Portable Solar Generators Buying Guide

Sick with the fumes and noise of a gas generator? What about replacing it with a solar generator? A portable solar generator has too many advantages over the traditional diesel generator.

First of all, a solar generator is eco-friendly and secondly it costs you very less. Moreover, by choosing a solar generator, you have a big choice of models available on market today. Earlier we didn’t have that many items to pick from.

As of now, you have a line of different portable solar power devices like solar generators, folding solar chargers, solar mobile chargers and solar lanterns and etc… Makers produce solar devices in different size and style to meet the requirements of all types of customers.

Goal Zero Yeti 1250 solar generator kit review
Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator

Because of the variety of models, you might be confused about deciding on a solar generator. Here our portable solar generator buying guide will help you find the best product that can juice up your gadgets and appliances during an outing or emergency.

With a solar generator, you get clean energy with no cost at all. You don’t harm the nature by discharging fumes or noise. As well, you don’t consume any natural resources to let your solar generator produce energy. It just uses the freely available sunlight, whose energy is wasted otherwise.

Things to Consider While Buying Portable Solar Generators?

There is a wide range of products in the portable solar market, depending on many factors like power output, size and weight. It is really a bit tricky to find an ideal product from the crowded market, and so here we are up to help you. Below are the major things you should keep in mind while buying a portable solar generator – See our portable solar generator buying guide.

Portable Design

Beyond everything, mobility factor comes first. Only an easy-to-move solar generator is going to ease the burden in your travels and outdoor explorations. My advice to you is to go for a portable solar generator, designed in style of a suitcase or briefcase. It makes moving easier.

Briefcase-style portable solar generators make moving easier.

Ensure it is up with a sturdy and collapsible handle as well as wheels for comfortable dragging at airports and rough terrains alike. Fortunately, on market we have nearly all top-tier portable solar generators with moving-friendly cases.

Expandable Solar Panels

You may not foresee what amount of power you will require in your future outings. That is why pick a model that is expandable with extra solar panels as well as batteries. Obviously, it offers you an advantage that you can add up to its output when you need more solar power. Some models available in market are really awesome when it comes to expandability. You can plug in additional batteries and panels, thus picking up output and storage capacities for more devices.


It is not easy to get a lightweight model with better energy output. Definitely a high-power solar power system will be heavy, because of its hefty components. It comes with more solar panels, powerful inverters and huge battery packs. Its case will also be large and rugged. Make sure you find a nice product that is lightweight, and at the same time, powerful enough to satiate your power requirements.

Compact and Durable

A portable solar generator is simply for carrying.  It is not made to be placed anywhere, but to power up your outings and hiking into the wild. Hence, the key theory to keep in mind, while heading to buy one, is to make sure it is solid, rugged and durable.

An outdoor enthusiast looks for a portable solar generator with rugged and solid body. It ensures solar power everywhere, irrespective of  weather, and rough conditions.

An outdoorsman looks for a solar generator with a study case only. Whole the settings inside and outside the case must be solid as well. No matter whether it has integrated or attached solar panels.

But some people prefer to solar charger with standalone panels, because it lets them place the panels anywhere outside for better sunlight access. The rest of the machine can be safely kept in your camping tent or condo.

Sum Up

Hope you are happy with our portable solar generators buying guide. We’ve been talking about the important things to keep in your mind. Portable power market is not full-blown yet. It is growing up. People’s trends toward solar energy are gradually changing. An outdoorsman has, in fact, no other reliable way to connect to portable energy than solar. For that reason, you might walk through our guide to find the best pick.

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