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Nikota Meta-2000 Solar Power Station: A 2016Wh/2300W Solar Generator with 4G/5G Connectivity

Would you love to take a solar power station with 4G/5G connectivity on your next adventure trip? Then, meet Nikota Meta-2000, a 2016Wh mid-size LiFePO4 portable solar power station with a 2300W power inverter and a highly lightweight profile.

We have been familiar with a wide range of power stations with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, but this one is going to be the first model in the world to act as a network transmitter, apart from being a mere receiver of your home Wi-Fi.

Thanks to its built-in 4G/5G router, the Nikota power station can not only supply backup power to your devices but also work as a hotspot with its own network. That is you can connect your phones, tablets, laptops, and other smart appliances to it and stay connected with both power and the internet.

Besides the 4G/5G network and Wi-Fi router, the Meta-2000 notably highlights a mosquito-repellent lamp and LED ambient light. Its maker is about to unveil the product in a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. We have more details about the impressive solar power station below. Stay tuned.

Nikota Meta-2000 Release and Price Update: Nikota launched the power station on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign on November 15, 2022. The LFP 4G version of the device starts at around $900 with a super early bird discount of almost 36%. Check out the product on the link below. 



Nikota Meta-2000 Solar Generator


  • 2016Wh/2300W Mid-Range LiFePO4 Solar Power Station.
  • 4G/5G Network, Wi-Fi Router, LAN, and WAN Connectivity.
  • Mosquito Repellant Lamp and LED Ambient Light.
  • 300W MPPT Solar Charging 2000W Max AC Charging.
  • Three AC Sockets, and Two Wireless Chargers.

Nikota Meta-2000 Solar Power Station

With a 2300W inverter, the Nikota power station can easily back up your essential household appliances like fridges, mini air conditioners, and ovens and power tools like drills, welding machines, and more.

Meta-2000 features a 300W Max MPPT controller for receiving the juice from a solar array and a 2000W Max from an AC socket. In combination, it can be charged fully in just 1.5 hours.

When it comes to special features, it has got a mosquitoes-repelling lamp and LED ambient light other than its 4G/5G network. Of course, these surprising features can make your off-grid life with the Nikota full of fun. Including three AC sockets, the Nikota power station can power 13 devices all at once.

Nikota Meta-2000 will be available in the US, UK, EU, AU, and JP versions.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the upcoming Nikota Meta-2000 solar power station. The brand is to unveil it in a crowdfunding campaign. We are not sure about its price and availability date. It will certainly be a game-changer product in the portable solar power market with its 4G/5G network.

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