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Renogy E.Tunes Solar Bluetooth Speaker: All to Know About Renogy’s Solar Speaker

Are you looking at buying a solar Bluetooth speaker? Many brands offer quality solar Bluetooth speakers. Here, we would like to have a look at the Renogy E.Tunes solar Bluetooth speaker. Of course, compared to many of its rivaling products, E.Tunes is a unique product, thanks to a number of great features.

The compact and cute device comes up with a built-in solar panel and a powerful battery. Thus, you can listen to your favorite music in an enhanced experience right anywhere.

Well, the idea of a solar Bluetooth speaker is awesome. You get the speaker built-in with the solar panels and battery. That helps you gather the power required to run the speaker from the sunlight and listen to your favorite music out in the wilderness with no limit.

In other words, a solar Bluetooth speaker is a perfect outdoor companion. By the way, the Renogy E.Tunes solar Bluetooth speaker, apart from being a speaker only, also integrates a charging port for your handsets and USB devices and an LED flashlight for emergency lighting.

Renogy E.Tunes Solar Bluetooth Speaker

The Renogy E.Tunes solar Bluetooth speaker is very handy and compact. The 2-lb speaker comes up with a handy strap and so you can easily handle it. When it comes to the audio quality, the Renogy speaker offers you a lossless sound with a low-frequency tracking facility as well as an anti-breaking amplifier.

The dynamic frequency the speaker offers ranges from 80HZ – 18kHZ.2. The dual 5-watt speakers can produce ≥85DB. Overall, it can offer you an impeccable musical experience outdoors.

Update: Renogy looks to have discontinued this product. You can check out Renogy’s other outstanding solar products and accessories here.

The box-shaped speaker sports a 2.5W solar cell on one side. Inside, it features a 5000mAh battery that can offer you ultra-long standby time, letting you enjoy your favorite music at full volume for hours.

Apart from Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, you can also connect your handset or other music sources to the speaker through an AUX cable. The included USB ports let you recharge your phone or other USB devices in an emergency. And the built-in flashlight has got an SOS mode as well.

You also get the Renogy E.Tunes solar Bluetooth speaker in a special kit with the brand’s own E-Flex solar charger. You can set the solar charger and the speaker in the sun during your outdoor activities or also play music while charging. Check out the link above for the E-Tunes bundle with an E-Flex charger.

As put it above, Renogy E.Tunes is a very compact and small device. You can easily carry it anywhere in your backpack and enjoy unlimited music. The IPX5 splash-proof profile again adds to the potential of the device as one of the coolest portable outdoor solar speakers.

Why Should You Buy

1. Quality Music and Powerful Battery

First off, Renogy E.Tunes solar Bluetooth speaker is great for the good quality musical experience. With dual 5W speakers, the system can offer you ≥85DB with improved bass effect and brilliant audio quality. By the way, you have a 5000mAh lithium battery to power up the speaker, LED flashlight, and USB ports.

2. Compact and Handy Solar Speaker

Yet another superb thing about the Renogy E.Tunes solar Bluetooth speaker is its handy and lightweight profile. With its 6+12 compact size and light design, you can easily take it anywhere on your trips. What’s more, the above said built-in strap further contributes to the portability of the solar speaker.

3. Integrated Solar Panels

You get the Renogy solar speaker integrated with a 2.5W solar panel to recharge the included battery. So, you needn’t carry an extra solar panel on your trips and tours. However, if you want to increase the solar charging speeds, you can connect an additional solar charger.

4. Versatile Camper Companion

Of course, Renogy E.Tunes solar Bluetooth speaker is a complete camper device. Along with being a solar speaker basically, it also acts like a flashlight and mobile charger. The powerful battery inside the device is capable to run these three applications quite well.

At the full volume, the speaker can offer you quality music for four hours. At the same time, including the SOS mode, the included flashlight is great to light up your way in the wild. The included solar charger lets you juice up your phone in an emergency.

Renogy ETunes Portable Solar Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Renogy E.Tunes solar Bluetooth speaker. This is certainly one of the best solar speakers you can find on the market as it has got some awesome features. As a camper, you might love this device as it would come with the help of you in multiple applications.

Apart from being a portable speaker, it also acts as a portable charger and flashlight to contribute to its potential as a reliable camper gear. Share your thoughts about the product in the comments below.

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