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Omni Off-Grid Power Station: Omnicharge’s All-In-One Solution for Power and Connectivity

The Omnicharge Omni Off-Grid power station is a brilliant portable solution for your adventures. More than a power backup system, it can double as a portable connectivity solution, too. Fine, its built-in Omnicharge connectivity feature enables a squad of explorers to stay connected quite reliably in the wild.

As a portable power station, the 1500Wh Omni Off-Grid is indeed a serious competitor to the likes of Goal Zero Yeti 1500X, EcoFlow Delta, Bluetti AC200P, LEOCH power station, and more. However, in my view, what makes the Ominicharge power station unique is certainly its integrated connectivity feature.

The included Omni Connect Module makes you set up a private network in any outdoor condition. Well, the Omni Connect comes with four modules that can be used to communicate and share your location with any device. This facility can obviously boost your confidence in exploring and enjoying the wild further.

Omni Off-Grid Power Station

The team at Omnicharge, known for its series of power banks, has been long researching a new-gen power station. Their attempts have perfectly ended up with Omni Off-Grid as an ideal backup solution for today’s ‘digital adventures.’ What you get is a powerful solar backup system with no compromise on mobility.

There are indeed a lot of great things with the Omni Off-Grid power station. First of all, it is a high-capacity device with fast-charging technology from multiple sources, including solar and carport.

Plus, like many of the recently-launched large solar power stations, its storage capacity is expandable with extra Omni backup batteries. This feature simply ensures that you get access to unlimited portable power when it is coupled with a powerful solar array. The brand itself offers amazing solar panel options.

Omnicharge Solar Power Station


In addition, it is a highly compact and lightweight power station. With a weight of 37lbs and a handy size, you can take it anywhere comfortably. Overall, you get one of the finest huge power stations for on-the-go application with a host of attractive features and specialties.

Above all, as stated above, the Omnicharge power station a superb connectivity feature to make you stay connected in a range of 8 km. The private network will certainly be a boon for all types of explorers.

Notable Features

  • 1500Wh Handy and Compact Solar Power Station.
  • Omni Connect Module for Off-Grid Communication.
  • 8 KM Long Range Private Network for Explorers. 
  • Powerful Inverter with Four AC Sockets. 
  • 16 Charging Points to Charge All Your Devices. 
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Stylish Profile.

Why Should You Buy

1. Powerful and High-Capacity Power Station

The first remarkable thing about the Omnicharge power station is its high storage capacity. With a 1500Wh battery, it is absolutely one of the high-capacity power stations on the market. The battery has a charging cycle of 1000 times to guarantee you a long life.

2. Off-Grid Connectivity and Communication

It is a point that gives a clear edge for the Omni Off-Grid power station from all of its rivaling products on the shelf. As you know already, it is up with the brand’s Omni Connect Modules to make possible a private communication network between a team of explorers in the wild.

Omni Connect is, in fact, an add-on module for off-grid communication. It works with a long-range wireless technology (LoRa) to reliable establish a connection between multiple adventures to meet an emergency.

You can use the modules to send voice and text messages among the explorer and to communicate with your friends and family. By the way, all the modules feature GPS sensors for clear geo-location. It also realizes mesh networking to enhance the off-grid communication experience further.

Omni Off-Grid Power Station'

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Omni Off-Grid power station. It is launched on Indiegogo for crowdfunding and is doing quite well there with a lot of backers. As of writing this, it has grabbed as much as $40,000 from around 250 backers. The brand would like to start shipping it to its contributors by June 2021. We will surely keep you updated when the product is available for the public market. Stay tuned.

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Disclaimer: This product is currently a prototype only. Its maker is seeking crowdfunding support to go into final production following the required R&D. We are not responsible for the delayed shipping or delivery of a faulty or unfinished product after you back it up on the crowdfunding platform.

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