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PowerBen 360W Portable Power Source: Handy and Versatile 40200mAh Solar Power Bank

We are familiar with a large variety of solar power stations as well as solar power banks. The PowerBen 360W Portable Power Source is an entirely different product. It is a revolutionary, versatile, and compact portable solar power source that falls into the categories of both the power station and power bank.

PowerBen is actually a high-capacity 40200mAh ultra-portable power source.

It can deliver a continuous supply of 360W DC stable and safe power through its dual adjustable 100-watt Power Delivery (120W and 240W) ports. Moreover, seamless scalability, fast charging, solar compatibility, and multiple input/output ports are other attractions of the compact power source.


Of course, regular power banks have poor adaptability with few ports and low-power batteries. Meanwhile, the large and trendy solar power stations of the modern-day are too bulky for individual users. It is here a team of engineers has brought into reality the wonderful PowerBen portable power source.

The PowerBen team is presently seeking crowd support for the project on Indiegogo, where you can pre-order the device at an attractive early price. Well, it starts at $209 and the brand also offers a Lite version of the product with a capacity of 15000mAh, which features the same charging options.

PowerBen 360W Portable Power Source

Specs-wise, PowerBen is a unique 40200mAh/145Wh portable power source, as said above. Its lite variant called PowerBen Lite comes with a 15000mAh/54Wh battery pack. Both the machines are indeed airline-safe and high-conversion portable power sources with amazing modular capabilities.

Well, you can bring 20 units of PowerBens together in a series or parallelly to max up the capacity. Thus, it can run high-wattage devices like fans, lights, washers, fridges, and more. Of course, PowerBen has no AC outlet like regular power stations, but you get reliable DC and USB sockets built-in.

However, the brand offers optional 1500W and 200W AC inverters. They are definitely good for converting PowerBen to a regular power station, which you can achieve by pairing together multiple units of the device to match with the inverter capacity. Check out the product on Indiegogo on the link below.



At the same time, unlike typical power banks, PowerBen 360W Portable Power Source is a powerful and highly efficient source for portable power. It can perfectly run your necessary indoor and outdoor devices and you can carry the lightweight and handy machine anywhere you head to.

Other than its dual 100W PD ports, it highlights two USB-C and as many DC and USB-A ports to support a variety of your devices. You can recharge it fully from a wall socket in 80 minutes, while its Lite version needs only below 20 minutes.

Besides the AC socket, you can charge it from a solar panel, car socket, and a PD port. With a DC input of 130 watts, it will take less than an hour for a full charge. The built-in MPPT charge controller guarantees faster charging from a solar panel of up to 100 watts.

PowerBen 360W Portable Power

Why Should You Buy

1. Ultimate Power Source for Outdoor Life

We have seen many portable power stations with fast charging, big capacity, and other impressive things. But PowerBen is an ultimate power bank with a solar charging option, packable size, higher capacity, and several other lovely features that an outdoor enthusiast will be excited about.

The 360W max power source is certainly an amazing and practical portable power solution. It can run most of your high-power DC and USB devices to ensure you enjoy an off-grid or outdoor life with extra fun.

2. Perfect for Your Daily Needs

If you are looking for a portable power source for your daily power needs, PowerBen is, of course, a device to consider. It ideally combines the much-needed features of a power bank and a solar generator. Thus, you have it with a powerful battery, fast charging outlets, and above all, ultimate portability.

More exciting is that PowerBen is able to offer 98% power conversion, which is 13% more than compared to a regular power bank. It makes charging of your daily gadgets and devices quite quick and efficient.

See, PowerBen is capable of charging an iPhone 12 in two hours and a MacBook Pro 16 in 1.3 hours.

PowerBen 360W Portable Power System

3. Incredibly Stackable Power Source

Yes, as said above, you can pair 20 units of PowerBens to ensure higher output. You no longer need to buy a bulky power station, because a single unit of PowerBen is enough to run most of your digital devices. If you want to power bigger appliances, you can group together multiple units of PowerBens quite instantly.

As it has no AC outlet, the brand offers two optional inverters of 1500 watts and 200 watts. As you pair six units of PowerBens, you can achieve 1500W capacity and use the 1500W AC inverter to power your bigger appliances like microwaves, power tools, and more.

Meanwhile, pairing five units of PowerBens, you can use the 200W inverter for suitable appliances. Coming to specs, the 1500W inverter sports one international AC outlet and a display screen. It is when the 200W AC inverter carries two AC sockets, one wireless charger, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C outlet.

4. Powering Four Devices Simultaneously

Alone, PowerBen can power four devices at a time. Basically, a single unit of PowerBen equips six charging ports. They are a SmartDC port and a MagicDC port, and single units of Type-C1, Type-C2, USB-A1, USBA2 ports. Of which, the dual Type-C and USB-A ports can work together in powering up your devices.

Specifically, MagicDC is a 120W, 5V-25.5V, 5A Max input and output port, while SmartDC is a 120W/240W
5V-25.5V, 10A Max input and output port. Type C1 and Type-C2 are 100W PD Input and output ports, and USB-A1 and USB-A2 are 25W output ports.

PowerBen 360W Portable Power Station

5. Four Ways to Recharge

PowerBen 360W Portable Power Source, as said above, comes with four charging options. They are a car socket, wall outlet, PD port, and solar panel. The maximum DC power it can receive is 130 watts, which will make it recharge in less than an hour.

Meanwhile, the solar input the device can support is 18V-25V, MPPT 100W. With that said, with a solar panel of 100 watts, you can recharge it in 1.6 hours under bright sunlight.

6. Safe and Quality Design

Finally, we have PowerBen power source with a durable build and it has got a high-density 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack inside. It can retain 80% of the capacity after a charging cycle of 1000 times. That means you can ideally use it for two years at least with 80% of its capacity active.

Notable Features 

  • 40200mAh/144.7Wh @3.6V Compact Portable Power Source.
  • Super Power of DC360W (Max) With Adjustable Voltage.
  • Powerful Dual 100W Power Delivery Outputs.
  • Multiple Revolutionary DC and USB Sockets.
  • Expandable Power Source for Powering Bigger Devices.
  • Lightning Charging Speeds of Around One Hour.
  • Multiple Charging Options, Including 100W Solar Panel.
  • 98% High-Efficiency Charging Conversion Rate.
  • Multiple Outlets with Adjustable 5-25.5V Voltage.
  • Capable of Powering Four Devices At a Time.
  • Durable Build and Highly Safe for Portable Use.
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Handy Power Source.  

Accessories Avaialble

  • PowerBen Lite Version.
  • SmartDC 200W AC Inverter.
  • SmartDC 1500W AC Inverter.

PowerBen 360W Portable Power Solution

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the PowerBen 360W Portable Power Source. The product has started to largely attract backers on the crowdfunding platform soon after its release. Of course, it is going to be a magical product on the market of portable solar power systems, thanks to its versatile features and capacities.

Though a small and handy power station, you can boundlessly expand its capacity and potential to make your outdoor life rather exciting and full of fun. The brand has also got a lite variant for the power bank, which is only half the size but is rich with all the same charging options and features.

Starting at $209, PowerBen is available for pre-order on Indiegogo. The brand expects to start shipping it to its backers by July 2021. PowerBen doesn’t offer a solar panel with the device, which you will require to buy separately from third-party vendors.

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