaped power station with decent storage capacity and other features.

Coming to charging options, it, first of all, has dual 120V AC US standard sockets. The USB charging points include four regular 5V/3A pieces and one 45W USB-C  for quick charging. The DC ports include a 12V/9A carport and dual 12V/3A barrel sockets. There are screen and power, DC, and AC switches on the front.

Meanwhile, on the other side, it features a pretty large flashlight with different brightness modes. And the input port can handle 40V and so you can overcurrent it and ideally charge from your vehicle’s 12-volt port. Overall, you get a great device in a stylish package with the Maxoak Bluetti AC50 portable power station.

The device is available in grey and orange shades.

Notable Features

  • 500Wh Portable Solar Power Station.
  • 45Ah @ 11.1V Lithium Battery Packs.
  • 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 450W Surge.
  • Dual Standard AC Sockets.
  • Four USB Ports and One USB-C.
  • One 12V Carport and Dual 12V/3A DC Ports.
  • 10-Watt Qi Wireless Charger.
  • Stylish Design and Durable Build.
  • Highly Portable with Dual Foldable Handles.
  • 11.6 x 7.5x 7.7 in Size and 13.6lb Weight.

Compatible Solar Charger

Maxoak does actually offer a 120-watt solar charger for its power stations including Bluetti AC50. But that is not available on Amazon as of writing this. So, we would like to recommend you try out an Eco-Worthy 120W suitcase-style folding solar charger. It is a four-fold high-efficiency mono solar charger.

As you see, the Eco-Worthy is a plug-and-play solution. It comes with a pre-installed 20A LCD USB charge controller. Thanks to the included 8-in-1 DC adapter, you could use the solar charger to power up a variety of power stations from all top brands including Maxoak, Suaoki, Paxcess, Aimtom, and more.

Eco-Worthy 100W Folding Solar Charger

With a total out of 120W, Maxoak Bluetti AC50 will be able to draw in around 80%, for sure. That is a good number to ensure full charging of the device in around five hours, provided that you have a bright sun. The solar charger is lightweight at 8.42 lbs and you could easily take it anywhere on your trips and travels.

Moreover, it is a very durable and splash-proof solution as it is made with the Oxford cloth. The zipper bag included helps you organize the solar charger and the accessories. Overall, the Eco-Worthy charger looks like the right choice with the Maxoak Bluetti AC50 portable power station.

Why Should You Buy

1. Higher Storage Capacity

As a mid-variant power station, Maxoak Bluetti AC50 has 500Wh output with an overall battery capacity of 45Ah at 11.1V. That is quite sufficient to run most of your small appliances and gadgets. But, as you see, it packs up only a 300W inverter with a surge of just 450 watts.

2. Stylish Design and Highly Durable

Of course, Maxoak Bluetti AC50 portable power station has a nice design and a solid build. The replaceable rubber covering around the corners adds to the charm, though that is not a great thing for a power station. When it comes to the build quality, Vlogger DavidPoz has torn it off here to check out how durable it is.

3. Wireless Charging Option

Yet another nice thing with the Bluetti power station is its built-in wireless charging option. We are already familiar with the models like Paxcess 330W and AllPowers 372Wh that are known for Qi wireless chargers. This Maxoak power station, in the meantime, has a 10-watt wireless charger on the top.

So, it also turns out to be a quick way for users to charge their Qi-enabled devices. Reviewers have tested out the wireless charger to see that it performs quite well and is capable of delivering a higher output.

4. Built-In Flashlight

On the rear side, the Maxoak power station integrates an LED bar flashlight. That has multiple brightness options. The light is quite enough to brighten up a room, camping tent, or even camping trails if you don’t mind carrying the 13.6-lbs device in your hand across the way.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

1. Unregulated 12V Receptacle

One key reason why you shouldn’t buy the Maxoak Bluetti AC50 portable power station is its unregulated 12V carport or what is known as a cigarette lighter charger.

Vlogger Will Prowse has tested out the port’s performance to see it offers current at just 11.6V. As you see, that is not enough to run your DC appliances, especially when the power station is low on battery.

2. No MPPT Charge Controller

Being a solar-based power system, it is indeed a very basic requirement to have it equipped with an MPPT charger inside. But the Maxoak doesn’t have it. That is why it could draw in only 60 to 70% of solar power, though it is compatible with up to 120 watts output.

3. No Enough Output and Surge

Though a 500Wh device, it terribly fails in offering a higher output. The inverter is only a 300W pure sine wave unit that has a surge of only 450 watts. It is when the similar products in the 500Wh category have an output of around 500 watts and a surge of 1000 watts.

4. Not Much Cheaper

Though having a low output and no MPPT charge controller, it is quite pricier compared to the models with those features. That is indeed yet another big shortfall of the little Maxoak Bluetti power station.

Maxoak Bluetti AC50 Vs Jackery Explorer 500

Of course, Maxoak has a lot of competitors in its segment. Jackery’s mid-range Explorer 500 is a good example. Hence, we would like to pit the Maxoak against Explorer 500 to let you see in whatever areas it stands out or fails. Also, the comparison will give you a clear insight into both the devices.

Let us begin with the design part before evaluating the performance and other core things. As you see, the Maxoak has a clear boxy form factor with dual strong foldable carrying handles. So, I think the design part gives it a slight edge over the Explorer’s uninviting pentagon profile.

Moreover, the design elements like the rubber covering – available in multi-color options – rather make the Bluetti a nice choice aesthetically. Check out the link below to buy the Explorer power station.

Coming to the specs, the Maxoak is slightly less powerful than the Jackery. See, the Explorer has a 518Wh lithium battery of 24Ah @ 21.6V. Meanwhile, the Maxoak is 500Wh and packing up a 45Ah @ 11.1V lithium battery. Thus, the Jackery has a slight dominance over the Bluetti in this regard.

When it comes to the inverter as well, Maxoak Bluetti AC50 falls short to its rival. Its 300W inverter with 450W surge makes it not a good recommendation. Also, it misses out a regulated carport. However, the Bluetti has an advantage with dual AC sockets and five USB ports including one USB-C port.

At the same time, the Jackery has only three USB ports and no USB-C. It is when both have two DC barrel sockets each. But the Maxoak’s are 12V/3A units, while the Jackery’s are more powerful 12V/7A units.

Comparison Highlights – Pros and Cons

++ Stylish Design with Rubber Strap Covering Around.
++ Two Standard AC Sockets Vs One AC Socket.
++ Four USB Ports and One USB-C Vs Three USB Ports Only.
– – 500Wh Less Storage Capacity Vs 518Wh Battery Capacity.
– – 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Vs 500W Inverter.
– – 450W Surge Power Vs 1000W Surge Power
– – Relatively Higher Price for its Storage Capacity.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Maxoak Bluetti AC50 Portable Power Station. Though a stylish piece of the power station, it has a number of notable shortfalls that are enough to avert customers from it. Overall, at its price, you get several other models on the market including the Jackery. Anyway, share your thoughts about the Maxoak solar power station in the comments below.

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