A large solar power system for camping makes your life safe outdoors. Are you in search for a portable solar solution? Certainly we have a variety of options. Typically all-in-one solar generators are not powerful enough for off-grid uses. Yes, they may be easy for carrying and handling, but they fail when it comes to capacity and storage. What about portable solar power systems for camping that come in two parts? Mainly we have such units in two parts – solar and battery packs. But some models also offer auxiliary batteries and panels.

Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping

Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping

These machines also fit the best for home, work sites, caravans, and boats. Some models notably feature all-terrain wheels and strong handles. They make their moving easy outdoors. In fact, we have already covered such solar power solutions in former articles. Here along with popular models, we would like to include some new models, which may not be much popular. But trust me they are powerful and reliable machines, indeed.

1. Nature Power 1800W Solar Generator

This is a brilliant environment-friendly solar power pack. As you could see in its title, it could offer you 1800W of power. Most interestingly, it mounts six 120V AC outlets other than 12V DC and USB ports. Thus, you could run all your essential AC appliances with the solar generator.

Nature Power sells this in different kits with and without extra solar panels and auxiliary batteries. The kit we have taken for this list of portable solar power systems for camping has three 100W panels, two 80Ah auxiliary batteries, and 3 solar battery maintainers.

Do you wonder what a battery maintainer is? Of course, it is a new thing with the solar generator from Nature Power. It is basically a small 1.5-watt solar panel that you could keep connected to the battery when not in use. So, it could maintain battery power.

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About the generator, which weighs around 70 pounds, you get a durable handcart so that you could take it anywhere easily. Above all, it has got a very stylish design and cool color with good presence of green, highlighting its eco-friendly nature.

Included Solar Panels

As you know, this solar power kit includes three 100W poly-crystalline solar panels. That is, once you connect all the panels, you get 300W sun power to charge the battery pack. No doubt, it is quite enough to charge the big power station from bright sunlight of some hours. Nature Power also offers other kits of the machine with one and two solar panels. Indeed, you could try other kits also if you want to own this machine on a budget.

 2. HomeGrid 5000W Ultimate Solar Generator

This is a colossal solar generator with a continuous output of 5000 watts and surge capacity of 20,000 watts. Of course, HomeGrid 5000 stands out all solar generators on market with its high power.

This 120V and 240V power back-up system can run multiple appliances at the same time. Obviously, its 7400 watt hours deep cycle AGM battery could offer you long back-up. Well, you could charge it with solar panels or wall outlet.

Absolutely, with HomeGrid 5000, you could meet any emergency with no worry. You could easily power a big range of your large appliances like freezers, microwaves, power tools, medical equipment, kitchen appliances, and etc.

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Coming to its build, it ensures superior durability, thanks to its making with welded steel frame and other strong materials. See, adding to its portability factor, it comes up with 10-inch heavy-duty solid wheels. Added to it, you have durable rubber handle for comfortable moving.

Included Solar Panels

HomeGrid sells this massive power back-up system with four 200-watt solar panels. Apart from camping and other portable uses, you could use it to install in your home, work site, and remote cabins. With solar panels, you get power from anywhere there is sunlight.

Besides the Ultimate variant, HomeGrid also sells two more models; Extreme and Standard. They differ in their battery capacities only. The first one has a battery of 3700 watt hours, while the entry-level latter one has 1800 watt hours.

3. Be Prepared Solar 200Ah Generator – 2500 Watts

Here is the next pick in our list of portable solar power systems for camping and emergency. This Be Prepared Solar’s machine is already a well-known item on market. You could apply the 2500W power pack to run several appliances and gadgets at the same time.

Being fume and smoke-free, you could make it a great replacement to your gasoline generator. Coming to more details, at peak it could deliver 5000W of energy. And you have a pair of 100Ah batteries to store the harvested energy.

All components of the power pack including battery come inside a solid box. That has rugged wheels as well as a durable collapsible handle. So, it is quite handy for someone, who moves from one place to the other.

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As per sources, this machine has a good number of takers so far and hope you will also love it. Fine, you could charge a host of your devices and appliances, thanks to its AC, USB, and DC sockets. What’s more, it touts a feature called BatteryMINDer, which lets you charge it from a wall socket easily.

Included Solar Panels

Come to solar panels, this Be Prepared Solar machine packs a pair of 150W solar panels. That takes its total solar capacity to 300 watts. You could also buy the same model with two 100W panels on Amazon for a lesser price. Anyway, with solar panels, this system becomes an ideal pick for outdoor and camping needs. Yes, it has everything to let you set up a complete off-grid solar system right anywhere. And you could utilize sunshine anywhere to charge and run your electronics.

4. Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium Portable Power Station

Perhaps, it is the most popular model in our list of portable solar power systems for camping. Since its release early this year, outdoor enthusiasts have been keenly waiting for this machine. It has actually hit market as a replacement to Goal Zero’s former Yeti series’ flagship model, Yeti 1250.

What makes it outstanding is certainly its lithium ion battery, which makes it ultra-lightweight though it is a heavy-duty solar generator. Specs wise, you would fall in love with this machine. In fact, it turns out to be a perfect alternative to a 2000-watt gas generator with its output of 1500 watts continuous.

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At peak, it may go up to 3000 watts, hence you could power and charge your electronics rather faster on days with brighter sun. Under the hood, it packs a 1425Wh 132Ah at 10.8V lithium battery. Of course, these settings are quite enough to make it ideal for many gadgets and appliances off-the-grid.

Included Solar Panels

The included solar panel is Goal Zero’s new Boulder 100 Briefcase. This is a briefcase-style 100W solar panel that you could take anywhere hassle-free. And charge the power pack anywhere there is sun in the sky. If you want to charge your machine rather faster, you could try to connect multiple Boulder 100 panels. Or Goal Zero also avails a Boulder 200 Briefcase, but that would be more costlier, however. Anyway, what you get is one of the best portable solar power systems with Yeti 1400 and Boulder solar panel.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have enjoyed our list of portable solar power systems for camping and emergency. You might have other suggestions, of course. We have just made this list based on the leading models on market. If you have other suggestions, make your comments below. Anyway, getting into the wild, one of the above machines will help you much to stay connected. Make your outdoor explorations with enough power and have lots of fun.

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