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Montek X-1000 Solar Generator: The True Solar Generator in an All-In-One Suitcase

Montek X-1000 is perhaps the first true portable solar generator. It is from a start-up called, Montek Solar. Made exactly like a suitcase, you have everything, including an 80W solar charger, smartly packed up in it.

Specs-wise, the Montek X-1000 solar generator is a 1010Wh/1000W machine but is special with its rugged and waterproof profile. All its output ports and the lid have watertight rubber sealing.

Montek Solar unveiled the compact and handy power station on Indieogogo, starting at $550 back in Jan. 2021. The brand offers it in different variants with and without additional solar panels. Montek is reportedly working to bring up the power station in different power options in the future.

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Montek X-1000 Portable Solar Generator


  • 1010Wh/1000W All-In-One Portable Solar Generator.
  • Capable of Accommodating an 80W Solar Panel Inside.
  • 360W MPPT Solar Charge Controller for Fast Charging.
  • 210W Built-In AC Charger, No Power Brick Needed.
  • Highly Portable and Durable in Design.

Look-wise, you may feel it looks like Renogy Phoenix, but different from the Renogy product, the Montek has no solar panel integrated. Instead, you open up its lid to a small room made to store an 80W solar charger.

The water-resistant and rugged device will certainly be an awesome companion in your adventures in the wild. You can take it anywhere on your trips quite comfortably as it weighs just around 28 lbs, including an 80W solar charger. It is also a perfect emergency backup power system.

Montek X-1000 Solar Generator Review

Coming to the detailed specs, one of the major attractions of Montek X-1000 is its Grade-A EV li-ion NMC polymer battery. Specifically, it is 25.9V39Ah, ie. a 273,000mAh battery pack @ 3.7V, and is rated at 2000 charge cycles up to 80% battery capacity.

Montek Solar claims that this battery is stable than the 18650 Li-ion batteries that we have in many solar power stations on the market. Also, as a grade-A automotive battery, it can offer increased charge cycles compared to the NMC battery packs in Jackery Explorer power stations.

Well, the traditional 18650 battery pack needs more cells at a large capacity. Meanwhile, the NMC battery in Montek X-1000 needs fewer battery cells, which further adds to its portability and stability. Moreover, the Montek X-1000 battery is also rather safer for use in extreme environments.

Montek X-1000 Portable Battery Power Station


As you see, the Montek is a 1000W power station. It features dual AC sockets to provide pure sine wave output of up to 1000 watts each. Thus, it comes out to be an ideal portable power system to run a variety of your essential appliances like TV, fridge, power tools, and more.

The other charging options are eight DC units and multiple USB ports. Clearly, the DC charging options include five 12V DC ports at 10A, a 12V carport at 10A Max, and dual 12V DC barrel ports at 7A Max. The USBs are a single unit of USB-C 3.0 PD port, dual USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 outlets, and more.


The great thing with the Montek power station is certainly its included solar charger. That is an 80W folding solar charger, which, as you know already, can be kept conveniently inside its inner compartment.

With the 80W solar charger, you can charge the machine in around 16 hours under a bright sun. If you are ready to increase solar panel capacity up to 300 watts, you can charge it in just three hours under the sun.

The brand offers an additional solar charger of 120 watts. They are all highly efficient mono solar panels that can generate solar power smartly. Their lightweight and ultra-thin profile make them rather portable.

Montek Solar Power Station

Why Should You Buy

1. Lightweight and Handy Power Station

As said above, the Montek X-1000 solar generator highlights a very handy profile. With its weight of 28 lbs and a size of 475 x 406 x 120 mm, it is certainly one of the handiest solar power stations. Its special suitcase profile with a solid carrying handle further adds to its portability quite apparently.

2. Waterproof Design

Yet another appealing thing about the Montek X-1000 is, of course, its brilliant waterproof build. When you keep its waterproof lid closed in the wilderness, you need not worry about rain or water splashes. Further, when not in use, its waterproof profile keeps its inner parts away from moisture and resultant damage.

As said above, all its doors, charging points, lid, and display are built watertight. They all feature perfect rubber sealing to save the innards from moisture and water splashes in the wild. So, you can confidently use the power station during adventures and emergencies.

3. TFT Display for Real-time Monitoring

Moreover, the Montek X-1000 incorporates an advanced TFT display to let you monitor its performance in real-time. Well, it will show up complete details and system information, including battery capacity, DC/AC output voltage, fan operational details, and more.

Montek X-1000 Solar Power Generator

4. Smart and Intelligent Cooling System

The inclusion of an intelligent cooling system is another attraction of the power station. It can safeguard the overall health of the power station as it keeps the machine cool when overheated.

The cooling fan will start operating when the inside temperature crosses the range of 60°C. It will go up in speed as the heat rises up further. Furthermore, when the temperature hits 80°C, all the output and input ports will get shut down automatically to ensure the safety of the overall system.

5. Rooms for Solar Panel and Charging Cables

Fine, it looks to be another incredible feature of the Montek power station. The machine has got exclusive compartments for you to neatly store the included charging cables and the 80-watt solar charger.

It is how Montek  X-1000 becomes further portable and handier for outdoor and emergency power needs. You need to carry additional solar chargers separately, however.

6. LED Light Integrated with SOS

To make it more suitable for outdoor and off-grid applications, the device equips a 3W LED light. It is good for lighting up your camping tent or an outdoor event and its SOS function makes you rather confident in your explorations into the wild.

Montek X-1000 Solar Generator

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Montek X-1000 solar generator. The device is certainly quite significant with a host of exciting features that you can’t see with most of its rivaling models. First of all, it has got a suitcase-style profile, and secondly a waterproof build among a lot of other things.

Added with its decent output and inverter power, the modern features make the Montek X-1000 a worthy alternative of the kind to have a look at.

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