Have you thought of a solar cooker for preparing instant meal during camping? Here it is: Go Sun Stove’s portable solar cooker that can cook dishes in 20 minutes with no fuel. The complete fuel-free portable cooking solution can safely sizzle up to 550°F, which means you can cook anything outdoors with this magical solar cooker.

This versatile portable cooker can cook anything you want. You can bake, fry and boil instant dishes if there is sun. Even after a snow storm you can prepare dishes if sun is shedding light for some minutes, because it is made with an innovative technology to utilize every drop of sunshine.

Most exciting thing with the GoSun portable solar cooker, needless to say, is its fuel-free functioning. Yes, it burns no charcoal or no fuel. Nor does it discharge open flame. Just put it in the sunlight it will start preparing your meals. Once done, fold up and go. Below we have all details about the cooker and how it works.

GoSun Portable Solar Cooker – Highlights

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GoSun Stove Portable Solar Cooker


How GoSun Portable Solar Cooker Works?

GoSun has designed a ground-breaking solar cooking technology for its line of portable solar ovens and grills. It comes with an evacuated heat-proof Pyrex glass chamber with a vacuum ring around. That is placed in a special position in the middle of parabolic reflectors. (see the image below).

The parabolic design lets the cooker capture sunlight from a broad range of angles, thus producing temperature for cooking in the tube. Along with it packs up a cooking tray with a handle. You can place food items on the tray and insert it into the spherical tube, where cooking takes place in a magical style.

GoSun Portable Solar Cooker
Photo: GoSunStove.Com

Overall, GoSun portable solar cooker contains an evacuated cooking chamber, a pair of parabolic reflectors, a cooking tray, a cleaning scrubby and a carrying handle that can be used as support legs to place the cooker in direction to sunlight.

Why Should you Buy?

Best Cooking Solution for Camping and Emergency

Powered by sun and having portable design, it is an awesome cooking solution for camping and emergency. While going on an outing or undergoing an emergency you will be having a disconnect with grid power and regular stoves. You won’t be able to carry a fuel stove into the wild, but this cool solar cooker is going to help you a lot in cooking instant meals anywhere.

No Fuel, No Flame, Completely Sustainable

As you know, GoSun Stove portable solar cooker emits no fuel and flame. It uses sunlight to prepare meals. Based on an advanced solar cooking technology, it utilizes the unlimitedly available sunshine to produce temperature for cooking. So you can enjoy boundless pleasure of outdoor cooking by consuming and discharging nothing. It is a nice way to reduce your carbon footprint in a world that is under big threats of global warming.

First of its Kind Technology

Yes, that is true. You can’t find a similar product anywhere else on market today. This awesome portable cooker is made out of an innovative technology by GoSun. Being a solar product doesn’t mean that a solar panel is attached to it. It just utilizes sunlight in a unique way to produce temperature for cooking. That is why many reviewers have gone on to call it a really magical product!

Tremendously Effective Technology

The portable solar cooker by GoSun Stove boasts a very effective technology. It can retain almost 90% of sunlight exposed to its reflector footprint. Hence, the 1.5kg little device is definitely doing wonder in terms of effective cooking. It can house up to 1.4kg of food at a time. If you have GoSun Brew insert, you can prepare hot beverages as well. The cooking temperature can be adjusted from 93°C to a maximum of 288°C.

GoSun Stove Portable Solar Cooker Review


What Customers Think?

Being an eco-friendly product, customer response toward the portable solar cooker from GoSun is immense. As of writing this, as many as 60 people have made their comments on the cooker on Amazon.com. Most people have shared positive notes on its functioning and that is apparent in its rating score, i.e. 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Final Thoughts

Cooking is a passion for many campers. While making into outings, they love to carry some food items for preparing in the wild. This GoSun portable solar cooker or grill can add a lot of comfort to their cooking experience and change the way they have been enjoying outings in past.

Possibility for quick cooking without the need for fuel is certainly an awesome thing. You get foods of your own preparation and that even without harming the nature or disposing of any natural resources like wood, fuel or energy. Hence many more people will love portable solar cooking solutions like this.

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