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Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase: An All-In-One Portable Solar Generator

If you are looking at buying an ideal portable solar generator, Renogy Phoenix solar generator briefcase is indeed the right choice. It is an incredible, all-in-one portable solar generator. That means, you have both the solar panels and the battery pack built-in in a single briefcase build, which looks like a Pelican case.

Renogy looks to have replaced its old Firefly solar generator with this model. Exactly like Firefly, this is an incredible product that turns out to be a perfect outdoor companion. Though a comparatively small power station, it is worth have a look at for a buyer, thanks to its standalone profile.

There are, of course, a variety of solar power stations on the market. Most of them are basically portable power stations that you need to buy along with apt solar chargers to convert them into solar generators. With Renogy Phoenix, you simply have the solar panel built-in, though a basic 20-watt module.

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase

Basically, Renogy Phoenix is a 246.24Wh power station with a 150W highly impressive power inverter. The lightweight design and the robust build make it an excellent solution for outdoors and emergencies.

You can carry it anywhere hassle-free and top up its internal battery from the sun. It makes you no longer worry about forgetting your solar panel or solar cable at home. You at least have a built-in 20W charging option, which may take over up to 15 hours for a full charge of its battery.

The most lovely thing about Phoenix, however, is that it leaves an option to expand its solar capacity. Yes, you can add a solar panel up to 100W to boost solar charging speeds. Well, with an additional 100W solar panel, it can reportedly charge fully in around five hours under optimal sunlight.

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator Briefcase

It has got a superb build quality. Further, you have it is equipped with a heavy-duty carrying handle, so it becomes a breeze for you to manage it out in the wild. With multiple charging options, you can ensure portable power for a variety of your electronics.

Thanks to a 150-watt inverter and an AC socket, it can even run a small AC appliance. The lithium battery inside is replaceable, by the way. The included model enjoys a life of 1500 charging cycles, and after it is done, you can implant a new one and keep going for a longer span.

Renogy Phoenix Specs and Features

Renogy Phoenix solar generator briefcase is, in fact, a compact and lightweight all-in-one device. It comes up with a pair of 10W mono solar cells on both the inner lids of the case. Apart from the solar panels, you could charge it from either a wall socket or a carport like any solar power station.

By the way, inside the Phoenix solar generator has a replaceable 16Ah Li-ion (NMC) battery. And it touts a 150W pure sine wave inverter, making it smoothly run your small AC appliances. Meanwhile, it has got the advanced MPPT charging technology for an increased solar charging experience.

Coming to charging outlets, apart from an AC socket, it sports a pair of 12V DC ports, four 5V USB ports, and one cigarette lighter charger. Above all, there is a multi-mode 3W LED lamp on the camper-friendly solar generator. Further, it features a quality LCD screen to show real-time performance data.

For input, you have an AC plug and a carport other than two solar inlets on the other side of the machine. Dust covers secure both the output and input outlet slots from the dust and debris out in the wild.

Notable Features

  • Light and Compact All-In-One Solar Generator. 
  • 246.24Wh Portable Solar Power Station.
  • Two Built-In Solar Panels of 10 Watts Each.
  • Solar Capacity Expandable up to 100 Watts. 
  • 150-Watt Power Inverter with an AC Socket. 
  • Replaceable 16Ah Li-ion (NMC) Battery Inside. 
  • Four USB Ports, Two DC Sockets, and One Carport. 
  • Super Build Quality and Durable Carrying Handle.

Compatible Solar Charger

For an extra panel, you can use any solar panel with Phoenix. That must not exceed 100 watts. The device has got two solar inlets. So, you can use two panels of 50 watts, but if you have a 100W panel, you can use one port and leave the other as a back-up port.

As it works with any solar panel, we would like to recommend you trying a folding unit. We have Renogy’s 100-watt typical foldable solar charger. That is a highly efficient mono solar charger. The great attraction is that you can fold it down to a small unit after the use. Check out its price below.

It is a great solar panel with excellent performance, even in low-light conditions. Made with adjustable corrosion-resistant aluminum, it can offer you a long life. Further, it has got a sturdy handle and latches.

The included kickstands help you place it anywhere at the right angle. It can offer an ideal output of 500 watt-hours a day, depending on the quality of sunlight, however.

Why Should You Buy

1. All-in-One Portable Solar Generator

Renogy Phoenix solar generator briefcase is indeed one of the top-sellers in the portable solar market.  The major attraction of the device is apparently its all-in-one profile. Other than this, you have no other famous model of the all-in-one solar generator out there. So, it is an amazing pick for campers and hikers.

Weighing at 12.8 lbs, it may be a bit heavier than you expected. But you get an amazingly portable device. With its strong handle and durable build, you can effortlessly move it anywhere. Of course, you can’t fully charge its battery with the built-in solar module, but for a camper, that is enough to meet an emergency.

2. Replaceable Li-ion Battery Pack

As you know, Renogy Phoenix comes with a decent li-ion battery that is replaceable too. At the time of its release, we didn’t have a lot of solar power stations with advanced li-ion and replaceable batteries.

Hence, Phoenix could quickly turn out to be one of the best solar generators out there. Still, it continues to be a great option for those who are in search of a lightweight and reliable solar power station.

3. Highly Durable and Handy for Outdoor Use

Of course, a solar generator must be highly durable and handy for use in rough outdoor conditions. Renogy has indeed designed Phoenix in a solid and durable case to meet the requirement. Moreover, thanks to its suitcase profile, it is ideal for moving, and its heavy-duty handle makes it rather amazing for outdoor use.

4. Unique Solar Generator 

Of course, with its standalone design, Renogy Phoenix is a unique model of the ready-to-use solar power generators on the market. As put it above, there are not many all-in-one solar generators. Hence, you can go for this 150W Phoenix as the best choice for your camping and other outdoor requirements.

Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator

Why Shouldn’t You Buy

As you can see, the Renogy Phoenix solar generator briefcase is not for heavy-duty power requirements. It is a small and lightweight camping solution to charge your handsets and other gadgets. Though it features an AC socket, it is not meant to run bigger home appliances as well as power tools for a longer time.

Moreover, the included solar cells are insufficient to recharge its battery in a few hours. So, you will have to buy an extra PV panel to make it charge faster under the sun. That costs you an extra amount.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Renogy Phoenix solar generator briefcase. It is indeed a brilliant pick for the campers and other outdoor enthusiasts to ensure unlimited solar power anywhere.

If you get it along with a folding solar charger up to 100 watts, you are lucky enough to make your outdoor life a more amazing experience. Well, a folding solar panel makes it rather portable. Share your thoughts about the product in the comments below.

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