There is, in fact, no dearth of portable solar power banks on market. Surely, you get many models in different sizes and capacities. What about having a look at four best portable solar packs? Well, we would like to invite your attention to the great models that are ideal for off-grid life as well as emergency. What’s more, they are also the best-sellers in the segment with good customer response. Stay with us to have a look at the models.

Portable Solar Power Banks

Cool Portable Solar Power Banks

A solar generator is too heavy for portable use. But a solar power pack is always handy, compact, and friendly for portable needs. That is why we strongly recommend these cool solar power packs for your short trips.

Coupled with a solar charger, you could virtually plug in these systems to the sun anywhere and juice from the eternal source of power. By the way, they also support wall socket and car port charging. Though it is a brilliant option for emergency and cloudy conditions, we suggest you to go solar. Simply, that could not only enhance your portability, but also let kind of reduce your carbon footprint.

1. River Mobile Solar Power Station

It is a smart solar power pack to boost up your entire camp. Certainly, it is one of the lightweight solar power solutions in the segment. Hope you remember our article on River power station when it was seeking crowd support on Indiegogo back in June this year.

Amazingly, River grabbed over 3300% of its goal to amass up a massive amount of $1,079,929. River’s output is 412Wh and it packs a 116,000mAh ultra-capacity battery. More interestingly, you could charge eleven devices at a time, thanks to a good collection of its charging ports.

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Clearly, you have two Quickcharge 2.0 USB ports, two normal USBs, two Type C USBs, two AC outlets, two DC sockets, and one 12V car port. When it comes to weight, it is just 11 pounds, and so is the second lightest model in our list of portable solar power banks after Anker PowerHouse. Finally, it is indeed awesome that River has got a wonderful design. You have got a strong, built-in handle to take it anywhere.

Recommended Solar Charger

River’s maker EcoFlow doesn’t specifically suggest a solar charger for the device. However, it was talking about pairing it with a 50W solar charger on its Indiegogo page. But currently it doesn’t bundle up any particular solar charger with River. However, it sells a 21-watt three-folding solar charger on Amazon, which you should buy separately. Also, you could use any other solar charger with the machine. So, you could buy a more powerful panel to make sure it charges steady faster under sunlight.

2. Jackery Power Pro Explorer Power Station

We already talked about Jackery Power Pro Explorer multiple times before. It is again a crowd-funded project with good response from backers. Absolutely, this 500Wh stands out with its stylish look and color. Packing up a powerful 140000mAh lithium battery, this Jackery can power up a phone around 40 times, a laptop around 6 times, and run a mini fridge, coffee maker, and other small appliances.

Thus, it becomes one of the best solar-based mobile power houses. You could get anywhere with it and juice up your electronics from sunlight. It is one of the best portable solar power banks because you have it equipped with all required features. First, you have multiple output ports, an integrated LED display, and a flashlight.

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That is, you could connect variety of devices to the machine, read real-time data on battery, and light up your ways in the wild. Coming to ports, it touts a 110V AC port, dual 12V DC ports, one DC cigarette light port, and a pair of 5V USB ports. Finally, it is very friendly for portable use because of its handy design and strong handle.

Recommended Solar Panel

Jackery itself offers an 85W folding solar panel for the machine, but unfortunately the bundle with the solar panel is currently not on stock on Amazon. We also checked if Jackery was selling the solar charger separately, but we couldn’t find it. Hence, you could try another solar panel like Mohoo’s 100W bendable solar panel. If you have a more powerful panel you could charge it maximum from the sunshine of a bright day.

3. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Portable Power Station

No list of the best portable solar power banks is complete without a Goal Zero Yeti model. We have Goal Zero’s brand-new Yeti 400 Lithium here. As you know, it is the entry-level model of the new Yeti Lithium series. And obviously is the most popular model in this list, thanks to the brand name of Goal Zero.

Most customers would like to prefer an Yeti power station in spite of its increased price. But the quality and customer support Goal Zero gives are, of course, the best in the industry. This award-winning solar power station is a 428Wh lithium machine. You could connect and power up as many as seven devices at a time. Coming to battery capacity, it offers 39,600mAh at 10.8V and 119,000mAh at 3.6V.

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Specifically, Yeti 400 offers continuous 300W power and 1200W surge power. You could charge and run your gadgets and appliances through its buil’t-in 2.4A USB ports, and 12V DC ports as well. Via the AC socket, you could also run bigger appliances like CPAPs, TVs, oven, etc.

Recommended Solar Panel

Goal Zero suggests a number of solar panels from its rich collection for Yeti 400. See, if you you need basic power you could get a Nomad 28 Plus folding panel. It would also let you handle the package more easily out in the wild as you could fold down the panel. If you want more power go for either Boulder 50 or Boulder 100 Briefcase. The latter one is, in fact, an suitcases-style assembly of a pair of Boulder 50 panels with hinges and latches. So, all the models are designed much friendly for your portable use, anyways.

4. Anker PowerHouse Power Bank

Anker PowerHouse is indeed one of the best-sellers in portable solar power banks. It fits well for your camping and hiking trips because it weighs just below 10 pounds. With a folding solar panel, you could take anywhere with no hassle at all.

The 400Wh power box acts like a silent DC and AC inverter and you could charge and run a variety of your appliances and gadgets from it. Even a CPAP machine works fine with PowerHouse, and so we would like to recommend it as one of the best portable power stations for your outings.

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A key advantage of Anker PowerHouse over the other models in our list is certainly its less weight and compact design. You have got a very handy machine with a strong handle to carry it anywhere easily. Inside it packs a high density lithium-ion battery, which would give you long life. What’s more, your devices work very safe with the the power house, thanks to the included battery management system for voltage control and protection.

Recommended Solar Panel

Anker doesn’t recommend a particular solar charger for PowerHouse. However, most people who have bought Anker PowerHouse look to have purchased the company’s 21W folding solar panel, as per Amazon data. But it doesn’t look a powerful solar charger for the machine. You could try more powerful solar units like Renogy’s 100W solar panel or any other models to increase productivity. Thus, you could make Anker PowerHouse one of the best portable solar power banks for outdoor uses. SwanFolding Solar ChargersPortable Solar Charging KitsPortable Solar Powerportable solar power banksThere is, in fact, no dearth of portable solar power banks on market. Surely, you get many models in different sizes and capacities. What about having a look at four best portable solar packs? Well, we would like to invite your attention to the great models that are ideal...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks