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Paxcess 330W Portable Power Station: All to Know About Paxcess Popular Power Station

Are you looking at getting a mid-range power station? Here is a pretty astonishing 288.6Wh power station from Paxcess, a well-known vendor of travel, cleaning, and outdoor tools. This is actually a popular product of the kind with lots of takers. Well, here we have our take on Paxcess 330W portable power station.

The Paxcess is, in fact, the high-end model of the brand’s solar power stations. The other models from the brand are low-power ones, including 280W and 150W systems. However, Paxcess 330W portable power station is a super small, pretty lightweight and durable solution with a very functional design.

Like the AllPowers 372Wh power station, Paxcess 330 is renowned for its built-in wireless charging facility. The Qi charging pad on the top helps quickly juice up your Qi-enabled handset. Besides, it highlights other typical charging outlets and inlets. Stay tuned for our roundup of the Paxcess power station.

Also, we would like to pit it against its AllPowers competitor, by the way.

Paxcess 330W Portable Power Station

The Paxcess is a decently powerful solar power station. With an output of 288.6Wh at 78000mAh, it gets everything you might want to set on a picnic table. That said, it could ideally power most of your essential electronics and make you feel safe in an off-grid as well as a survival situation.

The power station could juice up a smartphone around 30 times and a floodlight around 60 times. It works with a range of other electronics, thanks to its multiple charging outlets. Its single 110V AC socket delivers a 330W pure sine wave output and a peak of 700 watts. Check out its latest price on the button below.

Besides the AC socket, the Paxcess 330W portable power station integrates multiple USB and DC charging outlets. The USBs include three Quick Charge 3.0 ports and one Type-C USB port. Meanwhile, the DC ports include one 12V/10A cigarette lighter charger and two 12V/5A DC barrel adapters.

Each of the USB, DC, and AC sections has individual control switches. But the control switch of the AC port is not easily accessible as you plug any power brick into it, say a MacBook adapter. That looks to be a slight design flaw as the AC socket situates upside down against the US standards.

Anyway, as a camper-friendly device, it has got an LED light bar that features SOS mode. The LED is bright enough to light up your camping trails and tents in an emergency. Overall, you get a very light and rugged solar-based power station in a stylish look and design.

The Paxcess has a size of 8.07 x 6.1 x 6.3 in and a weight of 7 lbs. Of course, it features a rugged design and its strong foldable carrying handle makes its moving quite easier. The built-in orange-shaded corner safety pads made of some silicone-like materials further add to its durability and life, for sure.

Notable Features

  • 288.6wh/78000mAh Portable Lithium Power Station.
  • 330W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with 700W Surge Power.
  • One 110V AC Socket with 330W Continuous Power
  • 12V/10A Cigarette Lighter Charger.
  • Two 5A DC 5.5*2.1 Output Outlets.
  • 5W Qi Wireless Charger.
  • One USB-C and Three Quick Charge USB 3.0 Ports.
  • Integrated LED Lighting Bar.
  • 7lbs Lightweight and Compact Design.

Compatible Solar Charger

Like all similar power stations, any solar charger works with the Paxcess. However, Paxcess offers a low-power 50W folding solar panel. That is indeed not a largely powerful one to recharge the 288.6Wh power station in a few hours, but is available at an affordable price and is ultra-portable too.

This is a highly efficient mono solar panel with four layers. With a higher conversion rate, it comes up with multiple DC connectors to make it suitable for any solar power stations out there. The included 1.35mm DC adapter is the way you could connect it to the Paxcess power station. Check out its current price below.

The Paxcess solar charger also features three USB sockets. Along with the built-in smart IC chips, each USB port is capable of delivering your gadgets an ideal amount of power. Well, the smart chip helps the charger identify the connected devices intelligently and achieve fast charging paces in a quite safe manner.

It is designed perfectly for use in rough outdoor conditions. Prepared with quality Oxford cloth, it is water-resistant and highly durable. So, you could take it anywhere on your trips and travels with no worry. Thus, it becomes one of the best solar chargers for camping, hiking, and backpacking as well.

Why Should You Buy

1. 110V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Though the Paxcess has only a single AC socket, it is capable of delivering 110V pure sine wave output. So, the device looks to be a nice solution to run most of your small AC appliances under 330W quite smoothly. With a surge power of 700W, you have nothing to worry about using some high surge devices as well.

2. Rugged and Stackable Design

Yet another lovely thing with the Paxcess 330W portable power station is its attractive design. The boxy device has a flat top so that you could stack things on top of it. Also, it touts a rugged and durable design making it perfect for outdoors. On the bottom, it has rubber feet to place it stably somewhere.

3. Qi Wireless Charging Facility

There are indeed not many solar power systems with the wireless charging option. We have an AllPowers one, as said above, but this Paxcess power station has a 5W Qi charging facility. You could just place a Qi-enabled phone on top of it to quickly start wireless charging.

4. LED Lighting Bar

Moreover, the Paxcess power station highlights a cool LED lighting bar. This is not a typical flashlight but is featuring SOS emergency mode. It is more a broad diffused light that may be good for lighting up a room or an area to finish off some work at night.

5. Perfect CPAP Power Supply

The is good for CPAP users. You could run the machine via either its 110V AC socket or 12V cigarette lighter charger. However, the brand recommends you use CPAP with a DC-DC converter and to turn off its heater or humidifier to make it last for three nights. You need to buy the converter separately, though.

Paxcess 330W Vs AllPowers 372Wh Power Station

As said above, we would like to pit the Paxcess against AllPower’s cool 372Wh power station. AllPowers brought into the market this brilliant product through a successful crowdfunding campaign. It has certainly been doing quite well on the market for a while, and AllPowers is all set to launch a high-end variant to it.

We have picked up this AllPowers to compare with the Paxcess as it falls into the same price range as the latter and it has got a Qi wireless charging option. But its wireless charger is two times powerful than the same of the Paxcess as it could deliver 10 watts to your Qi-enabled phones.

Moreover, Paxcess falls short to the AllPowers in overall storage capacity also. Though both carry the same price, the AllPowers packs up a rather heavier 372Wh/1005000mAh battery. Meanwhile, the inverter is the same 300W unit, but with a less surge of 500W. It has two three-pronged AC sockets, though.

Besides the AC sockets, the AllPowers has nearly the same types of the other charging points. They include a 12V cigarette lighter, two 12V/15A DC ports, three fast-charging USBs, and one Type-C. That is, there is no much difference except that the DC barrel jacks of AllPowers could pull in 15A instead of the Paxcess’ 5A.

The AllPowers equips two LED flashlights for ideal lighting of your camp tents or a room in an emergency. Also, its dual AC sockets feature rubber caps to add to its water resistance capacity in outdoor applications. When it comes to solar chargers, AllPowers has a wide range of products than what Paxcess has.

Comparison – Pros and Cons 

 ++ Increased Surge Capacity – 700W Vs 500W.
++ Stylish, Colorful, and Rugged Design.
++ Lightweight Power Station – 8-Lbs Vs 8.7-Lbs
– – Slightly Thicker in Size 6.3 in Vs 4.3 in.
– –
Single 110V AC Socket Vs Dual 110V AC Sockets.
– –
Less Powerful Qi Wireless Charger – 5W Vs 10W.
– – Less Powerful DC barrel Adapters – 5A Vs 15A.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the famous Paxcess 330W portable power station. Of course, it is one of the key solar power stations with a lot of takers. It notably has a wireless charging option. That makes you charge your phone without the need to carry a cable and by just placing the device on the top. However, it is not as powerful as the AllPowers power station, but both the devices are available at the same price.

Overall, the Paxcess is a decent product. However, there looks to have a few slight design flaws as pointed out by the Seven Wanders the World vlogger. He says Paxcess has wrongly located the AC control button, which gets its access blocked once a power brick is connected to the port. Surely, the AC socket’s upside-down position contributes to the discomfort. Anyway, share your thoughts about the product below.

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