Jackery, a leading maker of portable mobile chargers, comes with a powerful 578W portable solar battery charger, called Jackery Power Pro. The highly portable battery charger can be a great companion for your off-grid power use. Well, the lunchbox-size solar charger really packs up a host of cool features to make your camping and hiking an experience.

Currently, Jackery is seeking crowd funding for the project. On KickStarter, it has grabbed incredible response so far. As of writing this, as many as 110 customers have backed it to let it cover its pledged goal of $50,000 quickly. Amazingly, with 25 more days to go for the campaign, the portable solar battery charger has amassed up over $55,000. If you want to back the project go here on KickStarter.

As you know, Jackery Power Pro is basically a 578 watt-hour battery generator. It becomes a solar generator when you connect it with the included 85W solar panel. Or like all similiar portable chargers, it works as a cool power bank, thanks to its built-in 26.8Ah unit battery. Well, you can power it up from grid power and enjoy life outdoors. However, for a camper or hiker, solar option is indeed a blessing outdoors.

Portable Solar Battery Charger – Jackery Power Pro


Coming to specs, Jackery Power Pro looks to be a really worthy outdoor off-grid solution. Jackery says its AC port could charge your gadgets at 300 watts continuously. And at surge peak, it could go up to 500 watts. In case of DC port, you get 120 watts total, making it ideal pick to power up nearly all your camping gadgets.

By the way, featuring total power of 578 Watts inside, it comes out to be a big competitor to Goal Zero’s Yeti 400 as well as Anker’s PowerHouse. Both Yeti 400 and PowerHouse are 400W power banks, but in terms of the capacity of built-in battery, the Jackery portable solar battery charger doesn’t challenge those rivaling products.

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Well, you get Jackery Power Pro with 26.8Ah/21.6V battery under the hood. You can power it up fully from a wall outlet in 6 hours. And if you go solar, it will take around 7 hours under bright sun with the included 85W panel. Sure, adding to the portability factor, the solar panel is a foldable unit. You can make it into a small pack after use for easy storing as well as carrying. Of course, that would be a great advantage for a regular camper.


You have all commonly-used output ports with the Jackery Power Pro generator. Specifically, it has USB ports, 12V DC 6MM ports, a 12V cigarette lighter port and an AC port (Type A or Type B) to make it juice up variety of your gadgets and appliances. In addition, it sports a bright LED lamp to give you light in nighttime outdoors. And a small LCD display to show real-time information. Finally, its weight goes at 12 lbs, meaning that it sure won’t impose much burden on a camper or hiker.

What Makes it Special

Stylish, Durable and Highly Portable Generator

Primarily meant for off-grid use, the portable solar battery charger is much durable and highly portable. Its overall size won’t exceed not more than the size of a lunchbox (we don’t have exact size avaialble), making it ideal for carrying anywhere. In addition, on top of the generator sports a sturdy carrying handle so that it won’t be a huge task for a camper to take the 12-lbs gadget along during outing. Fine, coming to its look, surely it is quite attractive with its orange and black color shading.


Powerful and Good Storage for Off-grid Use

Jackery Power Pro is indeed a powerful off-grid power solution. Compared to the nearest rivals like Yeti 400 and Anker PowerHouse, it is wonderful with its 578W output. And the built-in battery is also sufficient to store enough energy to power up an array of your gadgets outdoors. By the way, going solar you need only 7 hours to fully charge it under direct sun. That means you are lucky enough to travel with a relieable solar solution.

Easy to Use, Plug and Play Power Generator

Overall function of Jackery Power Pro is cool. Just open up the solar panel and connect it to the generator. It will instantly start boosting the power bank and you can ensure availability of energy all the time around. If you don’t want to go solar, you can also power it up from your wall. However, a camper or hiker will always love to use it with solar panel, espeically because it is amazingly easy-to-use.


Price and Availability

Jackery Power Pro portable battery solar charger is currently available for pre-order on KickStarter. Jackery expects to ship the product to the backers by early next year. It is yet to know when the company plans to sell it for public. On KickStarter, you have different deals to own the solar generator pack, starting at $675. Well, for that amount you get a Jackery Power Pro unit along with a solar panel and it will be shipped anywhere in world. Here is the link to support and own the battery solar charger on KickStarter.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the Jackery Power Pro portable battery solar charger looks an incredible solution for your outings and beach days. Thanks to its high power output, you can use it to run variety of your gadgets out in the wild. It is so small and sleek that you can take it anywhere, and thanks to its solar power option, you can keep charging its internal power pack all the time around. And in case you meet with an emergency, you will have a ready to use solar kit that can even survive you from the worse conditions.

It is high time we require outstanding portable solar solutions. Carrying a gas generator is, in fact, an old idea as it devours fuel and causes harm to nature by emitting smoke and noise. Innovative idea like Jackery Power Pro is certainly to change the way you spend time outside. With no harm to nature, you get a super portable power solution. Share your thoughts about the upcoming portable battery solar charger in comments below.

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