PowerOak solar generator is a compact, lightweight 400Wh power solution. But it becomes a complete solar generator when you buy it with a solar panel, preferably PowerOak’s own 72W flexible solar panel. Well, this solar kit can charge a wide range of your gadgets at home, camping and travel. Like all similar models, it has options for charging via AC wall outlet, DC car charger and solar input.

PowerOak Solar Generator

PowerOak Solar Generator with 72 Flexible Solar Panel

We are familiar with several stand-alone solar generators like Renogy Firefly. The PowerOak solar generator is different. As you see, like Goal Zero Yeti series, it is basically a power bank with a solar charging option. That said, you should buy extra solar panel to make it full solar generator. Of course, PowerOak solar generator is one of the top selling models of that kind with quite good customer feedback and rating.

As noted above, PowerOak suggests its own flexible solar panel with the generator. What makes the solar panel different is its ultra-flexible build. Amazingly, you can even roll up the solar panel after use and store in a very small room. It is, in fact, a 72W solar panel with an adhesive back. Hence, you can easily attach the panel into any surface and connect with PowerOak portable generator to store energy.

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We don’t have a kit of PowerOak solar generator and solar panel on market. You should buy them separately. That means you should spend an amount of $390 and $260 respectively to grab them. But it is not necessary you should use only the PowerOak panel with it. The power bank works with any panel that offers an input voltage of 14V~40V. Anyway, below we discuss in detail about both the units and how you can bring them together to set up an awesome off-grid solar solution for your next outing.

PowerOak Solar Generator – 400Wh Power Bank

As you know already, it is a 440Wh power bank with a built-in lithium battery. Notable thing with the device is its lightweight body, thanks to lithium. Well, in this regard, it competes strongly with all its lead acid rivals as it weighs just around 13 lbs. Coming to capacity, it can power any USB, DC, and AC gadgets under 220Wh right anywhere. That said, though basically an outdoor power solution it works nice in your home and flat as well.

The integrated battery is a Samsung Li-ion 18650-2200mAh unit with a voltage of 9V~12.6V. You have all main output ports with the power bank. First, it touts a pair of 5V2.1A USB ports and a pair of 5V1A units. And it has a 12V car port and two DC ports. Further, it works as a car jump starter with a current of 200-400A. A big LCD display shows charge status on it. Overall, what you have is a rich portable power unit.

PowerOak 72 Flexible Solar Panel – 72 Watts

It is a 72W flexible solar panel with a thickness of just ~1.5 mm. It is made of subtract of thin stainless steel and polymer. And it features thin-film amorphous silicon solar modules. Amazingly, it is around three times lighter than its glass competitors. That is, you can carry the panel quite hassle-free and mount right anywhere easily.

As put it above, the PowerOak panel has an adhesive back. Hence, you can easily fix the light, rollable unit on any surface. Indeed, the flexible design also lets  it grab more sunlight and produce more power. What’s more, its storage after use also goes very handy with its unique design. Bundled with the PowerOak solar generator, this panel gives you an extra freedom of flexibility for off-grid use, of course.

What Customers Think

PowerOak is a Chinese firm and it sells a variety of products in portable renewable energy industry. PowerOak solar generator is one of the most popular products from the firm. As of writing this, it has received around 20 customer reviews with an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. That is, most buyers are happy with the product.

Indeed, people buy it for camping use. One customer noted he bought it for running CPAP machine and it had been doing that job well. He used a 35W solar panel to charge the power bank in around 6 hours under sun. Also, he appraised its lithium battery that made it perfect for charging different applications outdoors.

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By the way, the flexible solar panel recommended for PowerOak solar generator looks rather new on Amazon. It hasn’t so far received any customer reviews. That doesn’t mean anybody hadn’t buy it yet. Of course, being a thin-film amorphous solar panel, it will really do magic in charging up the power bank off-the-grid.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the PowerOak solar generator is a perfect companion for campers and hikers. First, it lets you store enough energy to run a range of your gadgets and applications off-the-grid. Secondly, coupled with PowerOak flexible solar panel, it becomes an ideal portable power unit with a highly comfortable panel. You can easily manage the kit because of two reasons; a lightweight power bank and a very handy, rollable solar unit.

We have many other options to pick from the portable solar power industry. However, what makes it different is the flexible nature of the recommended solar panel. But still you can use another panel with the PowerOak solar generator if you don’t afford its price. It works nicely with any similar panel. Do you own any PowerOak products? If do share your thoughts about the company in the comments section below.

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