Are you a camper that takes a lot of photos and enjoys sharing them? This all-in-one solar generator is a cool solution to charge your camera and phone whenever they run out. Renogy Phoenix portable generator is one of the top solar generators that work ideal for outdoors and emergency. Sure, I don’t claim Phoenix generator offers enough power to be a miracle. But it meets your small power needs ideally. It is enough to charge your camera, phone, or lap when power is not just available.

Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator

Though good as a camping solution, Renogy Phoenix is not going to support you on a week long camping trip. Don’t expect it run your CPAP all the night especially when you use a humidifier. Otherwise, it may possibly do, but as a camper-friendly solar generator, it looks absolutely perfect. First, I love its portability. You could take it anywhere, thanks to its lightweight, suitcase-style design. Moreover, you could replace its battery after it wears out. Indeed, there would be costly solar generators with that feature, but it is the rare one in this price range.

Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator – Reasons to Buy

Unique Camping Solution

An overnighter could love this solar generator. You could confidently make out for a stay with Phoenix. If there is sun in the sky you don’t fail to charge your phone, camera, and laptop. Would you like to have more power than what its built-in 20W panels offer?

You could just extend its solar capacity with add-on panels. It is highly portable, and well-built to face tough outdoor conditions. Coming to case, it is made of not quality pelican, but the material used is not so cheap so what you get is a sturdy Renogy Phoenix portable solar generator.

Check Price and Buy @ Renogy Phoenix All-in-One Solar Generator

Would you want more hours of fun while camping? Get this Renogy 100W solar panel suitcase to hook up with your Phoenix solar generator. So you could make charging of its 16Ah battery faster. Don’t worry your Phoenix should go to the debris after its battery wears out.

You could replace the battery to ensure limitless power for a long time. As put it above, we don’t have that many affordable solar generators with that feature, so you could go for Phoenix as one of the best camping friendly solar generators. Use the link above to order a unit of the solar generator from

Rich in Specs and Features

Why should you buy the Renogy Phoenix portable generator? I have many reasons to recommend this for you. First, as I already mentioned, it is a lightweight, suitcase-style generator. You could easily carry it anywhere so it would become the best choice for campers. It weighs just around 13 pounds, and added to its portability is its clam-shell design. You could fold down the solar panel lids after use and store the device in a small room.

Once you reach your destination in the wild, possibly the campsite, you could fold it up and place it under sun to grab as much as sunlight possible to convert to electricity. Won’t it make your camping with more fun? Total AC output the machine offers is 150W and DC is 6A. Of course, this is an ideal range that could power a host of your gadgets including laptop, phone, camera, etc. Wondering to know how many output ports Phoenix has? It comes with one AC, one cigarette light charger, a pair of DC ports, and four USB output ports.

Great Addition Your Survival Kit

Are you preparing a survival kit? What do you think is the best solar generator to include? No doubt, I suggest Renogy Phoenix portable generator for your preparedness kit. It takes less room, and once in the emergency you could simply produce enough power to charge your gadgets.

Thus, you could stay connected to the world until the rescue crew reaches to you. Of course, it  is very sturdy and strong to take on tough conditions in case of an emergency or a survival situation in the wild.

But remember you should charge it every two months. Except solar, you could use AC socket or DC charger to boost the generator.  In case of emergency, a fully charged Phoenix will keep you confident so you could tackle the situation easily, and safeguard your family.

You could take it in a hurry and move to a safe place, thanks to its handy design and lightweight build. Of course, I would highly recommend this solar generator for people, who live in places where natural calamities like quake and thunderstorm happen occasionally.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Renogy Phoenix portable generator is a perfect pick for hiking as well as emergency. If you are a hiker in the highlands, or want to screen a movie on-the-go you could get a unit of Renogy Phoenix. Incredibly, it would keep all your gadgets ready-to-go so you could confidently face any situation out in the wild. Are you a documentary maker who should screen movie on-the-move? Then, there are few better solar generators this much handy for you to carry along. Hope you love this product. Make your thoughts in the comments below. Power GeneratorsPortable Solar PanelsPortable Solar PowerRenogy Phoenix Portable GeneratorAre you a camper that takes a lot of photos and enjoys sharing them? This all-in-one solar generator is a cool solution to charge your camera and phone whenever they run out. Renogy Phoenix portable generator is one of the top solar generators that work ideal for outdoors and...| Solar Generators | Solar Chargers | Solar Backpacks |