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Pecron S1500 Portable Power Station: Compact 1500W/1461.6Wh Solar Generator

There is yet another cool entrant into the crowd of midrange solar power stations. It is from Pecron, a top vendor of outdoor renewable power stations since 2012. Called Pecron S1500 portable power station, it is a compact device with a 1461.6Wh battery and 1500W inverter.

Pecron is a vendor that offers a variety of midrange solar power stations. This is a new member of its large family and the brand is looking to unveil it on Indiegogo for crowdfunding.

The most attractive thing about the Pecron power station is its compact and light design. Though a smaller 25lbs machine, it accommodates a powerful battery pack and a reliable inverter. Thus, it can power up your appliances and devices at a quick and reliable pace.

Pecron S1500 Portable Power Station

There is indeed a wide range of midrange power stations on the market today. But the Pecron is going to be unique because it will come out to be one of the most compact power stations at your disposal.

Specs-wise, as stated above, it packs up a 1,416Wh lithium-ion battery at its core and the inverter is a pure sine wave one. With a power of 1500 watts, it comes an ideal way to run a range of your devices.

Though small in size, the Pecron features all essential charging ports. They include three 110V AC sockets, four USB 3.0 outlets, a regular 12V DC socket, and more.

With a high-density battery inside, the S1500 has got a small size of 13.8 x 7.3 x 10 inches. That is, the machine has a size of a lid-opened MacBook 13, and it weighs just 25 lbs, as said above.

The sturdy handle makes you carry it anywhere easily with no much hassle.

The brand is yet to unveil the product on the crowdfunding platform. Stay tuned with us to have the latest updates about the Pecron S1500 portable power station.

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