After long waiting, Renogy has put Lycan Powerbox on As you might know, Renogy unleashed the cool Lycan solar generator back in 2016 on Indeigogo for crowdfunds. Certainly, analysts soon reviewed it as a potential competitor to Goal Zero’s the then flagship, Yeti 1250. Since then, customers have been waiting for Renogy Lycan Powerbox for sale on retail sites. Anyway, now you could check the price and order it on Amazon from here. We would like to have a detailed overview of Lycan Powerbox below, by the way.

Renogy Lycan PowerBox Overview

Renogy Lycan Powerbox Overview

Of course, what made Lycan remarkable at the time of launch was its lightweight lithium ion battery. Analysts thought it could simply take off Yeti 1250, which was doing well on market with a hefty lead acid battery. But unfortunately Lycan Powerbox has now arrived for public sale on a bad time.

At the moment, we already have two best-selling brand-new lithium Yeti generators in its segment. As you know, they are Yeti 1000 Lithium and Yeti 1400 Lithium. Let us see how Renogy Lycan Powerbox would go with its new competitors.

Want to know if Lycan Powerbox would meet your needs? Sure, its performance in crowdfund campaign would excite you in taking a decision on buying it. Amazingly, Renogy grabbed good funds for the project, which was expected to raise of $75,000. But what it brought into the wallet was over 150% of the goal from 137 backers. Of course, it might be a thing that would attract you to the device with interchangeable battery.

What are Inside

It is quite impressive to go through the specs of Renogy Lycan Powerbox. The large, waterproof box packs up everything that are essential for a solar power solution, except solar panels. Well, coming to solar, Renogy recommends its 100W solar panel suitcase. Yes, if you want to charge it rather faster go for more panels.

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At the same time, inside the Lycan has a 1200W inverter that can deliver 300W up to 10A at a time across all its 110V AC sockets. Likewise, you could charge a phone 120 times before you could recharge it again. The battery you have inside is a 24Ah lithium iorn phosphate one. That would offer you 2000 charging cycles and thus it becomes an ideal generator for camping and emergency.

Plus, you have all needed output ports like four USBs, two DC ports, and three 110V sockets, though you could see only four AC sockets on its product pics. We contacted Renogy team about this sometime back, and then they replied “We do have some specs we use around the office but they are not final and we are not prepared to release them to the public.”

Why Should you Buy

Cool for Emergency and Outdoor Life

No one can prevent natural disasters. And, of course, there would be a blackout subsequently. The only way you could take on such a situation is to rely on a portable solar solution. Renogy Lycan Powerbox looks quite nice for both emergency and other outdoor needs. Do you live in a place where calamities hit your lives often?

Obviously, with a portable solar system, you could ensure power for your essential electronics. And get in touch with your family members and rescue crew in the aftermath of the calamity. Likewise, it would come to be your perfect partner for outdoor trips and other events. Wherever you go you get a cool power solution that you can charge from anywhere there is sunlight.

So you can power up all your handhelds and other essential appliances from the green source. Indeed, it is well-crafted to meet the needs of variety of customers like hikers, campers, tailgaters, contractors, and other workers, who would all require unlimited access to a power source on the fly.

Portable and Handy Design

As you see in the pic, Lycan is very friendly for portable use. Imagine the peace of mind you have when you go on an outing with a smart solar solution. You could ensure portable energy anywhere. Evidently, Renogy has designed this machine very neatly for portability. You have a sturdy, collapsible handle and two strong wheels to drag it anywhere. Moreover, overall build of Lycan is also strong and durable for rough off-grid uses. The recommended solar panel is also portable with its suitcase-style folding design.

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Interchangeable, Lithium Battery

You get the little powerhouse with a lithium battery capable to keep your devices running for up to 900-watt hours on a single recharge. Its interchangeable battery is another attraction. At the time of its release, Renogy Lycan PowerBox was touted as the first portable solar storage with swappable batteries.

Absolutely, it is a big advantage for any portable system to have interchangeable battery. Thus, you could keep a spare battery and replace the drained one amid your trip. It would certainly help you keep your electronics powered for long time even if there was a cloudy sky on the day you were out.

What you May not Like

First, Renogy Lycan Powerbox has been a bit late to hit public market. As it was launched on the crowdfund site, it was certainly a unique product because of several factors. For example, it was one of the first solar storage units with lithium battery. Then, we had only big machines like Yeti 1250 with the traditional lead acid batteries. As of now, we have a wide range of machines in the segment with lithium ion batteries, for example Yeti 1000 and its top-ender Yeti 1400, which also unfortunately fall in Lycan’s price range.

What’s more, several other brands have already surfaced cool models, which Renogy would find difficult to beat with Lycan Powerbox. See, we have variety of best-selling models in adjacent power and price segments. Some models are Jackery’s Power Pro Explorer, Inergy’s Kodiak generator, and Kohler’s enCUBE, etc. By the way, design wise, Lycan, weighing at 66 pounds, is heftier than many of its rivaling products like Yeti 1000.

Final Thoughts

It is a fact there has been good media hype about Renogy Lycan Powerbox. At its launch, a lot tech and green energy blogs covered this product with much excitement. Obviously, it offered us a bunch of cool features that we haven’t been familiar with this type of machines before. Anyway, it comes to public market now. Its price, as noted above, is a bit expensive compared to the competition. Hopefully, you love the new solar generator and our write-up on it. Share your thoughts in the comments section below before leaving the page. SwanPortable Power GeneratorsPortable Power InitiativesPortable Solar PowerRenogy Lycan PowerboxAfter long waiting, Renogy has put Lycan Powerbox on As you might know, Renogy unleashed the cool Lycan solar generator back in 2016 on Indeigogo for crowdfunds. Certainly, analysts soon reviewed it as a potential competitor to Goal Zero's the then flagship, Yeti 1250. Since then, customers have...Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks