Solar Hat Phone Charger – Sol Solar Solar Hat: A Simple, Powerful Solution to Keep your Phone Constantly Charged Off-grid

Are you a data junkie? And constantly looking to the screen to get in touch with the world? Away from home, you will be having trouble to find a good way …

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Solar Powered AA Battery Charger: Smart Solar Charger for your AA, AAA, C or D Cell Rechargable Batteries

We are quite familiar with a big variety of solar chargers for phone and laptop. Here is an amazing solar powered AA battery charger from a company called Solar. As …

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Best Solar Backpack for Hiking: 7W Ivation Solar Backpack Review – Featuring 10Ah Battery and 1.8L Drinking Water Bladder

Going on an adventurous hiking, you will surely love to have this cool Ivation solar backpack. It features some appealing things to excite you if you have been looking forward for …

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Monerator Gusto Solar Generator Faceoff: Gusto 10 Vs Gusto 20 Vs Gusto 40 Portable Solar Generators

We have come across a big variety of solar generators and chargers on this blog thus far. Here you have three cool solar generators from Monerator, branded as Gusto solar …

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Camping Solar Cooker by Sun Ovens: Cool Lightweight Portable Solar Oven to Cook your Camping Meals Instantly

Last month we came across a pair of solar ovens in this blog; Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe and SolSource Solar Cooker. Here we’ve another cool camping solar cooker, All …

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10000mAh Solar Portable Power Banks: 10 Best Selling Portable Solar Phone Chargers with 10000mAh Battery Inside

Would you love to make regular outings? What about a solar power bank to juice up your phone in the wild? Here we have a list of 10 top-selling 10000mAh …

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Portable Solar Powered Water Purification Systems

Portable Solar Powered Water Purification Systems Distributed by UN in Developing Countries to Fight Drinking Water Scarcity

Solar-powered water purification is an amazing way to fight drinking water scarcity in developing countries. United Nations has identified the need of the hour and started to distribute various portable …

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PowerOak PS5B Portable Solar Power Station

Portable Solar Power Station – PowerOak PS5B Solar Generator with Wall and Car Charging Options

PowerOak’s portable solar power station, the PS5B is an interesting product for campers. With multiple options to charge including solar, it is quite perfect for use outdoors. The PowerOak power …

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Grape Solar Off-grid Solar Panel Kit: 400W Solar Emergency Kit with Xantrex Inverter

Grid power cuts off if there is a natural calamity. The finest way to survive in emergency is solar. You get unlimited solar energy whenever there is sun in sky. If …

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SOLSOL-Solar-Powered-Hat-Charger Overview

Solar Powered Hat Charger SOL SOL: Upcoming Solar Hat Charger to Power up your Phone in Four Hours

Portable solar devices are going handy and practical. For versatile outdoor use, added portability is indeed a plus. Here I would like to introduce you to an exciting solar hat …

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120W Portable Folding Solar Panel by Eco-Worthy: Solar Panel Suitcase with Charge Controller

Eco-Worthy Looking to set up a DIY off-grid solar system? This 120W Portable Folding Solar Panel by Eco-Worthy is a worthy pick for setting up a DIY portable solar generator. …

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Nekteck Solar Panel Charger: 20W Solar Charger with High Efficiency Solar Panels

Looking for an easily movable solar charger? The Nekteck solar panel charger is something worth buying for camping and outdoor life. Coming up with highly efficient 20W three-layer solar panels, …

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Eton Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker: Rugged Rukus Solar Speaker and Charger to Power Up Devices and Stream Tunes

It is a little portable speaker plus phone charger. You can take music anywhere with the solar powered Bluetooth speaker. Thanks to the built-in solar panel and internal Li-ion battery, you …

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